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  1. @Vantheria-DN @TheSecretCowLeve-KT class balance is out and that's what chanter got: 1. Shield Mantra got buffed (slightly more Defense, Evasion and Parry) 2. Word of Inspiration got its cooldown increased to 30s and another penalty in healing boost. New effect: Physical Attack +500 Accuracy +500 Crit +500 PVE Attack +500 Healing Boost -1000 3. The shield capacity of Curtain of Light was increased to 80.000 prior to its 50.000 4. Pentacle Shot now debuffs -160 Physical Def prior to its -42 Physical Def
  2. Odian Skills are game-breaking because some classes got OP stuff while others got lackluster skills. But we're talking about a dead game that is desperately trying to sink money from whatever plays this game at this point
  3. tbh only the 6.0 edition of the snow ball event was crappy every other gave nice rewards
  4. best end possible jajaja

    despite the fact that you're cleric (aka top pvp tier of the current patch) and fully end game geared? lel
  5. yes, but we used to get the full pack of free snowballs. It wans't a prestige pack privilege whatever. welcome to capitalism hehe
  6. wow. NCsoft is seriously limiting free Daily Snowballs to prestige pack holders only? WTF? this event never used to be this way errrrrrrrrr disapointed but not surprised
  7. thank you for your feedback Vantheria <3 you're always constructive and i've loved ur points. take notes that Stamina Discharge is a universal cleanse (mental + physical dispel) while GHP only removes physical stuff. I know it won't change anything at all, but in some cases it can be helpful. Example: it counts as a mental dispel if you're under Beritra debuff that turns you into a balaur. So, if you dont have 2 clerics or 1 cleric and 1 SW you can dispel yourself with the help of any other dispel plus Stamina Discharge And I agree about Emergency Teleport, the cooldown is too high but I dont think they will change it because of Cleansing Recovery Spell hehe
  8. the problem is SW became a near dead class after 6.x patch and I cant explain exactly why. They used to be popular in 5.x to the point where almost every sorc rerolled SW maybe they're experiencing a dramatic buff in 7.5? I don't know how the class is doing in KR for now
  9. ok dude. If you think so, create a thread of your own and ask for enhancements on sorc's skill set w/e. you're welcome to do so I am not here asking for a nerf on any other class I don't play. I am talking and giving feedback about chanters, a class that I main since the days of Dark Poeta as a end-game instance and I can say the class need little tweaks to feel better overall.
  10. Soul Freeze Target: Selected Target Usage Cost: MP 650 Cast Time: 1s Cooldown: 20s Deals 1232 magical wind damage. Silences and Binds the target for 5s sorcs are really far from bottom tier. the only patch were sorcs seemed weak was during 5.x where most people rerolled SW but this time is long gone. The game is full of sorcerers again while sws are pretty underplayed
  11. also Mountain Crash becomes a -350 physical def debuff instead of a DoT They're cool changes but the dps is still kinda low
  12. even rangers and sorcerers have a bind in the current meta. what is your point? and it don't make any sense since every class, even clerics, have a locking potential if well played haha.
  13. if you're talking about the healing boost removal on daevanion skills, I agree it was a needed fix because those skills made chanters (and their group) near immortal. But dpswide I conside what they did a NERF, not a fix. Just look how the classe is underperforming in general dps and Tower of Challenge. Chanters are a support class with a dps build just like clerics. You give up major supportive skills AND healing boost if you want to run dps stigmas
  14. As mentioned in the new patch notes of Aion 7.5, in the nexts weeks Aion will suffer another big class balance. One of the biggest complaints after 7.2 patch are how +15 Daevanions / Stigmas turned the PVP (even more) broken and imbalanced and how some classes are effectively outperforming others. 7.5 brings 3 new exclusive skills to each class that breaks the game (again), but they are locked under Odians, a new feature that will be added to accessories. I remember (back in 2.x ~ 4.x) a very old thread where Chanters pointed how lackluster the class used to be and what NCsoft could do to improve it. So - for now - I think its time to improve some things on Chanters again because the class suffered a massive nerfhammer after 6.5 and its close to be bottom-tier again. For me 5.8 was the best patch to play a chanter. We used to have nice and consistent dps, extremelly functional stun/stumble lock mechanics and high survivality (Archdaeva Protection Ward I miss you). 7.2 will light the load bringing an enhanced version of the shield and another cool changes. But for me there's still things to do on here. I will list them. just tell me if you think they're too much because I don't want to make the class a brokengod again like it was on 6.0~6.2 1. Make Word of Life a Greater Stigma, increases its healing by 25% and lower the cooldown to 40s. Except if you are a fully stigma-enchanted chanter, you're not running WoL in a solo/dps build. Word of Life became a very good skill if you take in consideration how it used to be underwhelming in earlier patches (A minor group healing skill in a 3 minute cooldown). But it can be better for the ones who like a truly healing role and still provide cool support. 2. Bring back Magical Attack buffs to chanter. That its, just make Mantras and Word of Instigation a source of Magical Attack again. 3. Increase the base damage of some skills. Well, chanters never were a good reference to dps in this game. Except for the few who are tryhard and can make impressive ammounts of dps, this class still underperforms if you take a look of what other classes can do without trying so hard. Most of chanters can't finish Tower of Challenge due to the lack of bursting damage. - Increase the damage of Overwhelming Jugdment / Chaos Smash / Mountain Crash / Numbring Blow and Ressonating Strike by about 25% 4. Make Mantras great again. Over the years the mantras were watered down to a number of 3. They're pretty weak nowadays for a thing that should be this class main signature. Thats all, mantras could provide more status or maybe new functions. 5. A ranged snare. Binding Word used to be a good way to catch up kiters but this skill is long gone. (I know it will come back as a Odian Skill in 7.5, but i'm not sure if it's enough, because they're hard to get.) 6. Acceleration Cheer is crap and completely obsolete. This skill could have potential in a support role if it affected the entire group, providing Speed and slow/immobilization resistance while its up. 7. Remove the parry condition on Splash Swing. Thats it. Splash Swing have a good damage output but having to parry to pop it makes the skill harder to be used in a lot of scenarios and situations. 8. Energy Discharge should be a timed dispel. Since Cleansing Recovery Spell were nerfed due to be broken (a mental/physical dispel that auto-dispels every 3s in a 10s cooldown) would be nice if another Chanter skill could get this feature in a more balanced way. Energy Discharge have a 1m cooldown and it dispels 1 ailment. It could dispel 1 Ailment every 3s in a 8s duration. (2s delay and then 1 dispel every 3s)