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  1. can you post some screenshots on how it works? i think My Aion DPS Meter can cover some of these functions, no? (kinda lost tbh)
  2. sometimes I still get shocked on how the old aion character design used to be ugly compared to post 5.x sprites (btw I know they were spetacular for the time the game was released)
  3. they're opposite in terms of location, and by having a temple in the same land. Both Lumiel and Yustiel supported Daevas in their fights against Ereshkigal by sending their own legion to help finding Veilen Throne and Primeth's Forge Also Lumiel and Yustiel used to be close friends in the past but they followed different ways after the cataclysm. Ascension classes are'nt supposed to be opposite, they're just evolutions of a primary class. the same way Marchutan and Kaisinel are opposite because of their influence and control over Sanctum/Pandaemonium
  4. Yustiel, known as the Lady of Life, is one of the Empyrean Lords. She is a follower of Ariel, and after the Cataclysm became a Seraphim Lord. She is fair, upright, amiable, warm-hearted, and symbolised by life, and the Cleric class. Always friendly and positive, Yustiel is loved and respected by all the inhabitants of Elysea. She has a gentle, caring nature, and craves peace above all else. This often puts her at odds with Kaisinel. Yustiel's Temple of Life is based in Lakrum, opposite to Lady Lumiel's Temple of Wisdom. You can check more aion news, info and trivia on my tum
  5. Hey @Kibbelz there are no free to play ways to get the ancient Cat Transformations? Wow, I think we are the only region in the world that are getting this "event" so heavily nerfed. And the prices aren't that cheap too. feels bad
  6. Classic servers will soon be merged to one server too. Israphel Asmodian is completely dead and Israphel Elyos can't fill 8% ~ 10% of its population. The imbalance is high and the total population is so low that the game won't remain healthy for longer (actually it isn't at this point)
  7. @Kibbelz i really hope I don't get my nickname stole too! Some freaking boo stole it on classic servers and afterall i was ok with it because i've quit in a few days lol But i don't want to lose this nickname here on KT. Also most of this merge faq is TL;DR: fuk and screw danaria people
  8. I kinda understand the point of Hinotori Your status collection are applied to Danaria - Asmodian (in our case) so moving to KT-A will propably not override the item collection we have (or not) in other servers. its a merge, so probably Danaria will be moving to Katalam, and thats it they're too lazy to rename the server
  9. just found your question to be dumb because branding targets even solo has a lot of utility. and outside of 1.x and 2.x you can brand targets solo in any other patch of this game
  10. Israphel population can't get past 9% these days outside siege times lel The server is already facing a big flop Also Siel is in a little better scenario but still not what NCsoft tought the servers would be. 2-3k players for servers who got 20k+ queue in the first 3 days is kinda meh
  11. i was talking about competition points (the season one)
  12. the point is the person who forced DC wont lose competition points I think
  13. you're kinda wrong since NA is the only retail server that you can combine 2 or 3 xforms without a chance to downgrading it
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