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  1. It's just a generic html-kind of thing, those menus. It's not custom if/else if/else thing, which is what it should be. It's bad at conveying information because it can't be customized. That's part of Aion's complexity problems. It's okay to be wrong, too. We're all wrong every so often. Getting angry and rude and unreasonably defensive makes you look so much worse than just being wrong.
  2. It's in the powerbook notes that enchantment isn't 100% on purified, unbreakable items. The ingame thing has always been wonk. It used to tell you your item would break on enchant, even if you had omegas and supps.
  3. Wrapping a Luna Wardrobe-modified item?

    No, because I never try passing skinned items around. You can try and let us all know.
  4. Wrapping a Luna Wardrobe-modified item?

    So far as I know, that's a no.
  5. Don't worry about the new anti-cheat program

    Remember when Mortred said something similar? Why do they always do that?
  6. They didn't remove it for BnS, even with threads upon threads upon posts of outcry; I strongly doubt they'll remove it for Aion.
  7. Returning from 3 years of not playing the game

    Did you log into the two servers to see if your characters were there? You're posting from a Katalam character.
  8. There's a thing called "private messaging." It's available on the forums. That's how you inform the CMs of shit like this. You don't post it out in public. 90% sure there's even a rule against posting exploits, even with good intentions.
  9. Lost character names

    post a pic of your inventory, lol
  10. People are still able to use those programs in BnS, so I don't see why we wouldn't be able to use them in Aion.
  11. In all fairness, your antivirus does that, too. : x (Still agree that it's crappy, especially since it's some shitty Chinese company.) You should still be able to use a VPN with XIGNCODE. As others have pointed out, you can still use a VPN on BnS.
  12. Coming back to Aion after a few years

    It's wayyyyyyy better than those quests, lol. They're just trying to get you to endgame as fast as possible. Aetherforging starts at level 66. The floating rocks (I'm guessing aether) are okay kinah for starting out with. Not super good, but, for a nubstick, it's probably better than nothing!
  13. Coming back to Aion after a few years

    Israphel is now Danaria. The only reason your accounts would be deleted is if they were still logged in with a user name instead of an email. You automatically get skills. No more wasted kinah there. Atreian Atlas is long gone (the page thing and the ring). Either server is good. The level 10 armor/weapon will last you til 55, when you get your next set from the Enshar/Cygnea campaign quest (yellow quest). Worry about money when you're 66+. You should level fast just doing the dark blue and gold quests. If you search the forums a bit, you might find people who've best explained how to get the kinahz and other guides. Crafting is pretty much useless. It's been replaced by aetherforging (level 66+). 70+-75 takes for fooking ever to level, so don't fret about cap level, really. Also, there's a major patch (6.0) coming out anywhere from probably June-October that completely revamps everything about the game. There's a whole thread about that in General Discussion, I think. The game is still playable for now and everything. Just keep that in mind, though.

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  15. I strongly doubt XIGNCODE3 works the way aiDPS does.