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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    ??? you don't need to be that agressive and disrespectful. Valedia was only pinpointing its opinion I don't like the new siege time either but whatever
  2. Introducing Kibbelz

    welcome!!! But please don't send away Loki [2]
  3. tbh I really like the way the legion is going on now with Omega leading with the help of others like Vantheria and Wagyu. the only thing that makes me stick with this game these days is the friendship I can make with other players and the long-time friends when we play together. Its not like we're having the time of our lives playing Aion (this patch sucks) but the only way this game can be fun is playing with friends. that said, I can feel the legion is dealing with people in a more friendly way now, the atmosphere is light and there are people that really wants to help and care about others, thats good.
  4. +1! Seriously? @Hime I hope this xenophobic comment don't pass like it was nothing. Not here to read this type of bs
  5. Ehhh, the +12 safe spot is a feature of 7.5 patch that all official Aion servers got during the update. But its ok, thank you!! I hope we get more events giving Stigma Enchant Stones from now on, because its so sad to see people running around with advanced stigmas knowing the we have only a few and limited ways to get them by normal ingame methods.
  6. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    my main concern with this patch is that we have so many things to do and most of them are lackluster or filler content. Like farming new PvPvE accessories just because NCsoft wanted us to farm something new in a mid-patch to put runes and gems on them. Like getting high-end-game gear only by PVEing (ew). Like endlessly farming gemstone shards to get rubbish and low tier runes/gemstones. Runes and gemstone skills are game breaking, they can't even balance daevanions / stigmas and yet they add new skills to every class. Hidden mobs / pods and battlefield coins are great additions, casual and not-try-hard players will have a chance to catch up (uh?) the geared by getting more Daevanion Skillbooks and ultimate manastones. I know most of this content becomes easier to get as events comes, but meh. I'm sticking with this patch but its not one of my faves.
  7. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    +20 is the hard cap for enchanting Gemstones but it doens't mean you have to enchant it to +20, you can't tbh Have you checked the enchanting rates? +1 and thank you for your emphatetic reply
  8. @Hime @Loki THANK YOU for bringing Shattered Abyssal Splinter back! But the number of itens you can purchase using Abyss Fragment was reverted to the first time this instance was added to the game. In a later mini patch the number of Daevanion Essences you can buy using fragments was increased to 3 per week, not 1. EDIT: I saw the first post and you're aware of it. thank u anyway!
  9. Countless posts about Stigmas

    thats it. For now it is very discouraging to play against players who raised an army of stormwing event accounts just to enchant their stigmas to +15 spending 2000+ stones. Not everybody has that ammount of accounts or even time to make it, and depending on tons of alts to progress ONE character is insane (this is not the main proposal of all 6.x+ patch)
  10. @Hime what about Shattered Abyssal Splinter? Some weeks ago the entrance for AS was gone and they fixed it the same day. Can't be that hard to fix lel
  11. @Loki Can we have an ETA on when Minion Vault and Abyssal Splinter will be fixed? The only way to catch up the real end game (not talking about gear) is grinding this instances to be honest. If we can't do they, we're stuck in game progress without rank S minion and advanced daevanions.
  12. thank you for this thread Loki! I really hope they fix both minion vault and abyssal splinter SOON, cause they are very necessary to speed up status and skill progression.
  13. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    Minion Vault and Abyssal Splinter aren't avaliable at all. dat sucks
  14. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    SWs will remain Tier S class even in 7.7 Balancing isn't nerfing. Also reducing their nukes won't make the classe hurt less in PVP as Violeta said, and still they are top tier, wich is stupid.
  15. @Hime not only Gatekeeper and weapon chests aren't spwaning. The arctifacts that boosts attack and defense (wich are extremely helpful to mid-geared players) aren't appearing too. This instance looks completely bugged and not functional, except for the reward box that still spawns if you achieve 1kk dps