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  1. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Wow so upset. Just be level 66 and you will get a survey for 5 nutrient bundles. Not a big deal especially since they reverted the trees to what they were prior maintenance so they should be maxed. Unfortunately rewards are rubbish, Infinity Shard gear that's in untradeable boxes, what the heck?
  2. Need more ways to get Ancient Manastones

    I heard invasion grade 1 still gives eternal ancient manastones. More curious what people are using for magic suppression sets especially if your are chain or a plate class. Mythic BM?
  3. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    I agree with what you said but I was only just disagreeing with someone who said it was okay for Giving Grove to be a crap event because we would be getting the 'good' Frozen magic event next. Giving Grove will encourage players to participate more in instances with other players, and it would work better if NCsoft actually replace the rewards with 5.x ones.
  4. What do you expected from incoming 5.8 in next year ?

    I have a +31 Shoulderplate with full +10 manastones and I credit that to actually playing the game and considering I barely spent that much Ncoin for my main account maybe like $40 in the past 15 months it says a lot about what you can do in game. -You can use an army of alts for events preferably all on different accounts to make use of surveys on the events. Stuff like Kumuki you can get AP, BM and medals which wll help in getting your own gear as well as BM's to trade for mythic supplements. Events also give lots of freebies and only require you to literally log in and collect. I owe my success to having such freebies and knowing how to use them. -Luna can be good where Luna defence for S rank is 30% drop rate for Omega (tested this by doing like 60 S rank runs in a row on anniversary on an alt account). For me personally I always dual client Aion for luna and AFK on atleast one while I play on the other, and I pretty much do it only for XP. With Luna offence you can dual box clients and get S rank in both, though you can't really with defence. Mathematically it takes 6-8 minutes to do S rank in Luna offence and we factor in the time to switch to another character so 8 minutes for a 30% chance for an omega, amounts to on average 26.66 minutes for 1 omega. Considering Luna should be mainly about XP and omega second 1 omega every 3.33 runs is pretty good. The weekly luna chest also gives 90 +6 manastones of your choice and with cheaper chronos stones and spirit stones of eternities, getting +7, +8 manastones will not be a problem however its still better to purchase +9 and +10 manastones from others as making your own can in fact cost more even if you value +6 manastones as nothing. Pay 2 win is an illusion, and even if its real its just greatly diminished because having more alts is much more beneficial and can actually cover everything that you can only get with paying or get a lot with paying.
  5. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Just because we are getting a good event next, does not mean its okay for an event to be bad. All events should aim to be good, and should not depend upon the success of other events to value its own success. Yay for post 100.
  6. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    My goodness if this is the case then we got a serious problem with the event team in NA. Well it got the community involved where we get these nutrients by farming instances and we fertilise the tree of our choice and we would get a present and a magic seed. With faction coordination you would pass the seed all to one person who would combine the lot into a special seed that upgrades the tree from one stage to the next. I was a very unique event and with 3 trees there is lots in decision making. An event that brings the community is one with good mechanics, but unfortunately you need the communicate to actually participate for this event to even take off, and sadly the rewards reflect that.
  7. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    I would like to believe that Azzmaria but it doesn't reflect the reality of the situation where we have Cyan who is either ignorant or his level of influence in NCsoft is significantly less than what is expected. I mean this level of negligence is completely unacceptable and warrants an enquiry. Hime is not exempted from this, in fact she should have long contacted the community ages ago but we are only left with her absence. I hold any form of word from Hime dearly as she's been with us from at least 4.0 (2013), and any contact from her about the present is much appreciated.
  8. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    BnS was going down before it even launched, with Aion there is always hope. We just need the staff to actually get in touch with the community. People complained about the pre 5.0 rewards when this instance came in 5.3 (might have been 5.1) and Cyan even said that that won't be a problem and it will be changed to be more reflective of 5.x content, but nup a straight up lie. Maybe I'm just stoking those flames with what I'm saying, but it is what it is and something needs to be done or there will be plenty of madz. Upgrade arcade was a bad event, not even worth investing time or money in and has been like that for past iterations, but this event like someone said had good mechanics but its gonna be poorly executed which brings up whether it is worth the time, effort of money to invest? For an event that's about 'Giving' not a lot of giving from NCsoft's end.
  9. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    You know the biggest complaint about this event last time was the amount of junk rewards there was and its very high drop rate. You could spend hundreds of nutrients on maxed out trees and get nothing good to show for it. A lot of rewards like last time do not reflect 5.0 content. -It needs major felicitous socketing mythic, remove both greater variants -Tike manastone bundle should be atleast +7. In the Luna weekly you already can open the chest at the end once you have the key for 90 +6 manastones of your choice. On that note the 'Noble composite bundle' is a random level 60 or 70 composite. Superior manastone bundle, is just level 70 superior manastones. All of these are out classed by achdaeva manastones, the only ones that can serve use from older content are the eternal ancient manastones. -Pallasite crystal or ore is useless, as no one can or bother to purify IS, DR, or IO gear. -Kunax accessories. You literally addressed this in the December preview and yet here it is as a reward. Hyperion gear is okay as one can actually get it to 15 with the shining enchantment stones for PvE. -Heroic godstone, really there are illusion godstones out there. -Enchantment Stone Dust (x82) Oddly specific, and please no need for that, just make it 2k, don't troll the player base with crappy rewards. Please people had problems with this event last time and now you're not even bothering to learn from past mistakes. Put some cute minion contracts, some minium boxes, greater supplement bags, skill cards, Luna, boundless hope/ glory/ honour gear. Actually give stuff that is relevant to content we have right now.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 6, 2017

    I thought there would always a be a few days of double xp with each kumuki cave returns event.
  11. Skills with reduced damage in PvP

    Surprised the B grade minions need PvP reductions as well as no mention of fire avatar. Just for clarification, but why does the heal have a PvP modifier from water avatar? '(null) Iris’ Flame / GM Iris' Flames : 50% (null) Valonte's Strike / Omega's Growl : 10%' What's that about, Kromede event skills in PvP?
  12. Cleric CPs

    Nevermind only attacks like 4 times for the entire duration.
  13. Congrats to glad and cleric

    Spinel coin gear maybe?
  14. Congrats to glad and cleric

    Don't you mean Templars for the mace? Strange a weapon that provides both PvE and PvP stats.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 29, 2017

    This is entirely true, one can make use of this with many accounts. Being an event player can actually be way better than those that pay a lot. Gotta be smart and follow the flow of the market and you can have powerful +10 essence cores and +10 manastones on +20 gear. Having the ability to run two aion clients is useful as well.