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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    The luna upgrade is dope af, dude. Thanks for that huge upgrade! <3
  2. Armsfusion

    Genesis PvE gear cannot be upgraded to legendary, but you can use it to run BoS/FM to get legendary gear. There's also the Pandora PvE quest gear, which gives you legendary gear with rather bad stats. Once you get the legendary set, you can work on the ultimate Pandora PvE set, which still has pretty janky stats, if I recall right.
  3. Character Creation Slots

    Sounds about right!
  4. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Dang, Aly, did you pee in their cheerios or something? Cyan, Hime, Gideon, I want shirts/sweaters please! *grabbyhands*
  5. Exploits approved and encouraged

    The flower event had the "trade through legion warehouse" exploit, though...
  6. Partnership with 3rd parties

    I'd like more merch. .-.
  7. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    Was that Oct 2017?
  8. Character Creation Slots

    Oh, yay, I can finally log in again. We know they're not going to remove the transformation system anytime soon. Korea still has it. Every other region still has it. All we can ask for is easier accessibility to transparent scrolls and unnerfed timers, but they're not getting rid of it anytime soon, let alone for a shitty little region. If Korea suddenly got rid of transformations, then I'd have hope for that, but they haven't, and they're now at patch, what, 7.2? 7.5? Since I know they're not getting rid of transformations, whether I want them to or not, I'd rather get 11 character slots right now (which should be an "easy" fix from Korea) because I'd rather punt a kitten than unlock transformations again on another account. I already had to do that when I switched from my SW account to my Sorc account, and, blessedly, that was only the loss of a couple ancients versus legendaries. They have the capacity to unlock our client to 11 slots, and it should be an "easy" change to make. It'd take next to nothing for them to do it if Korea can be bothered to do it.
  9. Character Creation Slots

    Yeah, but transformations are account bound, and unlocking your legendary transformations again on a separate account is garbage. 6.X actively discourages and punishes you for alt accounts.
  10. Bye bye Bless Online

    6.0 was when Aion went f2p in Korea, and it looks like they were trying to draw in new players by making the game more like a mobile game than a proper MMO, hence nuking entire parts of the game.
  11. Bye bye Bless Online

    In all fairness, Bless failed in all its other markets before it even released in NA. I never joined the hype train because of that.
  12. Event Rewards.

  13. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    They don't read every thread on the forum, and @'ing them with how many @'s they get won't get their attention. Can try PM'ing them. I want to know what's up here, too, because it's a really bizarre bug/glitch or someone has discovered the jackpot of exploits/hacks. .-.
  14. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Thing is, a lot of people have sworn up and down that they don't hack when they've been caught blatantly hacking (best ones are when they've streamed themselves hacking and claim they don't hack), so forgive us our swift skepticism, lol. We really, truly, sorrowfully have little reason to believe or trust you. You can keep replying to that ticket and asking for a senior GM to review your account. It is really rare that they ban anyone for anything in this game, to where even the bot bans are a recent development. It could be an accident, if you really are telling the truth. 99% of games will never reveal their evidence for your cheating, as that can compromise their detection methods. If you are innocent, I do hope you can be unbanned and sorry to see you go if it is a false ban that they won't review. If you aren't innocent:
  15. Soon(tm) Not to disbelieve you, but we were told that with 6.2 and were (un)pleasantly surprised.