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Free to play?


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Im an old player, turning back to a game many years later to have fun, and looking that i need to spend 168usd to play for a year... how you sey this game is free to play? even the price is a shame.. I know you need ways to make money, but this wrong, let the people play at least 3 hours in the old aion play stile without payments, make your events and offer the skins and we will consume all those items, my salary cand affort that kind of payment monthly, just 200usd in a month to spend 15$ in a game? I mean a skin is permanent, this siel's aura can wreck our wallets.. or at least mine.. 

Worst thing is my girlfriend, and 2 best friends was downloading the game when I make my templar to see that buff and understand the main concept.  we all quit today.  maybe i need a better architecth job or a better country were live to play a good game.

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