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Perma Lag returned?


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Since Maintenance yesterday I tried to log in I got a dc or couldn't move. I openen RTL and the game is back to normal, just like when 7.5 came, totally unplayable without ping reducer, and playable with.

All other games I tested were playable without an issue, I did speed tests and ping tests with other games etc and they were pretty good.

I hope they didn't switch anything with the last maintenance that they never said what it was about.

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21 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Oh no. OH NOOOOOOO. I really hope this isn't true. It's alarming too because we still don't even know WHY we had emergency maintenance yesterday.

Thankfully the lag went away a few hours later. It was there for almost a whole day for me. nothing would fix it. I did a ton of tests to my connection and it seemed pretty solid steady.

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