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One time per account goodies.


One Time BCM semi-selectable legendary transform on BCM permanently?  

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  1. 1. You think it is good addition?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Better have an ingame free way of getting a (one time) semi selectable legendary after grinding.
    • Newplayers in aion are my favourite mythological creatures.

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I have persuaded 2 friends to start playing Aion (out of 5 that said they will try it), they kinda enjoy it (because they do not know what lies ahead of them *chuckles*), one thing I think is essential at THIS point of the game is to give people the chance to get some necessities once per account that will help newbies the most.

We need a one time legendary (semi) selectable transform in BCM... permanently (you put the price). Yes, we had events that gave free legendaries just by being online, free ultimates by chance, sales that had as many legendaries as you wished as long as your wallet allowed for this. Lets stop pretending that the legendary transform is such a niche item anymore and most likely players that play the game for over a year will have the legendary they want and if they missed the good events they need to hybernate until the next "free legendary event".

From a new player's perspective, at this point of the game it wouldn't hurt anyone to be able to buy ONE legendary that can be guaranteed for their class.

This is not 6.2 anymore.

(my friends are doing the coin event with the classes to get the legendary, I am afraid if they get the wrong legendary they might get discouraged)


--->Make it so there is a chance for a player to get a semi selectable legendary transform in anotehr way, like a grinding way, the lugbug weekly way, a single time quest way

EVERY player need to have at least one time chance to get a legendary for his class.

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