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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.


I don’t post but I feel like I need to add my voice to the conversation about how things are with Aion. Over the years I have watched this game change, and I try to find elements that I like and focus on them to make the game fun for me. With that said, I love that we are seeing more interaction with the community. It did surprise me to see an actual producer letter, because I’m trying to remember the last time I have seen one for this game... it’s been many years, to say the least. However, I do feel like this letter is trying to say something, but to me it’s really not saying much. Ok auto hunting.... I was hoping for more about current state and future plans. But I hope that we will see more letters that will address what’s going on with the game. Like the letter said, this is a mmo, and the changes that have been made to me don’t feel like an mmo, but more of a messed up rpg, with pvp and wannabe pve. Aion was my first mmo love back in 2009, and I still can finds things I like, but a lot that I don’t like. I really hope that @Kibbelz you can keep up this communication and we see more impactful changes that reflect what the user base brings up. I know not everything can or will be done, but what changes are made are impactful. It has been brought up that NC west has more control over events and what’s offered as rewards, and I would love to see you guys flex those muscles more then currently. Make me want to play the events and not worry that the pug group I am in will fail, or have to pray that rngesus will answer my prayers. Events should be engaging, and should be worth the time put in. The game is on life support and I really hope that we can find solutions that will draw plays back and create something we can further enjoy.

What I am saying is nothing new. So many people have expressed their thoughts and hopes and hates, that you could really create a pretty big book with the comments. 

To close things up, I do want to say thank you @Kibbelz for what you have done so far. It seems you are making old wheels move again for this game. Keep up the hard fight.

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5 hours ago, Seiss-DN said:

The game is on life support and I really hope that we can find solutions that will draw plays back and create something we can further enjoy.


A how to guide on making games popular in the west.

Step 1: have a fun core gameplay option

Step 2: Pay big twitch streamers to play your game for a month.

Step 3: Enjoy the profit.

NA can not do step 1 because it would affect other regions and other regions would complain that they are not also getting these changes. If we had better features than KR that would upset the Korean's and that is by far their most profitable region for Aion.

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