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Shattered Abyssal Splinter Missing AP


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Which is a rather good addition to be honest, you can always get AP from HM and pvp isntances, while XP is almost impossible to get directly from mobs now.

S-rank gives 8 XP crystals, 5% each = 40% XP bar.

And these also interact with Berdin Lucky Stars... one XP crystal with star at lower than 50% gives you 20% of your XP bar, which means 8x XP crystals are 160% XP bar! If the Berdin Star is above 50% and you get the additional bonus that is even more.

Yesterday I did my free run and I reset it with luna 3 times (with 40 luna per run). I got worth of XP that is 500% XP bar or a little more, which translate to about 10 XP extractors or about 85 Boborunerk gems!

--> They are NOT affected by Tea of Repose, XP amulets or passive XP buffs (otherwise the prestige +30% passive would have already increased it but it doesn't). I wish they would interact with those as well :D

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