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You can still see people you blocked on certain maps


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Hopefully I can explain this properly. Also, this may be something that's just "been like that forever," but I only have 2 people on my block list, so I'm not that experienced in what occurs when you block someone.

One of the two people I have blocked is in my legion. When I am in Gelkmaros/Beluslan/any "Danaria" Asmo server map, I do not see this person's chat which is how it's supposed to be. However, when I move to a non-Danaria map, such as Lakrum, Demaha, or Crimson Katalam, I can see this person in legion chat. At first, I thought that maybe I just needed to add another entry to my block list with the server name at the end (such as BlockedPerson-DN), but you cannot add server-specific entries to the block list.

This is obviously not a game-breaking bug, but hopefully it could be fixed at some point in the future to where you do not see blocked people on any server/map.

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This used to be a very awful bug that BlockedPerson-KT was visible in every shared map and only blocked in the normal map without the -Kt/-DN suffix. Someone in KT server abused this before they finally it and made a block to be global.

Your issue must have something to do with the fact the guy is in the same legion to you. Because other wise  block is global now.


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5 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Maybe so. Hopefully they can fix it. Thanks for the additional info!

The block thing with inter server names with the suffix -KT/-DN was a big issue a few years ago and we had problems and we send a ton of messages to support to fix it.

We had someone who abused this and we even called him on forums and we called people to report him or at least someone ban him. When Panesterra was a thing, the map was interserver, so everyone got a suffix. BUT Siel people that were in Panesterra and used the panesterra LFG would also have their chat visible in Siel server (with the suffix), same for the other people with their servers.

(imagine being in Lakrum, speak in LFG, your chat would appear in all inter server BUT also appear DN server too, kinda like this bug)

So we had a guy named Aenhon (I think) and he was literally the biggest spammer in lfg, he would write continuously nonsense, he would use lfg for hours and write something every 30 seconds. His writings were like rhetorical things, or poetic nonsense, or mentions to himself and every so in the sentence he would throw a "a-ha".

Something like this: "Aenhon a-ha is here to save the world a-ha, and you all need a leader a-ha, you better not cross the line a-ha", (you get the point).

So once the WHOLE server had him blocked he started going to panesterra and continued to write his nonsense but nobody could avoid that because although he was in our block list, he was in a shared map and his chat appeared also in our map from that bug.

Strangely if we were also in a shared map or a pvp instance,  we couldn't see his chats because we were also in inter-server so his name was perfectly blocked. The collision occurred when we were in normal server and he used panesterra LFG.

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