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Returning Chanter need some advice


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Hi guys, I'm a casual player that mostly played on weekends. I don't play regularly since real life got me too busy & when there's time I'm just too tired to login. I believe the last time I login to play was January. But I come back to look around like 3 weeks ago. 

Read about so many changes in game & I'm so lost (also broke, the retuning cost almost all my kinah & all I know is selling scraps from Lower Udas Temple) any tips on getting Kinah?

I currently have Titan Coin accessories & Ultimate Heartguard gear from experience mark in Inggison.  I usually play solo & PVE since I just play when I have time.

My question is how much Healing boost I need for my char to play on normal instance? How do we get Daevanion skill again in this patch? (I only have Cleansing Recovery Spell, will others want to take me into their group with this little heal?

And any other thing I need to set my goal on? Thank you in advance for the advice!

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14 minutes ago, Irisville-KT said:

 How do we get Daevanion skill again in this patch? (I only have Cleansing Recovery Spell, will others want to take me into their group with this little heal?

Can't answer the cleric question but you can get daevanion skills by buying the 80k AP <Daevanion Mark of Knowledge> from the NPC in Inggison, you need 6 of these and you can craft the daevanion and you need 3x XP marks.

You can buy some <Daevanion Mark of Knowledge> from the renown NPC but you have to be high at renown.

You can buy one daevanion per week with 60 gold ingots (pretty expensive)

And sadly you lost a ton of events that gave us a ton of selectable daevanions.

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Yeah just try to grind for the kinah to buy a selectable or keep getting the  daeva marks to get the rejuv spell. As far as gear its gonna be one of those rough things if you are healing or dps 

For stigmas if you are set on healing; Elemental Screen, Healing Burst, Blessing of Stone, Word of Life, Healing Conduit, Annihilation (pve) / Rise (pvp) the other 3 you just fill as you please if you have enchanted stigmas.

For armor again kinda matters on healing or not but I err on the side of heal as you asked what healing boost so. Whatever armor you can get if ulti tuned HP/P.def/M.def/Crit the other pieces taking HB then Atk wherever you can. The actual amount of HB is debatable if you are new to healing on Chanter, at least the newer style of solo heal chanter then the more the better. With no HB manastone I hit 1864 HB on my chanter this is more than enough so all my manastones are Atk but I have full cubics and collections you probably don't have so 1.8k is like max you don't need more if you wanted to go all out HB you can get something like 2.7k at the max max HB, 2.8k with the best gear but this is unnecessary as they changed Recovery spell and the daevas to not be affected by HB or shards so more HB wont give you more heal since this is your bread and butter similar to the old Revival HoT you don't need much HB. I will say I have been testing out 1129 HB and seeing if it is enough for endgame instance for solo heal if you are maxed geared. I can update if I figure it out (this is my full dps set using the full starlight accessories and full atk stones) so far for most endgame its fine but we do have a songweaver who helps (with all the passive inc healing recieved skills) but we should be rerunning tonight with them on their dps cleric so I will be able to see for sure.

As far as goals get HB in every single piece of gear that you can socket some HB if you need and get the rejuv spell daeva skill. Try to get those 6 stigma and enchant them as well as the rejuv spell. Try to get as many green slots in your gear as you can and try to get the 4 different green gemstone skills they all help with healing there is 1 blue gem that is really rare that is also good for healing so 4 green 1 blue and 1 red is the ideal set up for gem slots. Runes I like to take the Support Recovery one as well as in PvP the Crit Def support. The third is up to you Attack slot Atk inc is great or in PvP I take Stumble Pen. Stun, Bind work as well. Minon for healing S rank HB Vio is the best but HP vio or PvPvE Hyperion works well too. If you are looking for A rank just get the A Viola.

I hope this is enough info if you need anything more just let me know and I can help where I can or give you any other tips. For kinah best is to just do luna on all your toons and participate in every event that comes along kinah is a bit rough if you don't have much time to play so just do lunas/events

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