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Temporal Stone


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As Vanteria said, the Temporal Stone can be crafted via Alchemy - the recipe needs 199 points, but I recommend getting at least 220, so you won't fail.

The recipes cost AP, not kinah, but if you did few of the Abbys quests, you should be OK. Asmo recipe is sold by Dein in Pandaemonium, Ely recipe is sold by Melicar in Sanctum (up).

To get Alchemy to the needed level faster, you can use the free amulets given by Nebrith (Elyos) and Edandos (Asmo). If you didn't know about these rewards, it's because NCSoft doesn't want you to know. Few years ago they removed these ladies from Fast-Track and refuse to put them back. (So if you want to collect these rewards, you have to go to the Standard server, they're spawned in big cities.) And unfortunately the quests for free rewards have only 5 levels range (up to 55), so if you overlevelled them, you won't get the lower ones - if I remember correctly, you should get 4 crafting amulets in total, but I don't remember which levels.

The main component for the Temporal Stone are Elemental Stones (the yellow ones) - you'll need 22 of them. You can either loot them from mobs (levels 20-30) or morph them (Asmo/Ely) from Aether (sold by material merchants in Sanctum/Pandae crafting area).


Or alternatively you can specify your server/faction/char name (because we don't know if you need it for the one you're logged as in forums) and someone might feel generous.

But if you learn to craft it, you can generate some profit - the quest is not the only thing it's needed for.

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