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4 minutes ago, Loki said:

They're not supposed to be tradable. Does it say they're supposed to be tradable somewhere?

ok letmme ask again, why only BCM ultimate stones aren't tradables when the rest (ancient/leg - pve/pvp stones)are tradables

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18 hours ago, Loki said:

Where do you see some tradable enchantment stones? Do you mean can be brokered?

In any case, ultimate stones are typically character/account locked since they are very powerful.

BCM Ultimate stones are account locked because they're very powerful?  You sure it's not because that's the only way people will buy them with Ncoin instead of kinah?

Might sound like a jaded response, but if an ultimate stone is so powerful, imagine how powerful a Tradeable Ultimate 100% Enchantment success rate box would be!

Boy it's a good thing THOSE don't exist in this game, they would surely be untradeable if they did.



Sheesh.  Tradeable AND Brokerable, not just brokerable?! This is blasphemy.  Surely something this strong would have been untradeable, since the BCM Ultimate Enchantment stones are that powerful.

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