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Hey guys figured I'd share a website I've been working on that compiles everything needed for a Aion player! On the site you will find:

  • Aion Classic Siege Schedule
  • Aion Guides for gathering, leveling, crafting, farming
  • Links to tools 
  • Videos for troubleshooting Aion
  • Old Aion content such as the first Aion trailer, Vision Trailer, and commericials
  • Live updates from AionOps and Dev postings
  • Much much more!
  • Skin previews

The site's intended to be a one stop shop for everything Aion and I intend to keep adding more features and information to it as time goes on. If you guys  have any suggestions on what you want to be seen on the website let me know! The website is :   




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13 minutes ago, 66s42C1 said:

You missed link to aidps meter (http://aioninfo.com/download.html)

Classic version is available on Discord (https://discord.gg/JJVQgyu)

Never heard of this dps meter, tried downloading and using and doesn't seem to be working. (Cannot connect to server) are you sure this works for NA?

For now I do have ARM linked on the site which I have verified works on Aion Classic and Retail as well.

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