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1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

I wish they would remove Runestones and gemstones and go back to godstones which were straightforward.

The number of things that need enchanting has gone way out of control. Glyphs were the last straw.

I wish they would remove gemstones, runestones and keep the godstones away as well, like we did in 6.x. These things are RNG and favor classes that hit a lot of skills in short period of times.

They removed godstones in the revamp in  6.x because they thought they were not fair and then they re-implemented all the bad things of pre-6.x into 7.x into new things that now need to be enchanted and sloted into rng slots.

7.x patch is everything wrong from 1~6 minus the good stuff of those patches, they kept the 6.x destruction but didn't keep the promises in 6.x. Now you have no pvp instances, you gear by doing pve exclusively and with the niche items they implemented some characters are simply into another level while others can't compete. And all of this simply aplified the class imbalance.

I leave the town less and less nowadays, there is literally nothing other than the events for me. I keep logging out of habit and I do the daily lugbug, the events and logout. I even started playing other games lately just to fill my free time because aion is a void.

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