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  1. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    I am not a great sorc nor claim to be one, I finished my PvP gear to 15 just the other day and I was running around red katalam. I have the 4 pf set and rest aoa then +15 DT. I am most certainly decently tanky. If I get jumped by a sin or ranger without noticing I am still dead in a matter of seconds doesn't matter what I do. But I have managed to get my hands on a red and green dazzling gem still hunting for the blue but my slots wouldn't allow it at this time anyway. I am +5 on those 2 so I do have the RS cd green buff. My runes are crit def +8 atk +6 add strike +5. My stigma sadly I cant get my flame spray to 15 so I am running the hybrid because my wind cut down is adv. As far as dmg I know some of these people are geared I have played against them on KT server often but with 22.3 atk without buffs I can erase them so fast. Having 80k HP and 15.3 pdef and 16.6 mdef helps me greatly reduce my damage also the lunar weapon shield is great for me. I know these are the things you are talking about that most don't have but I see other classes non sorc with them so I feel its not fair to compare classes without. The whole point is comparing classes with equal stuff to get a fair assessment on the classes. I would agrue that if we talk other "OP" classes and we take away certain things that the majority doesn't have these classes become much weaker. As far as the stigma taking exchange vitality and elemental ward and having green gem skill has helped me in the "paperness" of the class. I will agree that if you misplay you are dead but hey not the only class in the game like this. If I mess up I have to blow my cd and I can keep myself alive for a bit but I can't make a mistake again. I do think the change on iron clad being both physical and magical dmg block and the change to the super useless repulsion field makes sorc have a much better time with misplays. But sorc kinda seems similar to ranger in they are pretty glass cannon currently not a bad thing kinda just a trade off thing. These 2 classes can easily make your HP bar disappear in seconds when given the chance on enemy misplay. In short I feel my sorc in the hands of someone who has true experience on the class would show that sorc when geared is a great class you just have to get over the hump of gearing and then its all little nit picky stuff which I think the big part was addressed in the recent balance in Korea.
  2. Shining Red Gemstone Glad Question

    This was actually basic and shining in the picture. I am unsure if you can get on dazzling as well but combining 2 dazzling you'd have to be crazy but for my chanter I do have all 4 different greens so combine is the best way and its rng since I don't play dps I used my red shinings and I got the block curtain blue.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    Do you run 64-bit?
  4. Yes all of these things are meant to have you want to get them when they come out but they will come back again and again with some time in between to build up the desire to spend again if you wait they will be back just like the pixels and when Halloween ends these transforms as well. We will also get the meteor weapons sometime soon and at that time the solar and lunar weapons will be back it will be extremely p2w again because you can get the full 3 weapon buff but if you are just wanting the lunar shield buff that will be your time to pick it up For the people who want the Ultimate transforms you wait until the is guarantee before you spend money you know rng in this game is so frustrating so don't upset yourself by spending so much and not getting what you want or just spend like 25$ if you don't get it don't spend more or just save that 25 or whatever for the time when its for sure. Very simple stuff and no reason to frustrate yourself over it
  5. Violeta posted the link of all the rate for literally everything in game is listed so you never have to be surprised by a rate again if you don't have here it was updated on the 14th so it is current with the 7.7 in Korea. I am sorry you took it negatively but I guess it wasn't shocking to me and if I truly wanted an Ultimate I would've waited for the promo that says do X and get ultimate selection box because I have experienced the rng in this game and its not worth to throw money at https://aionnshop.plaync.com/aion/shopAnnouncement/493
  6. Halloween event starts this week?

    My guess would be this event and promotion, hopefully they will post it this week its kinda of sad they do the event week of the holiday and last 3 weeks after https://aion.plaync.com/promo/aion/191016_deadoralive https://aion.plaync.com/events/2019/191023_halloween
  7. The vending machine has a small chance at ultimate contract too and people spent time on this. People spend money/time on contract to just combine and get ultimate. Same for any random reward we've ever had. Ok so you know the chance, this was free for you to look up in Korea for over a year if you wished to. But we all know this is how this works if you honestly thought it was 50/50 then you haven't played this game or any other games for very long. The post itself was just stating the rate with the added sarcasm of it being only 1% but is that really shocking to anyone. If you want to know your odds when you spend money you don't spend until you know the odds. If they don't tell you you know its law in Korea they have to post them so go research. We all knew from experience a contract that has the chance of ultimate means you are most likely only getting legendary
  8. Feedback Update: Events

    We had the tree event not too long ago which gave us the shards or shining gems or normal gems. This would be the kind of rewards that are free at the same time there was promotion on the bcm you could buy gemstones normal and shining. These are the things similar to korea and they will have for shining and dazzling gems. Runes was part of a diferent event/promo for the ulti ones but the normal/greater runes had a similar thing to the gems
  9. All you had to do was combine 2 legendary together that's not that difficult and yeah sure the rate we all know so much of this game is like this. Just take is as hey you have a selectable apostle legendary contract unless you get lucky. Also 1% is still higher than the chance you get the ulti from combination
  10. Feedback Update: Events

    If we are going to get events like korea they will come, but most of them were promotions similar to when we got the normal/shining they will be shining/dazzling. Very few "event" had these as rewards. ie you pay for it or enchant the ones you have whatever the promotion says
  11. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    They gave survivability to all classes with mainly the only classes getting nerfs being the broken Cleric, Templar, Sins
  12. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    Then Arhangelos you should be happy repulsion field now petrifies any target that attacks inside 10m from you and you can still freely cast and get a 100% cast speed increase you also get an 8k 800 pvp def shield and iron clad increases resistances the same and block ALL damage for 6s
  13. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    I think all classes struggle when ungeared with how big the gear gap is between "geared" and not is. But this is normal in a lot of mmo's is less noticeable in group play with a few players of various gear levels. The big issue is it seems from what we hear NCwest has to get most of everything approved by Korea. So we are about 6 months behind in patch but a year behind on rewards for events so we are getting copy pasted events which isn't necessarily bad but its reflective on rewards they started to add more of the promotional stuff that Korea has been getting but you have half the player base complaining you have to pay for these. They are trying to add more stuff as people get their voice heard. A lot you do have to grind for and a lot of players don't like having to grind for things. But speaking back on sorc the new changes are nice I have seen more people running the hybrid stigma and they really have made sorc better rounded overall
  14. Bonuses

    Generally speaking you will always have higher base accuracy than the base eva/mr, so unbuffed accuracy or resist they should not evade your attacks most classes have equal accuracy buffs to the few classes resist inc buff so even if they buff your buffs would still keep you higher. So pretty common on armor by the way you are asking about defense which is only on armor or feathers is HP/Crit/Pdef/Mdef. The accuracy being kind of unneeded unless the enemy actually has evasion or mr tuned in their stats. This configuration would also give you the most defensive safety but if you don't have another set or are not liking this idea the best way to go after this would be the HP/Crit/Acc/Def that is the lowest on your class. ie Plate using Mdef, Chain Mdef then a few Pdef, Leather Pdef with a few Mdef, Cloth Pdef. Hope this helps you make the best choice for you
  15. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    I can explain the rest if people wanted but this thread was more about sorc but Repulsion field now doesn't petrify the sorc and gives 100% cast speed and petrify any target inside 10m who attacks but the sorc is rooted instead of petrified during this. The shield from repulsion also blocks 90k dmg max. Iron clad yes blocks all dmg for the 6s and still inc the resistance and yes Shield is 8k 800 pvp def