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Change 30 day pets

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Remove the 30 day pets and give account wide permanent pets instead. The 30 day pets are the dumbest thing ever considering pets, specially for a P2P game. The game is P2P so pets should be account wide and permanent. Like it was on old Aion before 3.0 

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It's not a fix by any means but the 90 day Siels Aura comes with a 90 day pet that will renew every time you get another 90 day Siels Aura.



Under the benefits section it states:

"In addition to the benefits from Siel’s Aura, purchasing the 30 option offers a free 30-day title every recurrence. The 90-day option offers a 90-day title and also includes a bundle of consumable items and a 90-day 12-slot storage pet."

Like I said, not a fix but at least it's something I guess.

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