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Daeva Pass Account Wide


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As the title says, I am still confused as why it isn't already.

For example the daily quest to get 500 AP is impossible to do with characters below level 25, so NC expects us to pay 30$ for every alt we want to level up, I think it's a bit too much. Premium Daeva Pass should be account-wide and quests should be shared between characters, as would the rewards - you choose on which character to pick up the rewards, also the rewards should be storable in account warehouse.

I know that they want to make money, but this is beyond reasonable.

What are your thoughts guys, should it be account wide?

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I dislike any kind of daily quest in any game. Pressures one to log in daily and feel bad for missing out one.

The deava pass rushes players to level up. For example the first pass had quests in Draupnir Cave which is a mid-level instance and one to unlock a greater stigma slot, which is at level 45. I also think they are trying to trap people by using that time limited fastidious shugo by not realising that they can not access the items anymore once its time is over (sounds a bit morbid) or by forgetting about it.

However, do not feel pressured by those quests. Do the ones you can and enjoy the free goodies on the way. Missing a few daily quests is not a big deal.
For the account wide part, I agree.

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So basically what I think the best option is, make the Premium Daeva Pass account wide, so that you can progress it on all of your characters, but you can only claim the rewards once per account, so you have to choose on which character you want to claim what.

Don't let this topic die, I think this needs to be brought to NC's attention.

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