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It looks like something has changed. I used to get 2x stones more often from a single chest but also I would get ultimate enchants at a "low" rate too, I remember my statistics were close to 5% chance to get an ulti. Ever since they brought back the morphing recipes it seems something has changed.

Not only I didn't get a single ultimate out of 140 chests but also the chance to get 2x instead of 1x has dramatically decreased.


Also I had a lot of materials waiting in my inventory so I managed to craft all these, but they need to bring back the morphing recipes for turning the 7.x materials back to 6.x materials since there is no way to get the older ones that are required for the recipes.

So @Kibbelz I rarely quote your name because I do not want to overflow your feed, but this is a necessary thing for the flow of the game. Could you please tell the GMs about this and then let us know it is taken care of in future? Thanks.

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