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  1. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Is it really so novel a concept to you that they're breaking the ToS with what they're doing? Literally stated by Cyan and Hime to not do what they're doing because of what they were doing when the coalition system came out...that they're now doing again? Have you read of a single thing they do and have done? Or are you knee-jerk stuck on the kisk thing? Because, sweetheart, it's a lot more than the kisk thing. I know you're blinded by anger, but come on. Ganking in PvP, which is a part of the game and has been since launch whether you or I like it or not save for a brief spell in 3.0, != screwing over your entire faction because you're a couple potatoes who can't get along with people.
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Not a Peeve: 99.9% moved out of the old place now. I just ran out of room in the van to take the last of the shelving units, so I have to get those tomorrow and take them to the Mother's house. Peeve: Cutting my thumb open with stiff, thin cardboard. Wtfffffffffffffffffffffff paper cut from hellll.
  3. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    I just gear up so I can look pretty while AFK'ing in Pandy/Sanctum. .-.
  4. Denaria needs a new Gov

    From what I heard on yesterday, they joined coalition late, didn't have lead, and got kicked out of the coalition they were in. This is me not feeling bad.
  5. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Eyyyyy, mochi baby, y u gotta b liek that 4.
  6. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Also... You can't have just one person sending in multiple tickets. You need multiple people sending in multiple tickets. 20 tickets from 20 people has way more impact than 20 tickets from one person. Support is much less likely to drag their feet if they get enough complaints from enough different accounts. So if this crap is happening and you want something done about it, y'all gotta get together and report them (following what Aly pointed out in her post above mine). You can't count on one or two players to do all the reporting for you.
  7. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Wow. Just found out my cousin (21 yrs old) tried to die yesterday. Maybe the worst part is...I'm not surprised. I'm glad she didn't succeed, but I'm not surprised. Her parents have denied that she struggles with depression, even going so far as to say she "has nothing to be sad about," as if depression were just being sad. Maybe it's worse because I understand her feelings because I've shared in many of them. Nyerk depression. Nyerk it to the darkest depths of the Hell from which it spawned. Nyerk the stigma associated with it. Don't be afraid to seek help. There's nothing wrong with seeking help. The brain is an organ. The brain can get sick. It might take time, but there is help out there. Now here's some funnies to stave off the sads:
  8. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Danaria had more combined into it, but, yeah, it is kind of more popular than Katalam, too. Some big names from Siel transferred Israphel before the merge. And the bunny thing is hilarious.
  9. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Seriously, send in tickets with their abusive behavior. It's going to take time to get NCsoft to act, but the more stuff you give them to work with, the better chance you have they'll do something. Remember, they had to add the rule about inappropriate behavior with coalition leadership a couple weeks after the patch came out because of these two geniuses. If they're abusing that rule again...report it. This isn't going to change overnight, but it's not going to change at all if you don't message Support, who makes all the final decisions on actions against players.
  10. First thread

    It's just the two servers now. Katalam is Siel and Beritra combined. Danaria is Israphel, Tiamat, and Kahrun combined.
  11. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    There's a name change ticket in your inventory. If your name got taken, message Support and wait.
  12. I got it on every character I've logged in on post5.6, except for my main.
  13. Lost character names

    Yeah...so, the servers got merged together, and everyone got a name reset. There's a name change ticket in your character's inventory.
  14. Getting disconnected instantly

    Have you tried logging into an alt, lowering your graphics settings to minimum, hitting shift-f12, and then trying to get to your gunslinger? .-.