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  1. 11x Anniversary Coin Vending Robot Gacha Data Collection

    My alt account: (I wont remember how many coins i've thrown in my main account but it was way more) Experience Extractor: 5 Socket Stone: 2 Stigma Enchantment Stone: 2 [Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone: 1 [BCM] Ereshkigal Transformation Contract: 1
  2. Response to Producer's Letter

    the "free content" you get is something pretty new, not even a month old. Also it is super limited, you cannot have friends, party and enter most dungeons if you're a total f2p player the game launch was a bomb indeed, but they managed to overcome this mess. something that NCsoft is trying with Aion since 4.x and never managed to oh, and Aion has a name too if its the case
  3. thank u Kibbelz and Loki for this update! we appreciate it
  4. Response to Producer's Letter

    Like FF14 who survives in a pay to play model AND you have to buy every patch/expansion that comes out. Yet they have numerous servers and a massive number of players
  5. Response to Producer's Letter

    agree with that! If you want to disable a function intended to farm things that became essential to character progress like cubics (and its the only way to farm it for now) at least add more ways to get it because no one will be killing 7000 monsters in gelkmaros to get 2 event points and 50 completely random cubics
  6. Reset wiped Lugbug Event Mission progress

    @Kibbelz @Loki these quests are completely non-sense, the number of mobs needed to complete each quest is insane and little rewarding. please take into account that we don't have the auto-hunt feature
  7. RIP Hidden Mob Farming

    it was happening before the maintenance, nothing new. if you're careful enough you can lure the mob far away from npcs then kill it
  8. errrr Koreans are getting that motion this week. no way it is coming to NA anytime soon
  9. Ultimate Transforms

    lets hope its just a troll thread and the OP already know the answer is NO for both questions
  10. @Loki @Kibbelz we are getting double renown discount again. There is a thread in the forums were several people are affected by this bug. please can you check?
  11. The Minion Awakening System consists in using one of your S-rank minions to open a "sub-minion" slot in another existing minion, you can register any other minion in this slot to have its status and use its skills at the same time. You can register any of your existing minions as a 'sub' one (from C-rank to S-rank) and it will affect its status and skills . You will get a SS rank minion if you register a S rank as a sub. source: https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=939419 tl;dr: you need at least 3x S-rank minion if you want a SS rank minion.
  12. LGBTQ

    Aion's LFG is a extremely toxic place, not only to LGBT individuals but for women, non-EUA residents and so on. As a LGBT individual I feel sorry for you. But I think you can find others like you and grow with them, dont give up! if you can't find an ally join the ones like you. i'd say 90% of my friends in this game are LGBT aswel
  13. they ninja edited the event but forgot the title LOL
  14. Two New Ultimate transformation Inc

    you're six months late. Korean Server got Ereshkigal and Tiamat months ago, they're probably getting new ulti xforms soon
  15. wich is nice because sorcerer used to be a 2 shot to kill class from 1.x until magic suppression came out and became something viable/meta. Let it go as it is for a while, idc