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open world pvp


Open World PVP event  

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  1. 1. Inggison Gelkmaros open world pvp event

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in the areas of Inggison and Gelkmaros i would request a pvp event where if you kill as many of the opposing faction working together with team work by the end of a selected or certain maintence date we get rewards for completing and competing in the pvp open world event if anybody remembers the 3.0 days where the game had a broken alliance event where we had to pvp in heiron and eltnen and low level areas i would request a  pvp event  simular to that also i would like azphels curse and ariels curse in the time of the event to make things a bit interesting for faction players to guard their friends of either faction from being killed while under the curse of being marked on the map etc.

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I like your idea. Open world pvp as it is is pretty lame. It is people in hide killing farmers/questers or people in trans killing afks in forts or arranged pvp which is bleh. It almost always is the person looking for pvp jumping the other person who wins as 1v1 in this game always is. The way classes are structured it really isn't meant to be 1v1, some just have no chance vs others etc - there is arena for that and maybe changing things up will push the duelists and 1v1ers more into arena (it is pretty much just farm zone now and half the time arranged or alt sent).

An event or permanent quest with nice rewards would go really well with your idea and have lots of people out pvping there and solve the 3 above problems.

Anything to get more pve players into pvp and pvpve would be good for the game.

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5 hours ago, Zappies-DN said:

Anything to get more pve players into pvp and pvpve would be good for the game.

The reason this game lost 1000s at release was because it came out with no PvE servers. The forums were flooded with 100s of unique threads with 1000s of responses asking for PvE servers. However it did allow those who loved PvPvE content to thrive with-in the player base that was left.

back on topic - I am a huge fan of open world PvP but there has to be a meaning to it. Adding an event so people with gear can farm those w/o gear is pointless. You need content worth working towards to create and separate the community all over the Aion world for open world PvP to be successful.

Example: The core in classic. The PvP in the core is banging because people want bloods to make mira/fenris. Due to this 1 item that most players in the game want they participate in PvP because it is the ease of access to grinding locations.

Giving people a massive list of event items will just make players hasten their efforts to get event rewards in-which creates more and more ALT trading for kills rather than open world content. The game will never really have open world content worth while so long as there is no PvE content in the open world. 

The game decided to separate PvP and PvE content for a reason i doubt they will ever improve open world content again.

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And then you will get enemies having more reasons to get to the enemy map and terrorize players that do not have dazzlings +10, runestones +10, paragons +10, 2~3 sets for every occasion, transformers that are in god mode for 10 minutes... etc.

At this point you are either a god, or a walking dummy.

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