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A story of alternate earth-2015


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In earth-2015 they have exact same history as our universe until 2015 and it diverged from our earth counterpart. The different begins with development of Aion 4.7 instead introducing unlimited enchantment like our world the only update that happened there was removed of ide that required to enter IS/DR. When 4.8 came up instead destorying 4 maps that beginning the downfall of Aion of our world. They repurpose sarpan/tiamarantra as leveling maps to 65 alternative to katalam/danaria. They also introduced a system that helps newbies to familiar with the game instead giving powerful OP gears from the beginning,they offering upgrade coin gears with all manastones socketed and keep enchantments from previous gears if you doing a quest line of that instance there will be a NPC that only talk to a player for certain level but not level 65 offering upgrade,skins,stigma for kinah instead of AP,pots/scrolls from that instance to players. You can keep upgrading gears until lv 65. They place NPCs like a shulack in sanctum for every instance that offering that instance skins for coins but not actual gears or stats. Luna system didn't happened in 5.0 like it did in our earth. Instead they added luna skins to instances if you do it certain instances with enough time you will given coins which can use to buy skins from special NPCs. Stigma system did changed but unlike ours they keep all 12 stigma slots they didn't turn stigma into normal skills but they removed stigma trees and allowed you to use any stigma you want freely. They have linked stigma but people need to quest for it like a series of miragent quests they're hard to get but linked stigma have high cd and mostly towards to pvp purpose. Minions system didn't happened instead they providing pets with minor buff stats to players. There's no point to rush to max level because you will miss a lot of benefits that game do provide you. People actually playing the game instead rushing,leeching or solo BT to max level.PVP is very encourage in this universe because they removed losing of AP and people who died from opponents keep getting buffs 5% pvp attack and defense up to 50% and buff lasting 10 mins and killing opponents will give pvp coins which can buy pvp related items or abyss skins. Housing evoked into street market people can sell untradable items from their houses limited 2/3/4/5 items per week depend on size of the house. Housing became an account bond instead a character. The owner can't buy their own items or pass to another character in same account. There're repeatable housing quests that reverse once time skin into usable skins again and reset every month. They redesigned AT into knuckle and everyone love it. Aion in this universe is prosperity and becoming NC best selling game.


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