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  1. Cheesecake pulling up the forums for the first time in months and going to the Classic section Classic Queue: Veterans to new players experiencing the OG experience grind: Players hoping for the original game experience starting the game on Day 1 with the ability to get quasi-unlimited kinah via $$$: Kibbelz dealing with all the insanity: (I have no issue with NCsoft on this one because it was just funny and unfortunate that it happene
  2. What P2W was there in the shop in 3.X? They wanted to sell the keys at one point, but we, the community, blew up on them for that, so they didn't. We didn't start seeing true p2w things until 4.X with the tempering solutions and, to a lesser degree, instance reset scrolls for EB and a couple other things. I was NA in 2.7. Played on New Israphel and New Vaizel/Tiamat. The population on those two servers from 2.5+ wasn't that amazing, even on the "winning" side. We talked about it all the time in the guilds I was in. New Siel might have been better. I know you guys don't like to think about
  3. You do realize why Aion NA went F2P, right? Hint: late 2.X's population #s weren't as nice as people like to think they were. Hint #2: EU went F2P first. One more - Hint #3: Cash shop didn't even touch p2w until 4.X.
  4. I admire your optimism that a classic server would last more than three months with an even halfassedly decent population. It's like you've all forgotten or are blinded by nostalgia. If NA released it, cool. Good for them. But I'm not optimistic about how long it's going to last.
  5. I liked the week on/week off rift buffs they did to counter twinks some time in 2.X. It gave players time to level without dealing with getting 2-shot every time they went 2m away from guards. I leveled in the Abyss from 35-45 pre-1.9 because I got ganked less there than I did in Morheim/Beluslan...and leveled faster than I did doing 30-35. So, yeah, I don't have fond memories of rifting and knew of too many people who quit because of it. Also, dang, those graphics.
  6. It's totally a bug on the website, guys. They're absolutely doing everything legitimately. There's no way this is correct! /s
  7. GW2 hasn't been royally corrupted by NCsoft yet. >_> It's still largely Anet's game. There are some really shitty decisions with it (certain story content behind paywall if you didn't log in when the episode went live, but you can still get around that by grinding gold and exchanging it for gems and buying the things that way), but it's not a p2w fiasco. They also just announced the next expansion for next year. So don't trashcan it just yet because NC publishes it. ESO also isn't too bad. Elder Scrolls just isn't something I'm all that interested in, but it's definitely not a bad g
  8. I always did arenas for the rewards. .-. Even back when they first came out in 2.X.
  9. The core of mine is from 2012 (CPU/Mobo/RAM). It's starting to struggle with games. It's done so well for so long, though, so I'm pretty proud of what I built back then. Ready to get the new i5 and stuff, and make it all shiny and glowwy. ...and with a case that doesn't have freaking proprietary fans that are expensive. ._. And, yes, the best thing to do now is to save up legendary transforms for these events. Good luck; we're all counting on you.
  10. ~$790, assuming you get/need all 12 duplicates and don't have any other previously existing duplicates to combine with. So it could be ~$500 if you already have 4 existing duplicates waiting. Assuming you didn't already try to combine them before the event started and the like. It's not perfect math, but y'all get the gist of it. Hahahaha, I get where you're coming from; it's just even funnier for me because I just exchanged my mazda for a new mazda because the dealership offered me a $1k+ discount + refunded first payment if I'd bring my original car in and end the lease ear
  11. Sorry to hear you went through that. This playerbase as a whole is concentrated toxicity, who will attack anyone for anything. Support is also really good about doing nothing about harassment.
  12. Yeah... Just...$790. @_@ I want to buy a new computer that's ~$1200, and a bloody ultimate transform costs a good portion of the payment for the computer. And the computer is more likely to last significantly longer than this game.
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