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Fissure of Oblivion (Refly version) transformation skill effects

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LIst of 7.9 polymorph skills

Search for the following:

  • IDTransform_Highdeva - Ancient Archdaeva (Polymorph ID #81)
  • IDTransform_HDF - Fire (Polymorph ID 82)
  • IDTransform_HDW - Water (Polymorph ID 83)
  • IDTransform_HDE - Earth (Polymorph ID 84)
  • IDTransform_HDA - Wind (Polymorph ID 85)

Note for type 5 Rune (Avatar of Water) has additional effects which the final boss is immune to, thus Avatar of Water runes do not affect the final boss:

  • stage 1 has additional effect of 25% snare for 11s (50% PvP duration)
  • stage 2 has additional effect of 50% snare for 8s (50% PvP duration)
  • stage 3 has additional effect of paralyze for 2.5~4.0s (50% PvP duration)

(Note: the actual Archdaeva transformations and their related skills are not the same thing as Fissure of Oblivion transformations, with the exception of some skill-provoked skills)

(Conditional damage for fire and earth avatars physical attack skills are not completely understood)

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