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Shattered Abyssal Splinter Rewards


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First of all adding this event instance on a permanent basis was one of the very good idea NA has put forth, it's a little bit of everything for everyone that actually likes to put in the time to farm, that being said, could we have an updated reward list to match 7.5?
For example the transformation contract box is 10 Type only and although that was the norm back when this was added, we have a lot of new legendary transformations now, I'm sure a new box can be added to reflect the current situation, maybe even add gemstone/runestone fragments.
I hope this will be at least put forth to the development team for discussion. Thank you.

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I agree to this, I got 3 transforms and 3 to a friend of mine, we all got the doubles as expected (the 10 type) and when we combined we still got the old ones. Like the new ones are 17 and the old ones are 10!

So far I have combined 2x from pet stormwing and that previous event with the cards 1x, and another 5x with the abyssal splinter so far (sold a few for kinah obviously). I combined 8 times with 2x and every time I got an old transform!

So 8 out of 8 combines = old transform! Is there a bias to get the old transforms with combines, like do the new transforms have less chance to come up?

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