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Server merge?


Do you think it should happen?  

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  1. 1. Do you think it will happen soon?

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8 hours ago, IceAge said:

Unless by half of player-base in 2 weeks to stop logging in is normal, then you are right.

From anyone else point of view, this means the game is bad, will soon be a ghost town, etc. 

As we speak, Israphel has less than 1k players online. Sure, you might say "but is Wednesday" or "is the hour bro", etc. Last week at this hour, there were like 1.5k+ players on Israphel.

Aaaaaanyway! A game with 2 servers with, and let me quote you : ...less people logging in - as with every launch of any mmorpg - , means 1 thing : Merging the only 2 servers they have soon and then .. there will be some whales, bots and...that's basically it.

Enjoy your Candy Crash Aion Online ORPG, without MM. 

Without context, yes this would be bad. However keep in mind, the first week of your observation was during the free trial, people who never paid the sub to begin with were inflating those numbers. If you are doing proper data collecting, you need to keep all the variables consistent (Date, Time, Events, etc.). 

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