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Daev skills for new players @Kibbelz.


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@Kibbelz As a new returning player I'd like some way to get daevanion skill books at a greater rate. Currently, I can do some quests weekly that give a few books/ shards. Most players who have played for a while have most of the important daevanion skills +15 which gives them the advanced daevanion skills and they achieved this because of your stormwing event which lasted a little under 2 months I believe. Now if all players had achieved this with pure dedication over months/years I'd have no gripe at all but! and this is a huge but! they did it because of the event I mentioned (granted some people had skills 15 before this event but nowhere near all of them). This event was a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of aion which is approaching 12 years in service. Also, it gave most people their +15 stigs.  You can't have an event this rewarding for things so important in such a short amount of time (major nyerk up on your part, I actually imagine you didn't realize how op the event was or you wouldn't have done it but no need to admit your ignorance/understanding of the game). We need more ways to get these skill books. Currently, there is one book on the broker, ONE BOOK! I need over 100 books + daev essence to even start to compete. Now the daev essence is ok because its on bcm so infinite chances to buy/obtain. PUT DAEVANION BOOKS ON BROKER its the only thing that will help this current gap in skills damage. P.S. like i said even if i wanted to be P2W there are NOO BOOKS ON BROKER!!!!!!!!!!!

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