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please help mistake in merging two arcs


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Please help me, I made a mistake when merging two arches, my arc put the +14 down and the +0 up I spent a lot of kina going up that arc and a lot of effort. to +14 please help it was a mistake on my part that is why I ask for your help, I have never asked for anything but if I ask if it is possible to leave them as they were to re-fuse them again from the correct way

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2 minutes ago, Lulzy-DN said:

Sadly.. the GM's will tell you that they can't help you.. As the mechanics were as intended. I accidently lost my +8 runestone.. because I grabbed the wrong one out of my inventory when combining and the GM's told me to get F*&#ed

couldn't agree more with the gm's decision, get F*&#ed lul


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