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  1. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Not a Peeve: Finding new gifs/images that seem quite fitting
  2. 6.0? I thought a new version meant new content

    4.5 was Steel Cavalry, 4.8 was Upheaval, 5.6 was Omens of Ice, 5.8 is Heart of Frost, etc, etc. But, yeah, @Cyan, this poor boy needs his thread locked.
  3. /gets triggered over unpottable silence
  4. 6.0? I thought a new version meant new content

    ...6.0 comes with a new shared zone and a fort... ...we're in 5.8 right now...
  5. Armsfusion Inquiry

    Only the top weapon enchant matters, and the top one keeps its enchant. Bottom one can be +100, but it still won't change anything when armsfused.
  6. Sea Feast Weapons on the store!

  7. Costume Rotation

  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 20, 2018

    Somebird got a nom!
  9. I can't play...

    You kind of can't play at all without a bin file.
  10. We tried aggressively telling her to stop it to where she deliberately makes a mockery of anyone who tells her to stop, so now it's pad the postcount time. Or maybe Cyan will finally have a chat with her about spamming in General Discussion that which should be posted elsewhere.
  11. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    The 1.1bil tempering solutions and 800(?)mil omegas. I should have sold all mine back then. Cheese-DN would've been a wealthy nyerk with no effort.
  12. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    I feel like someone missed the economical disaster that was 4.8 and the Siel server hyperinflation that followed from Ncsoft's catastrophic decisions made in that patch.
  13. Since Valor left, you can't even complete the billion slot cube quest anymore. Those broken crystal balls are truly useless!