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  1. I don't know anyone in Korea with a 10 full set there probably is but I haven't seen it. Most have 8/9 sets or a mix of the 2 enchants. My Glad has a mixed 8/9 set and I only have 120k HP unbuffed so the pic of the 154k is yikes even if you slap on Chanter buff that is just yikes mate obviously 0 nyerks given by the abusers.
  2. You are looking at the wrong gear only the extreme set has 1 manastone slot
  3. Every single experience crystal that is available in the game in Korea is timed there is no way to hold them. Most likely as in the patch notes the goal of the update was not just to level just to level but to add a personal, customizable, and fun experience to gaining level. They will probably update these items and I feel they will end up getting removed probably also seeing as the new Kerub event right now for the first 3 week of the new update has the exact same item as Event and it will be deleted on the maintenance after event if it is not the few hour to few day timed ones which do not
  4. Yeah they have lumiel. The modals of experience are at most are 7d. You cannot use them to get to 85 though I made double and triple sure. Old ones would have expried and new ones only get so much. "향상된 경험의 결정 사용하여 85까지 수평을 맞출 수 없습니다." ~ You cannot level to 85 using experience crystals confirm. Friend said you cant go past 84 with them too *have not confirm this. After 84 which really isn't hard to get from 84-85 takes about 7-8hr if you are going for Level not for things you need to do, obviously you can mix some of it but running Crucible Spire and other XP good things I mean is not any
  5. The ones in lumiel have a timer on them so those are different, Korea does not have AS as we have it so they don't have sotrable xp like the ones we have. I would not be surprised if they changed it or just completely got rid of the item before the update. I ran around with a friend today we did the same exact quests killed the same mobs and were in group. The last 15hr of the new update we spent together playing them at 82 and me at 85 I currently have about 25% of 85 and they are now 50% on 84 in the same time and quests together. The level is not bad and you do not need more than 83 to wear
  6. There are no crystal in korea besides the ones they gave so because these xp crystal say event to be deleted I would make sure you watch very closely as it is not likely that they will keep as this because it defeats the intended purpose of the leveling. Quests and the event lugbug are still giving a range of xp at 81 but since they give you 80-81 in xp crystals then down to .85% at 83, .15% at 84 from lakrum turn in that I did that was 55m xp per quests. I doubt they will keep those crystals or they will change it because its not intended for the gameplay of the new map korea got new one
  7. XP extractor at 85 is 3-4% of level. I was focusing on quests but 2hr farm was 171 mobs in the new zone for quests and I got 8.3% of level at 85
  8. KR they don't have AS its an event and mostly likely they will delete them before the update if you did not stack turn ins there are people still 83/84 there are a few 85's but I am pretty sure these are the people who did the same as I was told to stack turn ins pre update. They make some normal skills DP skills and some that charge DP they reworked the whole system. If you are out of combat for ~10s your DP decays. idk I don't have the xp to check it now and I have been doing quests a few hours and I only have 8%. They did post the DP skills for classes on their site and apologize for not sp
  9. There is a lot of content in this new map the server has been up on KR now for 7hr and I have barely scratched the surface of the new stuff. It took me 2hr to level to 85 but I listened to friends and stacked a ton of repeatable turn ins so I just just spam them for turn in. There were skill changes they did not say in the patch notes. Some skills are changed to DP skills and some are changed to give DP on use. When you ding each level you are given from what I have seen is the first skill in each picture that was listed of skills from the daevanion traits. I would definetely say that the yorn
  10. This is talking about the NPC groups that will be the leaders of the artifacts. It is in the reputation list for the map. Its not Legion as in Guild. There a 5 legions on the map the rein one, the popoku one, and 3 that are either elyos or asmo. These are the legion you gain rep or renown with. The Legion(guild) changes were 7.9
  11. Sorry its early morning and my english and korean brain isn't on yet feelsbad when neither is your mother tongue. I totally skipped over they said to smooth out progression they merged the two PvE and PvP gears togethers so they are unified making enchantment smoother so no longer the need to get 2 different sets of stones and still there is NPC for people with old stones so they are not lost. This is what I was trying to get at for smoother but the lack of coffee had me slipping and I went on rambling sorry for this
  12. The only reason extreme got a buff is because the +8 or +9 people have at now will be overshadow by the new gear plus is comes with passives built in to it along with the pledge system similar to what they are doing to the yorn weapons as well making a tier 4 so that the people who dealth with the crappy 15% proc still get use out of these weapons seeing as the new world boss drops armor not weapons. It was said that we understand that new gears can take a lot of time and money for aquisition, enchantments so they intend to make this process smoother. They literally also made sure gear progres
  13. yes its PvP from quests in the zone and PvE from the new instance Also there is gear that drops from the World Boss that have passive skill
  14. If you don't see yourself finishing the set youre working on in 7 months don't sweat it because there will be a new set no reason for people who dislike TT to have to grind it out there is a battlefield event where you can use coins to buy a random box and there was I think another event that gave rewards of the pvp gear as well and they have on the homepage a sections saying they are giving it in a questline for the first 3 week from 4.21 to 5.12 when the update goes live
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