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Additional Character Slots (Server and/or Account)

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Aion is one of those games that I just don't understand some things about it.  I've been playing on & off since beta (I was there for launch & previously had the title to go along with it but apparently THAT has been removed from the game).  This game has ALWAYS had an 8 characters across the entire account limit.  Even when there were several servers, you could only have the 8 characters on your account no matter what servers they were on.  This makes entirely no sense to me now nor did it make any sense to me back then.  I understand the server faction restriction because it makes absolute sense.  Account warehouses would otherwise end up housing kinah & items that you could slide across faction lines if there wasn't such restrictions & it would make camping people much easier if you could find them using that faction to find them.

What I don't get is why you limit the number of characters to 8 still.  You have introduced 3 additional classes since the introduction of the game yet the 8 limit remains.  It was more understandable back when there were only 8 classes total in the game.  You could have 1 character of each class back then but not 1 character of each class on each faction (total of 16 characters) on various servers.  You are literally forcing people to decide what 3 classes they don't want to play by this limit (myself included) instead of allowing us to create & play each class and decide which one/ones we want to play until max level.  You are literally forcing people to make multiple accounts just to play each of the classes and/or factions.

What I suggest is selling unlocks for character slots in either the BCM or on the website somehow or even given prestige members a few extra slots for subscribing.  The $15 a month we pay out each month doesn't really give as much benefits as this sort of thing would.  Sure we get exp boosts (doesn't do anything if you're already 75 though), a few more instance entries (which can be obtained via spending 400 NCoin in the BCM for an Instance Entry Boost Pack instead), a few more medals when doing stuff, special vendors that gives meh buffs/quests, and a Prestige Case that gives lackluster rewards for the most part.  When I play a game, I typically fork out the real money and subscribe because I feel if I'm playing a game I enjoy I should give something to the company to help keep it afloat for me to play more in the future.

So please, add additional character slots to either the BCM, website, or included in being a Prestige member.

Thank you!

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14 minutes ago, 1s312963-KT said:

You could just make alt accounts which is what everybody does anyway.

Why should I have to pay $30 a month to have upto 16 characters and even then they don't share an account warehouse on stuff that is only tradeable between characters on your account.  That's the whole issue here.

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What I did is select the main classes I wanna play on one account and everything else on my alt accounts. I understand your issue with not having the possibility to share certain items within your account. Do you have any examples on which items you're referring to (besides the prestige items)?

Also the more I think about it, the more I believe they can't do such a thing via BCM "coupons" or w/e you wanna call it. I mean on a technical base. Either they do it for everyone or not at all. Curious to see the outcome of this! :D

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5 hours ago, Plezurenpain-DN said:

And the items that can be stored in your account warehouse but not a legion warehouse..............?  See the problem?

Bro if you have that many account only items that can't fit between 8 toons personal warehouse and there personal inventory, then you need a hoarding intervention. Because you can't sell it all you can do is use it or discard it.

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