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  1. I had a feeling those players weren't legit.
  2. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Mate what that user was correct, we got more than what was originally planned. As for tradeable level reductions stone, 20 luna on each account helps in that regard but yes it should be dropping from events, but not need to tell anyone else to uninstall especially if they are in the right.
  3. Most AoE Skills?

  4. 6.0 info

    Katalam and Danaria had siege and Void Cube the only flying instance in the game and they removed it. Bases and safe pads offered a good PvP dynamic, and blood marks from those quests would still be somewhat useful in 5.8. Now Enshar and Cygnea have crappy siege villages that do nothing for a crappy Stonespear or Stonespar siege that non one cared about. Gelkmaros and Ingission had relevance for a long time because they had siege, once they removed that, people barely spend time in that region. They get to 53 which you can do by doing adma til 51.2 then do luna to get to 53, and do BT till level 65. Katalam and Danaria also had meaningful invasions where there was mass PvP.
  5. I'm free to play, I haven't spent since that scam of an event Power of the Plumes event back in September 2016. I don't see why everyone needs to have a go at me, cause I'm simply smarter as a player. My gear is all I earned, so stop with this rubbish that I bought it cause I didn't. Mad that I'm Australian are you?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 14, 2018

    Is the Power up event counts finished, I would like to know the winner and the results.
  7. +9 ring on the ear, fail much.
  8. You do realise Aion is doing bad in 6.0 Korea, there needs to be some pretty big changes for it to being even good for NA client. No one wants maps to get deleted, we saw how that happened in 4.8 which decimated our population. The best thing is to avoid 6.0 altogether, since Korea they are facing a population crisis. Their Economy changes are designed to counter bots for which they have been allowing while here in NA, bots are almost non-existent. Do not take away our freedom to trade other players, that's like saying we're not allowed to use eBay, Amazon or Gumtree. You need to understand 6.0 is very bad, that it heavily outweighs the any good about it. Listen I worked with {CM} Phenteo and {CC} Trine and {CC} Nyx long ago in the past, I can help you understand how these changes will be detrimental to all of us. The anti- cheat though is very nice to hear, I want that Mlaki-KT banned, animation hacking and account trading as well.
  9. 6.0 info

    That's all psychological, the sense of being rewarded when you obtain the gear. You can currently have this affect in the game, and the cheaters that buy from bots are almost non-existent just like gold spammers. These 'positive' changes of 6.0 will barely affect 5.8 in a good way, however things like exchanges and trade broker from one player to another would be devastated. Current trading system is integral to the way Aion is played and functions like eBay or Amazon in real life. Utility is much more meaningful than some small feelings. I feel good when I get kinah, when I do instances, when I get gear, on my main and my alts. I feel the greatest when I help people in the community by facilitating trade deals, helping them to gear up, carrying people in instances. In 6.0 is gonna take that away and I will feel bad, and I will not be able to help those who are struggling. 6.0 doesn't allow for generosity, compassion, selflessness yet apparently a minor dopamine intake to the brain is more important?
  10. 6.0 info

    People dumping 200 omegas on level 80 AP armour and still +15 you call that pay to win? This power up event closes the gap between whales and non-whales. I'm free to play and I have a +9 levle 80 AP earring and I have to agree to what someone said earlier about this 5.8 being a good patch. The only true pay to win is the minion system but thats only because they're not heavily featured in events and wouldn't be a problem if it was more available in game. Pay to win on for 80 AP gear or master harvester, well they have to grind purification materials just like everyone else which takes time and effort. If paying to win means someone gets a single +10 level 80 accessory compared to a non paying player who did it to +8 and +9, where the paying player had to have spent hundreds more on temperings, thats not really signifant of a difference. +10 essence cores, easy non- whales can catch up to whales and be on easy footing there. Stigmas, a lot drop from in game means I am actually surprised people would feel the need to buy stigmas off BCM. Its more an all of nothing case here, where its valuable if you unlock a 7th stigma slot, but if you are at full +8 stigmas not that much difference compared to +0 stigmas since the upgrades aren't that good. Omegas well? Level 80 AP armour and weapons is just a bait and omega sink, and just a big troll to paying players. Master harvester is better value since it has good rates and can get to +25, but someone having better PvE gear by paying well that doesn't fall on the 'pay to win' category as what exactly are they winning that's causing other players to lose more? I can build a strong case why 5.8 is very good of a patch, and why 6.0 will kill the game but I'm busying getting +9 stigmas through non-whale means.
  11. Broken crystal ball

    Its just a place holder item, just throw it away and not think much about it.
  12. Now is truly the time to gear up and play aethertechs.
  13. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    What the heck, this isn't Giving Grove event which was the most trashiest event ever. This is Joker's Wild event and you can get multiple rewards from a single chest. For instance one can get +3, +5, +9 and +11 manastone in a single chest! Stop crying, go buy some drop rate and put all your eggs in one basket when you open chests.
  14. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    People complaining out rewards not relevant to 5.x, now we have people complaining about rewards that are relevant to 5.0. Golden wing marks are very good and the more the better and it being tradeable is a bonus. The downsides of this event in the past was you could have level 30 alts with a lot of bloodmarks and blood medals just sitting there with no real use. Golden wing marks are the versatile reward that can be traded anyway for more gear. This event has always have low and high end rewards at a balanced rate but from my experience its an above average event and we should be expecting lots of omega and temperings. You're the disappointment here. It was never like that atleast for the past 2 times this event occurred. Its all tradeable, in fact if you are lucky you can get the 1, 2, 3 omega rewards in a single chest 6 omegas! With everyone being returning player the passive drop rate increase will make this more likely so.
  15. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    Is the minium box the one that gives between 170-250?