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Back on my chanter


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7 hours ago, Ekho-DN said:

Hello daevas,

I've been back on aion for a few days now and I was wondering what I should be aiming for the gemstone and runestone as a Chanter who is mostly doing PVE.?

Thanks in advance,


Red gemstone give you an additional offensive skill and it also enchants your existing offensive skills



As for runestones, for pve it would be wise to get the two additional attacks and the one that increase your attack power

  • Area ofEffect
  • Additional Damage
  • Increases Attack Power


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For pve dps, you'll definitely want 3 shining red gemstones to boost those attack skills and get a great aoe dps gemstone skill. For runestones, you'll want attack runestones. If you get a support slot, use the increased recovery runestone.

For pve healing, I recommend green gemstones. The gemstone skill only dispels sleeps and fears, and it is for 1 target only with a long cd, so it's really not great for pve healing, BUT the skills that are boosted are very good for healing. Highly recommend the increased recovery support runestone.

The Block Curtain blue gemstone is also nice for healing, but for pve, I wouldn't worry about getting the blue gemstone skill because it is more pvp-based (slows down the target so they can't get away as easily which is obviously much more useful in pvp than pve).

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