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Agile Hanbok Legendary transformation


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Hey guys!

I was just wondering why agile hanbok's stats during the promotion period was incorrect based on the information given on the news. Maybe there was a twist right there you know? The current stat of Agile Hanbok was Movement Speed +100% (During promotion period) while it should be the following: (during this promotion period)

Attack Speed +50%

Casting Speed +50%

Movement Speed +100%

Physical Attack +230

Magic Attack +230

Physical Crit +324

Magic Crit +324

Is this gonna be the normal stats on this transformation once the event was over?

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I have the Agile Pixel Xform.  The stats listed above are what you get in game currently, I double checked.  After the  promotion, the Agile pixel xform is ONLY a 100% movement speed buff.  Not sure why the in game tool tip lists it as 50% attack speed only.


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