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  1. server transfer closed after less than 10hrs

    There is usually a cap on how many people can transfer to another server.
  2. Introducing Kibbelz

    Run. D:
  3. Splash screen deliver some unicorn realness

    I got this printed into a poster IRL a while back. It's so pretty. <3
  4. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Nah, most of the people who've posted on the forums, especially who shitposted, are gone now.
  5. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Damn, it's almost been a year since anyone posted here.
  6. Bonus Collector Community Reward

    I logged in just to grab this, lol
  7. Aion game files download

    Hey. There's a rant incoming, and it's not personally directed at you! I got tired of shelling out the money to host and maintain the files for NCsoft, especially for no reimbursement of any kind. I started feeling like my kindness and devotion to the game were being brutally taken advantage of (even if through no fault of Cyan or Hime). I was putting in hours at a time of being unpaid Support for a multimillion dollar gaming company because I like solving problems and I genuinely wanted people to try out the game, even if I didn't like it anymore. Like, the hours I'd put in put me well beyond the "volunteer" category. Probably 1500-2000 or so of my posts here are based on helping people, and I'm not exaggerating. I also don't play anymore. I tried 7.X, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I pretty much only log onto the Aion forums for the fun of it because I was practically married to this game for 10 years and didn't just stop helping Cyan/Hime out when I could even after I quit. The final thing that killed it for me was having several of the people I'd helped turn around and attack me. If I'd been getting paid for my efforts, that would have been whatever, but I wasn't. I was being nice and helpful, and that was what I got in return. Ouch. So, it's nothing personal, but I'm only going to do something for Aion if I really feel like it, and redownloading the game, zipping the files, finding my login for that google account, signing up for the subscription for the 100GB google drive, uploading everything, and making the right files sharable + bringing in the correct links to the forums is so far from something I feel like doing, even if I'd love to help you out. Here's a picture of an imperfect, but very tasty oreo cheesecake to make things better:
  8. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

  9. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    That kinda sadly makes it even funnier. Hell of a done goof. Hypothetically, they could trace who abused it, but will they?
  10. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    That's some funny nyerk.
  11. Will Transfers ever open?

    Like I said, rerolling and regearing might be faster. Make a char there to work on while you wait.
  12. Will Transfers ever open?

    Considering how long it's been broken and that there's a brand new patch? Rerolling and regearing might be faster.
  13. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    There was no 7.3 7.4 in Korea. It went straight from 7.2 to 7.5. Next one is straight to 7.8(?). That's how patches have worked in Aion for a very long time. Sometimes we'll get minipatches that add/fix functionality in a .X patch, but they're not .X's themselves.