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  1. @Arkaida-KT Well first off I never said anything about it but raised the attention to the voices of the ones who were asking and btw I pay for prestige so I guess I am a paid player so my voice does matter and is not invalid according to you. NC did not say it specifically was going nor did they state it would not be replaced. This is what people are asking for which there is no harm in asking about. So hop off and let the people ask a question without trolling them with irrelevant beliefs. Also I will not argue this with you just state that in managing a game if I am looking to make money a player like me who spends 15$ a month or a player who spends 100$ per update as I am assuming you stated of you yourself means almost nothing. The few players who pay like us are not going to change very much for the game at all you really think we matter because our 15 and 100$ even the people who spend 500$+ on events are alone not going to change much. If I am trying to keep good sales in my game my target is f2p, make them happy get them, the MAJORITY of users playing my game, to start spending that 15$ or whatever amount every now and again if not montly and that is how a game sees a huge increase in sale profits. For a p2w to rival the mass majority of users who are f2p spending 10-15$ or whatever they would need to spend a ridiculous amount so my worry is not on the p2w people since they are going to spend regardless of what I do in game as a Dev or Publisher, they aren't going to stop spending or they would've before. The smart idea for NC is to keep the feature or rework it into the new system get players close to the luna amount and throw sales 10-30% on luna purchases to get the f2p to spend on it. Most of the items from premium are not brokerable so it really wont change much since its just 17 waters 20 stigma enchants 3 oath tabs and some stars
  2. Mate people are asking about a feature that was in game and removed if it is coming back in some way or being changed as we didnt have word or even the notes about it being removed. The notes literally got posted after servers had been up and you could've seen if for yourself. Doesn't matter if you're free or paid everyones voice matters. Hop off your high horse because you think you spending money makes your voice to be heard over others Also a side note working for companies that manage games the paying players is almost nevermind because they are going to pay regardless the f2p player is the target who you are trying to convert into paid players so the voice of the paid players is honestly worth less than the f2p player
  3. This is today? I was hoping maybe it would be changed back but have not had the time to run it
  4. This is weekly she showed it was removed from the daily not the weekly. Unless it was changed it should not give from daily in the normal drop or 7x turn in reward for underpath
  5. They also dont have a luna material to reg luna and 700 luna is more than here its 673 aion coin which is almost 45 euro if you said they get luna from gold pack 1 per week thats still like 10 or 20 luna per week idr so unless its by arena rewards they kinda get screwed more than us in a way Regardless the premium is super expensive for what it is
  6. I don't mean as far as agents I would just rather see them in game would be nice since right around lumiel and yustiel becoming agents the transforms came out
  7. As far as the lugbug gelk 50 mob idk since you know NC has the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V habit so its likely not gonna be something until we speak up on it after the update. For Korea they have the Mission list and there is an extra tab for event that pops up during those times with all that stuff they could likely put it there. If I remember right the pass is all the same stuff as the free just like classic and there are only 2 items in paid you don't get in free. I don't play too often anymore but in Korea I was feeling like it took longer to get the fragments of all types but I also play a bunch of alts and don't just work one or two toons each day. The yustiel/lumiel thing the WB sucked but also there are quite a bit more players on Korea so it keeps one group of people from greifing the faction but the sale for yes is the RNG we all despise but it cost me less than 400$ American for Lumiel. (Not that this is amazing deal) I'd say rng aside its about the same as we'd pay here, but Korean cash shop in general is slightly cheaper than NA and they offer more incentives in their cashshop with their VIP type system similar to EU. End of the day whatever they dont do new stuff people will eventually get bored and play less or quit I hope new content comes the new pendant thing for the current patch of Korea is kinda nice but kinda shitty at the same time. Changing the Lv.200 benchmark to the mat needed to upgrade the pendant and not the oath stones kinda sucks since I still need oaths bad
  8. The whole point is this should not even be necessary if we all treat each other with at least basic respect regardless if we like them or not or if they are our friends or not. Not everyone will like you and that is okay its ust life. All that is asked is we set aside the petty issue and at least have a baseline respect in the way we communicate with each other. This is what is asked in the code of conduct on the forums. So its our responibility to abide by these rules. I will drop it because this was all I was trying say. I hope everyone has a good rest of the New Year celebration. Year of the Ox signifies movement and hardwork and hopefully we all over can get back to our lives as normal after this pandemic is over.
