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Guest Question

Dear diarie
Jesus, for 2 days Aion is everything on my mind, feels sick
And reading the drama already in this forum is just great, juicy juicy Aion-drama, the best of the best 
That ppl writing 5 lines on LFG just for complain about how bad was the siege or love-dramas public for everyone
And PVP? Jesus, yes! Massive and 1v1
PVE... well, was fun... BUT PVP, YES
I feel like I am talking again with this toxic ex (Aion is probably my first love) , but nvm
PS: Toxicicty is not good anyways, enjoy the game, drink water, do exercise, kill elyos! 

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Don’t worry. It’s basically just one person creating multiple threads and acting dramatic. The rest of us are old beans in our rocking chairs eager to relive the good ole days while trying not to fall asleep at 8:30pm. 

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