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Korean update in a few things, arenas included


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Looks like they are doing some fixes long awated, like with the arena droppers :D




This is the update notice on Wednesday, August 26th.


1. Added Yorgos Orb, Spellbook, Bow, Magic Gun, Aether Cannon, String Instrument, Aether Key, and Crater items.

-If you are promoted to the ultimate level, you can obtain an item with the'Yorgos' Masterpiece' skill added at a chance.

-'Yorgos' Masterpiece' skill creates a reinforced zone in front of the caster with a certain probability, and the stats of casters and party members located in the zone are reinforced.

2. Added +10 enhancement effect to Odian skill.

3. We have increased the number of'ultimate starlight soulstones' that can be obtained by extracting the light sculpture equipment.

4. You can obtain the'Ultimate Starlight Soulstone' by extracting the'Ultimate Starlight Luminous Accessories/Feathers'.

5. You can purchase light sculpture equipment with'Ultimate Starlight Soulstone'.

6. Changed to allow you to select a dungeon when using an additional entry order for difficult dungeons.


Fame will be deducted again, lets hope not for us.




1. From the next Monday (31st), the fame week will be deducted again.




[Instance Dungeon]

1. We have changed so that the number of entrances to difficult dungeons such as Manakarna (Difficulty) and Promethoon Workshop (Difficulty) are not shared with each other, but decreased.

2. Fixed the phenomenon that the'Stella Development Lab (Easy) Reward Box' does not appear intermittently in the'Stella Development Lab (Easy)'.

3. Corrected the phenomenon that the damage of the'Great Explosion' in'Valley of Chaos' is applied abnormally high.

4. We have changed some of the rewards for completing the'Tower of Challenge (lower floor)' challenge.

-Increased the probability of obtaining the'Tower of Challenge (Middle Floor) 4th Floor Movement Order'.

-'Battle Experience Extractor' has been added.

-Alchemium keys and vitality cubicles were excluded.


...arena droppers :D I am not sure if the translation does this a justice, it seems they are doing something to those that quit, or those that enter to play but their enemy quits before they can even fight.



5. In the case of abandoning admission at the arena of solitude or giving up naturally, the number of admissions will be deducted once.

6. Some changes have been made to the rewards for the'Arena of Solitude'.

-If you win by exiting the opponent or giving up admission before the start of the battle, you will receive the'Solitude Arena Additional Entry Order (30 minutes)' item.

-Removed Kina from the defeat reward.




7. Changed the information on dropping treasure chests in the arena of solitude.

8. Adjusted the experience gained when defeating monsters on some floors of the middle/lower levels of'Tower of Challenge'.

9. Adjusted the quantity of'Ultimate Starlight Soulstones' that can be obtained from the reward box after a named kill in a difficult dungeon.





[Fortress Exhibition]

1. Changed to be impossible to fly in the Holy Fortress

[Battle support]

1. Removed sticky traps for combat support attacks.

2. Corrected the phenomenon that the skill or item registered in the battle support setting disappears and needs to be reset.


1. We have changed the battle patterns of some monsters in the Inggison, Gelkmaros, and Silentera corridors.


1. Fixed an issue where the ranks of guard NPCs placed in each race base did not match.


1. Fixed a problem where the pattern buff icon was not displayed properly.

2. Fixed a problem in which some equipment that could not be obtained is notified in the item guide.



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3 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

Did I undestand right that HP cubics will be removed from Crucible Lower reward ? How people are going to farm them since this was the only way to get them ?

The answer you are looking for is that they will remove it from the game and add a cash shop solution. Basically do exactly what got the game in such a state in the first place.

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