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Windstream Quest : Conquer Balaurea Question


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In the Windstream Quest - Conquer Balaurea, I can't seem to find where are these "Retsha Legion Infiltrators". The quest says to eliminate 10 of these infiltrators (assaulters, raiders, sentinels or spellcasters of the Retsha Legion) and they are supposed to be in Gelkmaros or in the Silentera Corridor as written in the quest's description. 

In Gelkmaros, I only saw Naduka Legion and in Silentera Canyon they were called Lacya--something? (I can't quite remember.)

Any help would be appreciated.  

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When you see this message flash across your screen in Gelk/Ing:


It means that Balaur pods have spawned around the map. You can look at the map and wherever the pink boss icon is, that's the side of the map where the pods are (left/right/center):


Note, the pods aren't ON those pink boss marker spots. That just indicates the side of the map. Now, go to that area of the map and run up and down looking for the pods.

Different pod locations (go to 1:08 on the video):


The mobs that come out of these pods are the ones you will need to kill for this questline. Note, do NOT kill the pod too quickly because mobs will continue to come out the more the pod is killed, and if you're undergeared, they will hit you very hard. So attack the pod for a few seconds, then kill the few mobs that spawn. Once they're dead, attack the pod again for a few more seconds.

Lastly, the pods themselves drop manastones and runestone shards, so many people want to kill the pods quickly (and not worry about the mobs). Therefore, you will have to be fast. Because of this, it may take you a few tries/pods to get all 10 of the mob kills.

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Hello in that quest mentioned above, I already buy bombs and kill small and big monsters ( E.g Wild Methu ) to perform Gelkmaros Games, but next I cant find Gelkmaros hidden monsters like named Sealed Anicent Spellcaster and others to eliminate. Pls help me to find those Gelkmaros Hidden Monsters. Thanks.

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