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I managed to lvl 5 some of my alts renown lvl on Demaha and Crimson just to buy those stigma enchantment stone box but after this weekly bug maintenance they went back from renown lvl 4, wait what? Can someone explain me how this renown system works cos if it is working as intented then I wont bother lvling those alts renown now. Was expecting that it will be at lvl 5 still at 0% but going down to lvl 4 is very disappointing. 

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18 hours ago, BreakingKed-KT said:

I know it decreases a percentage but decreasing a LEVEL is what im disappointed of.

If you see the map above chart this is what happens. When you hit level 5 you lost 575.800 renown points. which took you a level below.

575.800 renown points are literally more than half a level in level 4 because level 4+0% to level 4+100% is only 925.300 points and you just lose 575.800 of them (if you were level 5 and 0% I mean).

And I also did the same thing to you before the weekly reduction. I did plenty of accounts worth of alts level 5 to get the enchants and berdin stars and abyssal stars but now it is impossible to keep up and also they removed the abyssal stars so they made it less useful to me.

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