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  1. i was talking about competition points (the season one)
  2. the point is the person who forced DC wont lose competition points I think
  3. you're kinda wrong since NA is the only retail server that you can combine 2 or 3 xforms without a chance to downgrading it
  4. believe me, there are A LOT of people who run luna daily in an army of alt (legit way, not botting)
  5. Garden of Growth was designed to be a "bot event" You have to spend 1 entire hour killing normal monsters inside a single room, there's no point on actively doing it. I don't think it can be the final blow for the game. Aion is already overflowed of bots, like 95% of the playerbase of this game consists on bots
  6. https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/updates/news_7_8_release/?fbclid=IwAR3AmQOtSOcsGdj2zhy31ej-BSj6tzHzx5yHo5au337eSAlxFreq6PJLwPM While we don't have new apostles and new functions
  7. the last one happened months ago, I agree it is time for a repeat
  8. how if they were limited to 1 per day? the said bug of the shugo reseting seconds after spawning was true then?
  9. checked EU event page and can confirm: they added Triniel and Yustiel apostles to their Tia eye event
  10. its ok! Good to know that this beautiful skin will be avaliable in another event. Can't wait for it thank you for the clarification
  11. hey Kibbelz Forest Popoku was mentioned as part of this event reawrds but its impossible to get because its not part of the loot we can get from this event final reward.
  12. At this point of the 7.x patch (Tiamaranta Eye event), European and Russian servers have already had access to almost all new apostles, they - mostly - come from events, but NA is removing them from all loot tables. @Kibbelz
  13. to be honest, i'd prefer the bots than you, who spends the day being xenophobic with brazilians at LFG and has nothing useful/meaningful to add for the Aion community. at least bots always helped to balance this dead game economy and make that kind of resource accessible. Without them, most of this would be extremely expensive or hard to get only by playing the game.
  14. paragons are brokerable by nature, it wouldn't work
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