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  1. When we get the rest of the updates for this patch you can just buy the royal heart accessories with your stones so not really a big gain from them being in events its not that much more attack stat than the aoa accessories only 81 more for accessories 4 set and 92 for feather set
  2. I will state I am pretty sure we can all tell persons who is questionable user who can do things that have no clear and visible posibility in game. Also the voice on having dps live allows you to run content more accurately to assess player contribution and where you went wrong etc. I think the first is pretty obvious when you see someone who is use cheat system and for 2 this leads to player discrimination and overly large egos. You either finish it or you don't you dont need a meter to tell you you didn't kill it. If you are running in PvE content everyone is expected to try their best my ad
  3. I guess the 2 biggest things for me if I wish to put forth something towards the topic here is; 1) Auto-combat, I would like to have it implemented into the game if they do not wish for it to come to NA then I would like to ask for Reduction on xp mark items or/and inc in experienced gained as I need close to 217 a week to get my weekly desired items from the renown vendors which is possible but really difficult to do while trying to reach all of my other goals for my progression as this is avg 31 per day 2) More catering event rewards to the needs of the community I think of course
  4. It is not that, I am simply stating that Classic is not just the only solution for the game and its not even a good one if you want to consider it. It simply can't bring as much money to the game as Retail does. If you care to list things about Retail as Rag has that would help Retail then it would be much better recieved. From the looks of things it seems you have not played as much from 6.0 to current because things have changed over the years. Things currently with all the new additions have gotten better and even so better recently to the changes that they have made when they said the
  5. @Nalariel-KT The majority of player care to disagree with you. Why do people actively seek out new games instead of playing old games because, they are looking for new content and things to enjoy instead of living in the past of older games. Classic has a limited appeal and it generally only lasts so long. It is not that profitable so no without a live server Classic is terrible for a game and can not be a stand alone. Why is the plan only up to 2.7 for Classic? Because Yongge is the most desirable part and is the Classic Aion. 3.0-pre 6.0 is not Classic as much as you hate to hear it. Why do
  6. @Nalariel-KT This is not constructive at all and defeats the purpose of Rag's post I may not agree with most or many of the things Rag says but at least he is trying to help the current game and that I can respect him for. Classic in Korea as I have told you many times is not carrying the KR server, sure a good amount of people play it but even more people play Retail over Classic. 4x the people on Retail over Classic. The post he is trying to make is to help Retail and if you could think for just a second how does any Classic or p-server come even close to generating the same revenue as the r
  7. This is all going to depends PvE/PvP? because they will not be all the same and then also different sin to sin on preference but, I run Soundrel's/Lightning Slash/Apply Lethal Venom/Deadly Abandon/Sigil Strike/Venomous Strike as my main 6 these are my advanced stigmas I also have Break Away/Sensory Boost adv but that is for PvP. In my extra slots for green for PvE I use Shadow Walk and Eye of Wrath at +9 with Dash and Slash Blue at +12 Due to my latency I def can't do long drawn out fights on sin which already isn't their strong suit so I don't use shadow fall I know it is decent for PvP b
  8. Gelk Lakrum Dem Kata I have been able to keep my lvl 9 but the other maps I am lucky to hit 5 sometimes I will get a 6 just in time for it to be stripped away on renown reset. I will have to agree it is very difficult managing all or even certain specific maps for renown and many of those problem children are the ones with the best rewards sadly. I should've never let my renown slip after they started doing the reductions again. That was truly a huge regret
  9. It is definitely possible to do more instances in less gear fill all your gear with the xp mark gear besides the sov or kata/dem acc if you have them you can just +3 using ancient stones on those pieces is fine retune get HP/Crit and possibly some def stat in the extra 2 stats if you can. Sov pieces go all out open the slots put legendary+ manastones in it enchant to 15. The most important thing while trying to get the rest of the sov gear is getting the stuff Arhangelos and Van said get daeva skills +5-7 witout essence is my normal range well I do 7/8 without but try for 5 then maybe push to
  10. The reagents no but the mats that drop from the mobs the silentium. the bright blah blah and others is you dont need souls for the slecetable just those items and the reagents so if you were not to play as long as you kept lvl 5 in TT then you can keep buying the 1 reagent and slowly get selectable boxes it would take forever but by the time before new content you can get it in an event.
  11. There is a very easy solution since you don't play as much farm up lvl 5 renown for Timeless buy the reagents buy the silentium off the broker and participate in events. You spend 0 AP, takes forever but, you get selectable boxes of gear and never have to deal with RNG and dont have to step foot in Timeless besides getting to lvl 5 renown to puchase the weekly item
  12. I don't know if you have noticed if you actually get send log or dc in the map it actually doesn't respawn you outside and you lose all souls it spawns you in a harbok-esque place and you have 3hr from the dc point to log back and report to TT and you keep all those souls you had collected. If you couldn't log in within 3hr from the dc then you you do in fact lose the sould or if you accidentally port out then yeah so saving grace for you either. All else I agree with just a little thing to chime in on
  13. The only thing I am saying is for Korea there is no impact on Retail at all at least not noticable. Still the same players still the same people spending money which is noticable as they have the new Joker card event giving all 4 ultimate trasforms now so only NA/EU are thinking that this is meant to replace Retail which is kind of odd seeing as WoW did this and Retail still has roughly the same playerbase its not meant to be the carrying force of the game this is why I don't think currently in NA/EU it will do well or even work and these people must to wait for the Retail to improve before th
  14. Yes you get bronze then take it to lakrum for 5 bronze giving 1 silver, 5 silver 1 gold. If you noticed you get about 28 per cubelet. Also there are no plat cubes for Ereshkigal. Also the total amount needed for 50/30 is much lower than what is needed for the other bosses and you will never have dupes as you can always exchange it takes the same amount of time to complete 50/30 as it takes to complete 15/9 for the others One more things the Ereshkigal Gold Cubes are still brokerable so you can always broker them when you are done
  15. Not true, they actually have run temporary classic servers a few times in Korea as an attempt to gauge the interest they were short lived partially due to the way they were set up not truly being classic with the items in the shop. They said in the Dev video that it is in fact here to stay they with slow the pace of the patches as necessary. The daeva pass only gives the same items as the item you get for free in the same daeva pass. I guess you missed it in the thread or didn't read previous posts as HealingSquid kindly took a SS of the pass itself you just get more consumables and candies th
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