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I am so confused after 66 need help


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Hello guys I am an asmo ranger. Actually I started to play aion on 4.0 but stoped playing. Now I returned playing it. My old character was SM, but now I wanted to try something different.

So long story short after hitting 66 I ma so confused, like really on everything. I have never entered arena nor done pvp so I suck at it. I dont have a good gear. I use what came up from returned player lv 65 box with full critic manastones. So what I am gonna do now? game became so confusy. Can gimme some recommendations or a list of things I gotta do?

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First of all, rest easy knowing that leveling from 66-75 takes a very long time. You have some time to get your PvP gear. If you'd like some entry-level PvP gear, you can get a Blood Mark or Blood Medal set at Harbinger's Landing (upper abyss, if you aren't sure where that is). You can use that gear to do your daily arenas. Arena of Discipline is 1v1, so you can give that a shot. Arena of Chaos is an 8-player free for all, so you may be more comfortable just afking that until you get better gear and higher level. Still do it though so you can start saving up abyss and glory points and to get Arena gear. Can also use Spinel Medals for that gear.


In regards to PvE, you can do Adma's Fall and Theobomo's Test Lab instances fairly easily at level 66. They are in Norsvold and alternate days -- Adma on M-W-F and Theo on T-Th-Sat. There are a few other instances in Norsvold that you can do too, but groups are a bit rarer for them. These will give you gear that you can either keep or sell on the broker. You can use the kinah you make to buy Omega enchantment stones, manastones, greater supplements, etc.

Also, don't forget to do your daily/weekly Luna instances for free to get supplies and XP!

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Hello and welcome back.What people are doing right now ,is mainly completing Fissure of Oblivion instance at least once a day,finish Primordial Creatures daily quests,complete Upper Abyss weekly quests.Then there are people that think that this is not sufficient and do more.Some kill elite monsters in Illuma ,some run group instances solo (Soloing Krotan,Miren,Kysis).

So here is what I recommend doing.You log in ,you want to have some fun and then you decide to level up,or do something that will make you rich.

1. FIssure of Oblivion. ( I also recommend purchasing Instance Boost Pack,from the Black Cloud Market or Trade Broker) You need to do this as much as possible. But it's always better to do it few times a day ,rather than doing it many times and then stop for a while. It's easier on the head.

2. Maedrunerk's Island (Luna Daily).

3.Primordial Creatures dailies. 130million experience from all four.

4.Try to finish any campaign quests that you haven't.

5.Find someone to farm elites with,preferably a cleric,chanter,sw,sm.But in theory the faster a monster goes down ,the less damage they do. So finding a damage based partner also works.Once you learn how to solo an elite it's easier and you gain more experience.

6.Find someone to run Krotan,Miren,Kysis with,after the last few patches they have become high damage demanding instances.You need to have good magic boost and magical accuracy to actually manage to hit the monsters.Duo-ing is the best option here,again you need a healer ,but a Spiritmaster or any damage based partner will do as well.Try to use experience boost amulets,either 50% or 100% if you can afford them.They can be found in Black Cloud Marketplace and Trade Broker as well.

7.OptionalIf  you're an elyos ,you have to farm as many asmodians as possible,for 1000 kills you get fat ap and good experience also nice amount of DP ,and you can morph stuff with it.Asmos also look really funny when they are down and waiting for ress,which I believe is another reason to punish them for entering the domain of elyos.

Of course the latter is just my pathetic attempt to troll,but you get the point :)  .

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