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Regarding lv30 Daevanion armor sets


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There used to be level 30 Daevanion armor sets you could get by doing the quest chain in Pandaemonium by Heimdall named Wise in Disguise. You could only get one item per lv30 character and could exchange parts with Daevanion light. I had this armor set and did it by levelling 5 different characters to lv30 and getting every piece with them. Since you couldnt store them in acc wh I used an npc bought cloth set to get their design on, and stored them. But they disappeared from my inventory on the last patch. I opened up a ticket to no help since I took too long to figure out I guess? That armor set means a lot to me and had it with me ever since I started the game. Since it disappeared and I have to way of getting it back, I am trying to find a way to get them or something with the same design.
Since the quest chain required you to go to maps and map parts that are no longer in the game, the quest line is also not there and the armor sets are long gone.
My question is;
is there a way to still get these sets or something with the same design?

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I have my warehouse item deleted too in 7.6 They said they would delete outdated things but I never asked them to help me on that seriously.

Some alts still have a worthless key from a worthless event that is not sellable, not storable, not destructible, they never bothered to delete that.

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