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  1. The current cycle and how it can be improved

    every line of this thread is valuable and valid! But... guys... NcWest can do nothing about quality of life improvements in this game. The game comes patched for overseas clients from Korea, so they're basically doing what korea asks and want. This is the way this game is designed, spend LOTS of money or stay/stuck with your lesser gear. Sometimes there are exceptions, this is the case of crafting enchantment stones and 6.5 enchantment rates. But most of time they wont do anything because they cant.
  2. Do you have any proof? Like videos or something? I've checked the notes and these updates aren't part of the overseas 6.2, thats why we never got these 'nerfs'. But maybe they're coming for 6.5 oh, thank you! Guess we have to wait 6.5 and see for ourselves But if its true i'm quiting chanter. No sense on blocking healing boost for healing skills. There are so many ways to balance it instead of destrying it
  3. These skills won't be affected by Healing Boost anymore as you can see on > https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=KR_-_Update_May_9th_2018&setlang=en-gb mooMoomoo, can you confirm, please? If it is true, they just killed Chanter. This is a huge nerf. I can take the skills not affected by shards... But healing boost???? rerolling gunner lol
  4. Aion 7.2: First Info

    and it won't be easy at all
  5. Explores the Philosophy Behind 6.0

    I think xforms have nothing to do with the lore. But everything that they had planned for 6.0 before Refly was scrapped. We never got the final Archdaeva Xform (by the way, all elemental skills are STILL registered on databases, maybe it will comeback in a way we don't know yet). They shortened Ereshkigal part in the game and killed her like she was nothing. And you know Aion 6.0 is a very reduced version of the game we used to know... but we have some reasons for that.
  6. Aion 7.2: First Info

    - Dumah will get another Apsu Altar with quests that gives gear progression material - Kamar Battlefield will be reworked and added to the game - A monthly GP rank that awards the top 500 ranked with Legendary (PVP only) Enchantment Stones - Stigma enchanting cap increased to +12 - Stigma enchanting rates increased +9 - 20% > 40% +10 - 20% > 35% +11 - 20% > 35% +12 - 20% > 35% - A Greater Stigma Bonus Slot will be added to who enchant all 6 Stigmas to +12 - Another class rebalance, skill changes and stigma changes (check this link if you want to know what changed) (spoiler: NO NERFS TO PAINTER ) - New Lugbug daily missions, weekly missions and monthly missions (this was added on 7.0) + here http://aion.plaync.com/board/balancelab/view?articleId=214
  7. is this true? Rejuvenation / Cleansing Spell will no longer be affected by healing boost after 6.5? If yes, why they keep giving chanters HB buffs even in 7.0? Healing Light? Resiously???? lel
  8. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    they're getting 6.5 on feb too gurl... seriously? you better stay quiet. Nothing in this patch is close to reasonable when we're talking about kinah and economy
  9. Ultimatie stones works that way since aion 6.0
  10. The OP must be playing another game rather than Aion 6.2 Chanters can solo heal any content on this patch if you have Rejuvanating Spell and a simple CoE Healing Boost set. Even Primeth can be done without clerics IF your group can win the accuracy x evasion/MR wall on Frigida's stats. Overall Chanters are broken beyond words in this patch: timed dispel, OP spammable group heal, massive DPS in a very low cooldown basis, OP shields They will nerf the class a bit in 6.5, most the dps part, but chanters will still run fine on everything
  11. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    they're on hype for Inanna, the half balaur / half daeva with double-colored eyes that will debut on 7.0
  12. The power of Ereshkigal

    this certainly makes Ereshkigal the most powerful dragon lord. I'm happy with this
  13. ABSURD retune prices

    Excluding the Luna mini-games and cash grabs they're just different names for items with the same purpose/effect, wow

    Its not a ninja nerf. This was an intended balance done by Korean team during one of the 6.2 mini patch. Most of chanter skills got those balance too but we didn't got a patch note about it on NA, wich is sad. Just accept it, you won't have an ambush in a 2k damage base anymore and this is part of 6.2 updates
  15. Yes, I know, I saw it on the balance laboratory blog. But I can't edit the op anymore