  9. You are also making plenty of derrogatory remarks to people who only tried to say 2 simple things to you. Your use of vulgarities and homophopic remarks come off extremely disrespectful as no one has insulted you in this manner and the fact that you retaliate with such remarks are very offensive. I would ask that you might want to take a break, get some water, maybe some fresh air, and come back when you have cooled down and be more receptive to people just trying to help you
  10. I am not friends with them the fact we play the same race on the same server is only coincidentally due to the fact there is only 2 races and 2 servers. I have maybe run 1 instance since the begging of this game with them. Sure I see them in town afk every now and again but that goes for many players of this game. Also to direct you to the conduct/rules of the forum you probably did not read: Obscene / Vulgar or Inappropriate Language and/or Images Some people are comfortable with all kinds of colorful language and images, others are not. We ask that our forum members remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect, and remember we do not all have the same expectations when it comes to what is acceptable. Remember that if you can’t make your point without using vulgar language, you probably don’t have a point at all. No one is attacking you I don't care you use the forums use it to your hearts desire. Just its best to keep it from uneccesary clutter and spam by posting in the appropriate locations
  11. Almost everything you write is so cringe. I don't write anything but I am sadly at the limit. The forums have rules, no they are really enforced. This means its in the users hand to abide by the rules set forth so we can have a coherent and easily navigatable forum to post inquiries and find answers. Like Arhangelos stated and at first it was nicely I might add to Post your inquiries in the Player to Player Support - Forums. It helps keep the forums clutter free and it is much easier to find and answer your question. As I have stated in the past your attidude is uneeded you complain about people being rude and ignoring you or not liking you then when people do go out of their way to help you you act this way towards them. This is why you get the reception you do. Please people just want the forums to be easy to read and easy to use, no one is attacking you, they just want some semblance of oder to how the forums are done. https://forums.aiononline.com/forum/4-general-discussion/#elForumRules
  12. Most people won't even play a game without PvP. Open world PvP is the reason why people play a lot of games. If you only want a PvE game you can play FF and be happy, but a lot of people do not agree with your assumption.FF in the Japan server isn't even that many players. I can't judge NA or EU but at least on Japan server it feels really dead
  13. I play both BDO and Aion and essentially they are the same they are both games you just AFK and do boring no brain activities 75% of the time. The only difference is that in BDO since there is no real PvE content like Aion you aren't gated to daily and weekly things similar to Aion. They both are pretty maintenance mode games. The main reason there was a server merge and the Players asked for 3 servers not 2 and many are upset about the 2 server is there were 3 large servers which good populations but there were 3 server that were "dead" but still having much better than NA or EU populations and horrible faction imbalances on these servers. There is new content coming to the game as Classic is not having many problems and people are getting upset with it, it seems to be bacuse they have moved their dev team to work on the new update stuff for the live server. I really hope they can fix a lot of the issues the QoL changes have been great to the game and more of the dev stuff they have put in last week was refreshing but Squid did say right there is that underlying issue in Aion and it won't change until they set up seperate teams to work on the different Aion projects because they are really ruining both versions with the way they are doing things.
  14. At least in other regions its clear to see what is bot and whats not this feature. There are many many ways to tell what is in game and what isn't If someone wants to make a script that looks or works like this I mean all for them because they are severely lowering the capabilities of their bot I personally do hope they crack down on 3rd party its extreme how bad its gotten. I do not mind this feature as it is not perfect and also can't be used in many situation so it is properly limited in its capabilities
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