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Sin weapon wields in 7.5?


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Using kaisinel, so i'm attack speed over capped. People have told me that having a dagger with a harvester offhand over enchanted is the best(obviously can't +20 a harvester offhand anymore).

What is the 2nd best alternative for mid to lategame stats( using the new crit soft caps, i don't know anything about this)? 

dagger one hand, dagger-dagger, dagger-sword?

Thanks, new to sin... haven't played much since 6.0


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Use what you get. D/S will offer more damage due to Weaves. D/D offers more speed. Damage difference and speed difference is not truly noticeable. 


Weave damage is increased greatly via Harvester/PvE% Weapons as well as Devotion and Deadly Focus. 



Harvester or any weapon that adds the whole 10-12% PvE Damage is the best offhand or combine item. Especially due to the increase in weave damage as well as high base mods like Crit/Acc. Physical attack difference is made up and more by the increase in weave damage as well as the 10-12% damage increase. You also do not need to roll attack speed on Mainhand and can go for HP/Attack/Crit/Accuracy as the harvester will offer 19% as well. 

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