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  1. 6.5 Hello is anyone there?

    Soon(tm). I'd love to know, too. And BCM updates and transparent scrolls.
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Today was the freaking opposite, lol. Everyone was driving 50 in a 35, and it was one of those "Do I go the speed of traffic, or do I go the speed limit?" Decided on 45 and stayed in the right lane.
  3. Removing KataDan, functionally replacing them with Levinshor, Kaldor, Cygnea, and Enshar. Four maps I legit hate. Transforms with the difficulty/expense in getting transparent scrolls, especially versus other regions. I hate a lot of things they've done/are doing, but those two are the biggest reasons I'm not happy. Things I like - Skins and new hairs about every patch and so. I JUST WISH I COULD SEE THEM OUTSIDE OF AFK'ING.
  4. Where to buy Aion t-shirts?

    I made an NCSOON shirt, MXM shirts with their DEV logo, and I have the Aion 6.5 poster on my computer room wall (accidentally ordered the wrong size; it's huge, but it looks REALLY cool). GDit, NCsoft, sell some shirts and posters already!
  5. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    His head is really small compared to the rest of his body...
  6. Larxe art thread! or something like it.

    Yeeeeeeee :>
  7. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Did his...did his head go owl-mode?
  8. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Sometimes I laugh, too, and then weep a little.
  9. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    You can craft gear, but you can't trade it except through the broker. Can't even trade in your account warehouse. You can't trade most* things except through the broker. *pretty much any shit that's tradable is only tradable through the broker.
  10. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    RIP You can still "trade" through the broker, but the broker fees are brutal. Kinah gain this patch is also stupid af.
  11. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Yeah, it's pretty janky. There's "transparent" transform scrolls, but they're super overpriced in our market. I've stopped buying skins because why? lol
  12. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I'm sure I'll be all right, too! I mean, I'm qualified; the job posting has been up for almost a month, and they seemed to like me in the phone interview, though I know he was surprised to hear gril's voice (yay masculine name). The long pause when I introduced myself was kinda hilarious. I'm just scared of being rejected again because gril. T_T
  13. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Huh, it really kinda does, lol. More mature face, but, yeah. Pretty okay. Just busy with life stuff, y'know? Interviewing for a new job this week.
  14. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Hey, Genie! Some parts of the game are less dead than others. Not sure how KT-A is doing. I haven't logged in there for awhile. Also, badass templar with tiny head.
  15. Regarding Aion music