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  1. Joker Daily Cards

    So, it's not "daily." It's just enough to get you six total to do a craft?
  2. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Most of the followers of Hiss Prismatic Brilliance have long since quit the game. The Cult of Rainbow Snake has fallen. That said, I don't understand why they haven't put all the skins on the BCM. It doesn't make sense. This game doesn't have enough people to benefit from artificial scarcity the way BnS does.
  3. cant choose the server

    He downloaded the wrong version of the game. He needs the one from here: https://www.aiononline.com/
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    I taped down my right arrow key while sitting in my house in Pernon back in the day. Would reload the client when I woke up in the morning, resetting the 24 hour timer. Also jammed a penny into my keyboard to keep the spacebar pressed back in 2.0 with the first afk event. It looks like you can get 22? free tokens a day and get one free legendary transform when you get top level. So, nice shit from the premium box if you do lugbug and afk for five days? I'm not 100% sure on how daily works. I guess you complete quests? This goes until May, too. It's way too early for tears.
  5. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    They should also more or less easily work from home. Just need internet and a VPN to the office and a computer/other essentials for the job (art tablets, etc).
  6. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    They can do a lot of their jobs from home.

    I mean, it'd just wind up being a rehash of the same argument with Aly saying we don't have enough players, Cheesecake making an appearance and being the biggest meanieface in all the world, and other people coming in going NCSOFT SUCKS/AION SUCKS/EVERYTHING SUCKS/WHY AM I STILL HERE!???, and Cyan inwardly being like the nyerk y'all need to chill the nyerk out while not replying to the thread but knowing of its repeated existence. And, weirdly enough, the OP's post shows how what someone would define as a "Classic server" would be very different among the old/unlikelynew playerbase. They're thinking of the 3.0-initialFTP times, whereas if I think classic server, that's 1.X era because that is classic Aion to me. What patch would NCsoft do as their classic, anyway? 1.9? 2.7? 3.7? 4.7? Blahblahblah, we all know the argument. All that said, yeah, Neleth's right on this. If you can't enjoy the game as it is, it's okay to leave, and this is one of the very few times I'd advocate for an illegal server for if you want to play different, old patches of Aion on. All I want to do is play dress up with my char and try on all the different armors and skins and take screenies of them as future I-want-to-cosplay-this-but-I-don't-have-the-time-or-money.
  8. @Cyan Game of fate

    I hit reply too soon, sorry. Yes, they should have disabled it by now, and they haven't, and I don't know why they haven't while knowing it's broken.


    I think a lot of the people calling for a classic server think of Aion 3.0 as the classic because that's when the game went F2P and when they started playing. They don't realize that there was ~2.5 years worth of NA Aion gaming prior to it, that was very different than what they played, and that old content was what the original Master Server (pseudo-Classic server) in Korea was based off of. Frankly, I hated the entirety of 3.X. I, personally, did not like the content and absolutely hated the Eye. 4.X, they were finally getting their shit together, and then 4.8 happened.
  11. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    It's the same people who made Rock Band and Dance Central, so it could be interesting. It looks like you can mix four different parts of over 100 songs to make your own sounds, do quests, etc. I'm not at PAX E, so I can't try it for myself.
  12. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    Fuser isn't an MMO, though.
  13. Cheater_KT

    The worst part is, you're not wrong.
  14. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    GW2 has a booth, too. I think this is NCsoft's first big, official appearance at a PAX event since 2012/2013. Doesn't look like they're doing anything with BnS, Aion, the mobile games, or L2. Just GW2 and this new game. I think that's the coolest looking booth they've done in the years I've known them.