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  1. Where are the new god stones?

    Did you seriously just nyerking quote some post I made 10 months ago in a thread likewise 10 months dead just to whine at me? Holy shit, dude.
  2. Verification Code problem

    support@aiononline.com from the affected email address.
  3. uhh hello? nerfed event

    Got five from one run today. Most I've gotten so far, lol.
  4. B.C.M. Purchasing Error

    (was just posted!)
  5. Account Creation ,, Ban"

    Send in one ticket, do not reply to it until Support replies, or it gets bumped to the bottom of the queue. 24-48 hours average wait time.
  6. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I'll try, lol. This hurricane is kicking the shit out of us. X.x
  7. Problems when playing the game

    Sorry for delay. Still at work, hurricane, and lost power at home. Go to the Microsoft website. Download and reinstall the 32-bit 2015 and 2018 c++ runtime distributable program files. I can't link them for you right now. @Vantheria-DN @Bryos-DN help me out please. I can't do much right now, lol.
  8. uhh hello? nerfed event

    I got my usual four boxes from linkgate. Legionmate just enchanted her 75a accs to +8. Seen lots of +9 stigmas pop up in Illuma chat. Legionmate also got her gauntlets to +21. I failed my weapon from +12 to +8 a few days ago after no fails to +12. RNG is RNG.
  9. Problems when playing the game

    NCSoft folder > Aion > Data > Dump > Open the Config.ini file to verify that these values are 1. ValidTableDump=1 NormalStop=1 If they aren't 1, edit the file so they are > save > Right-click and go to properties of "Config.ini" file > Select Read-Only > Apply. So you only have to do the long load once a week. ^ What is your computer and operating system?
  10. They don't give a nyerk about their faction or the spirit of fair play. Remember the coalition drama? Iirc, Pocosin was on the master hacker list, too, but I don't have it to look at.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    Yeah, there are other people in the world...like the ones this version of Aion caters to, for example. There's an EU version of Aion you can play, if you want things in your time. You're new here, so it's no loss to reroll there.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    Plays NA servers Is mad that NA server maintenance is in the middle of EU day, but doesn't understand it's early ass in the morning for the actual market the NA client belongs to Are you really kidding me? There's Gameforge if you want EU friendly times.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    The bird is great. And is the season about the arena/EC ranking thing?
  14. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    You'd be surprised.
  15. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    (Transforms) Higher grades provide better stats, but have a shorter duration. By...like...how much?