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  1. Siege Schedule Poll

    I don't even do Sieges, but only want to say thank you for making the game better, and hear the community. @Loki
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Welcome to Aion, @Kibbelz. Good work on ur first maintenance post.
  3. Would be good if u stop with the xenophobic commentaries by here, to begin with. Also, this post is a completely bullshit. Even if it was true, false or whatever, everyone is free to play whenever they want.
  4. Want to trade ingame, dont wanna buy or something else.. whisper Bjorn
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 24, 2020

    You pretend that i believe that you guys are letting the safe spot to be +12 because of our feedback And I pretend to believe that you guys heard our feedback about that topic.. OK
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 17, 2020

    3 hours of maintenance for no changes? LOL
  7. Udas exp farm

    Some people life should be VERY SAD for them to come here and post against stuff that HELP THE PLAYERS
  8. Ereshkigal Cubics Aion 7.5 Gone

    My legion usually do 3 runs per week in DN-E, then everyone can take the 2 ulti stones from prestige quest. Also it still drop Eresh Weapon and Wings which are the best ones available for fusion! Before 7.0 we was able to finish it with a large time left like 4 or 6 minutes, and now we can finish with 10min left easily. I must say u CANT REALLY need the full cúbics to do it. Soon as I have at least 6 people with the 50% there, it's totally possible to finish it with a secure time and no rush. I suggest u to try to make a strong group and go there to experience it. You don't have anything to loose
  9. I was wondering the same. They should give us the survey and +200 stigma enchatment stones because that.
  10. stormwing event

    We already have a topic about this, why you guys keep creating threads? Just keep loging everyday and get ur prizes... come on.
  11. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Dont know if its working as intended but: Divine Siege: Didn't received any enchantment stones as rewards, only AP and GP Inggison Siege: Didn't received GP while dead inside the Dux room About ur post: Only the NPCs or the entrance as well? Couldn't find it
  12. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    @Hime I suggest you to make a BUG REPORT thread to let everyone report anything they find wrong like u guys did for 7.0. Gonna be useful! Maybe u can let someone from QA to keep monitoring, like @{QA} Loki-EK
  13. Guess which server is bugged again?

    Here we go again with more 16 runs per toon on DN
  14. Guess which server is bugged again?

    Cant u type /select npcName? I aways face that bug on DN
  15. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Why the item should be erased? Have u guys already read the 7.5 patch notes? The PFHM gonna be the best accs for PVE and PVP. If u let this guy (and many others who didn't got caught) with that item, he gonna be months in front of u with that necklace. The item must be deleted and all the players who abused from support must be punished! (At least not permanently, since it's like 60% support fault)