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Asking About Katalam Remodel Armor with Skill


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20 hours ago, MbakAyu-DN said:

Hello everyone, I have Crimson-type Katalam Armor for shoes and pauldrons, I have the same skill, If I put these two armor on my main armor, will I get an additional +% to 2x or only work 1?



Passive skills from items or runes do not stack. The only thing that works independently is when an item has an effect by chance but without giving you a skill for it.

For example a rune has a chance to do an additional attack, but not directly from weapon, it actually gives you a passive that has a chance to do the additional attack, putting two same skill runes wont' give you additional chance.

A godstone (from before 6.0) had the chance to hit, but it was a direct hit from the godstone, so if you had two weapons with two same godstones, they worked independently.

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