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ncsoft, when someone send in a ticket to have an item restored there is no need for y'all to take the several hours y'all take just to get back to the person only to ask them to verify that they want you to proceed with the restore cuz that in itself takes probably a day or several hours thus preventing them from gaming especially during peak hour event grinding...just go ahead n restore the item stated in the very first initial ticket for i do not need to be asked if im sure...

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That is true, I once told them to restore a minion combination that failed. This is how I wrote it:

"I combined 4x a-minions at xx:xx server time and you can see the screenshot I attach. I know I have 2 tokens left, so I would like to use one of the tokens and I will be left with 1 only. I would like you to proceed with the restoration."

...and they came, they confirmed the combination, they confirmed that I had 2 tokens, they confirmed I would be left with 1 only... and they asked me if I want to proceed with the restoration, I lolzed

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