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Gunner & AT gear question

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First sorry for posting so many questions about the game but I'm just getting back into it and have a lot to ask.

Ok so I know that gunners and ATs are magic based attacks that scale from magic boost and not +attack.  I know they wear leather which is why I'm curious as to how they get more damage (magic boost) from gear other than manastones?  Does leather armor have magic boost on it too or is it all just +attack and you have to manastone for the magic boost?

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Gunners have leather armor that is specific to them. You can check this by looking at their stats and looking for Magic Boost (not accounting for MB added by enchanting). If it has Magic Boost stats on it, it's meant for Gunners. The same goes for Aethertechs. Look for chain armor that has Magic Boost and POSITIVE (+) enmity. If it's NEGATIVE (-) enmity, it's meant for Clerics. Songweavers also get armor specific to them later on as Archdaevas: you start to see Heal Boost on cloth gear.

Edit: Actually, SWs get Heal Boost gear earlier than Archdaeva. My bad.

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