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  1. The only way I'd be active in the game is if they got rid of the cutesy elements, i.e. Roye/Cheska. It would be nice if the developers stuck to the original storyline, and brought back the lower-level side quests. Sadly, my crystal ball tells me that those changes ain't happenin'. I tried, folks. I might as well have shouted "Stop!" to an F5 tornado.
  2. Thanks - it's a step in the right direction.
  3. When I dowloaded TERA, I discovered it used XIGNCode as well, and this interfered with Aion. Once I removed TERA, the issues with Aion disappeared.
  4. These are very good questions, and they're not being addressed in the forums. I am disappointed that we do not have the guestblooms. Getting a window, a lamp, or a candle for your studio or house should not cost an arm and a leg.
  5. Cyan and Hime - Are the developers for real? MOBILE? Why is NCSoft/NCWest launching a mobile application when 6.x is unsatisfactory? We diehards are trying to save the AION - the online game. This is the game we loved before the 6.x fiasco. I want improvements to 6.x, before you divert resources to the mobile version. The view from under the bus is not a good one.
  6. I am back from my short trip. I understand the frustration. I'm frustrated we can't get the game NCSoft has in Korea. I want to know why. I want to know why NCWest and the gamer base in the US is being given short shrift in improvements and the silent treatment when we're asking reasonable and legitimate questions. I'm a good letter-writer. I have not, however, written a petition, and I'm more familiar with pen and paper, instead of emails. I would like to brainstorm with you all to come up with a concrete, specific list of grievances and suggestions for improvement. I do want
  7. I've been scrolling through the forums. It's definitely going to take some time to compile a list, and cite some examples. I am still needing names and places to send the petition to (both electronically and hard copy). I may just have to make a few old-fashioned phone calls for that. I'm going to be out of town for a few days. I'll do my best to keep you all posted on what I'm doing.
  8. I'm doing this petition because the general consensus seems to be, "NCSoft/MCWest does not value Aion, nor does it value us as players and customers." I need to compile a comprehensive, cohesive list of player grievances to underline what we would like to see NCSoft/NCWest do. I need to know WHO should get the petition - I want to send it to the developers, their bosses, and on up the chain of command, to the top. (As a courtesy, I have sent an email to Cyan regarding the petiton, and have asked for their input as well. I do not know if they are allowed to respond or not.) I don't know
  9. People are not happy that NCWest and NCSoft in Korea do not communicate changes to the game, and the slipshod way 6.2 was rammed down our throats. There are inconsistancies in the story line, bugs in the play.
  10. We talked a little bit about a petition a few weeks ago. Is anyone still interested?
  11. I'm having an existential crisis with Aion. All I do is level to 80, and fart around Lakrum doing the same quests and sieges, over and over again. Is this all there is to Aion? Part of the fun I've had with Aion is the JOURNEY, not the end in itself. I enjoyed taking my time, exploring new areas, but that seems to be discouraged. It's the push to (BANG!) level up, (BANG!), level up again, until you crash into your level 80 wall. It's a shame the power gamers and twinksters insist on having their high-level toys "NOW!", instead of taking their time and enjoying the scenery.
  12. I support a petition. Do we have a list of complaints and suggestions? I know how to write a business letter. I suggest we enlist the help of Cyan and Hime and keep them in the loop.
  13. So you're going to sulk and pout and pretend to feel superior?
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