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We need more crafting in game im not talking low lvl wpn/armor but maybe consumable items for pets that make the gift more valid and Dmg shard crafting(not sure if this is in game) that and the current way crafting is would be just fine and keep me wanting to play.


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On 14/8/2020 at 0:26 AM, Cheesecake-DN said:

They redesigned this game to be a glorified mobile game back in 6.0 and took out just about everything that made Aion a PC MMO. :(

...and their mobile version of Aion flopped so badly it had to close and now they are left with a retardified version of the PC Aion version.

Korean developers probably follow the kardashians and think that everyone deals with their cellphone all day so a mobile game would be better than a PC game.

MMORPGS are not meant for mobile, console games can be adapted to mobile, but defo not mmorpgs.

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