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  1. Yes! U fixed it, thank you.
  2. This 2020 barely started and I'm already amused how things changed. Never though Aly would say those things about NC west instead of being the paladin of Justice. Never though I would start to like her on forums
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    At least make the stigma enchantment decrease only by 1 lvl until +9 with common stigmas.. this event is basically for those people who ALREADY have +9 stigmas. Then people who just enchanted to +9 can spend some money on enchant stones to try +12.. believe, no one who has 9- stigma gonna spend anything on BCM for it. Let the alt war begins now
  4. Drop buff my ***

    I know the maths, the problem here is about the number of runs x the drops. If u think 20+ runs and 0 drops is absolutely normal, you deserve this game as it is now. The number of stars to purify is so easy compared with the drop rate.
  5. Drop buff my ***

    After some tries my legion mates and me managed to finish PF Hard mode with no problems.. to take advantage on the drop buff, we burned some Luna's to try to gear up with the shiny new accessories. 22 runs in 1 weekend. 0 drops Enjoy our $$$ expent on Luna's this time, NC.. we don't gonna buy it again Your drop rate is a joke
  6. @Cyan

    NC realizing they would have to kick almost everyone cause of that bug:
  7. @Cyan

    And ban at least 50% of game population? And players who pay for prestige and tons of luna/BCM each month? I mean, get real... EC is 96 people ally, we barely have more than 150 on each faction online everyday. Errrr... no.
  8. @Cyan

    This's only happening cause NC didnt fixed the kick function months ago until now.. if people are abusing this rn, its 100% cause of NC theirselvs. They cant absolutely ban or punish anyone cause of this.. the max they can do is take out the kick function and thats all. (Like they already should did that). Anyway, next wed is near, if this bug continue, its only the own NC free pass for everyone to continuing do that. (Off topic, my theory is that they know this is happenening and they simple dont want to fix.. why? This event is all about FofFS, what u want aside of FofFS to upgrade your gear? Etiums.. if u have the chance to grab more Etiums, u should spend more on event to get ur gear faster)
  9. Nice, dude! If they are good and want to listening us like EU do, this poll gonna make effect (for real)
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    @Cyan If the fix of cauldron "issue" can't be discussed, at least try to send the suggestion to the DEVs about turn them account tradeable. With that extra character slots for prestige packs, people gonna pay for it to expand their gains with the event. With a untradable coin no one gonna spend a lot to get itens on their main due the RNG. Shouldn't be that hard to turn them account tradeable.. it's the same config as the stigma sacks.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    OMG finally Fighting Spirits on an event.. thanks NC! @Cyan, since everyone is lvling craft or lvling Vandals.. maybe a Exp/Craft event by any chance???
  12. Rollback incoming?

    That's the thing. I'm at work.. to get money to spend with that fags and couldn't get itens for free. If they don't delete the items I want some sort of HUGE compensation. Thanks!
  13. Rollback incoming?

    So, @Cyan. They gonna rollback the update, delete all the items that players bought for free on Prestige machine, or just ban everyone that abused from that issue even with no guilty? Just curious.
  14. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    No, they wont. Joke, i dont have idea <3 10. Modified stats and duration for new transformations to be in line with previous NCW adjustments. Thats kinda a confirmation of no adjustments on our Transformation times.. GG
  15. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    すぐに Demnächst قريبا בקרוב