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Anniversary Event Idea


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 I know you already have plans for this year (hopefully) but I figured I'd give a suggestion anyways that might help you with keeping the community happy. So here's what I suggest:

Every year for the Aion Anniversary month you should do the following:

  1. Maybe some sort of afk event
  2. Cake Buff for the week of the Anniversary Date
  3. Offer Skins on the BCM (preferably discounted) from the last years patch and maybe toss in some fan favorites from previous years.
  4. The best rated event by the community from the previous year and make it last the entire month. (For example this year would probably be the storm-wing egg.)
  5. Some sort of in-game GM event, whether it be a GM running through the main cities dropping random lootable chests or spawning crazy world bosses. Just be silly and have fun!

The goal of this is simple, we get cake, everyone loves cake. We get a guaranteed crowd pleasing event because we've had it before so you know we enjoy it. You still get a chance to make $$$ on the BCM because you know we all love to dress up for special occasions in game! Plus people will probably spend $ on whatever event is going on. This also gives players a last chance to get skins from instances they perhaps couldn't complete or run. Everyone wins, everyone's happy...do it please! 

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They could do a lot of things to make the game better and earn more money, we made similar threads since forever, they never listen. so yeah, whatever they have in their mind will be implemented and we have no contribution to that whatsoever.

But I agree on anniversary we should get a very good time and happiness. It is one day of the year and the whole week should be dedicated to pure joy and celebrations.

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