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Gold Sand Traders


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@{QA} Loki-EK

We are missing some items from the GST.


Can only buy 3 instead of 5

Leibo's Protection is missing

Mysterious Food Bundle is missing


There are two Shard Listings , but I beg you...


... please keep this one. Having to open those Shard bundles is a pain. I don't know why we have to be the only region that has those annoying (and more expensive) Shard bundles.


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  • Daeva

Thank you for your feedback regarding the GST. I will let the team know about the gold ingot limits.

You may purchase mysterious food via the "Consumables Box" in the Gold Ingot tab for 1 gold ingot.

Leibo's Protection is now available from various renown NPCs at level 3.

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