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  1. 1. Learn the mechanics 2. Lead the raid on discord 3. Gitgud
  2. We are carried by sexy cleric, chanters, and SWs. 😋
  3. Gitgud* P.s Just bring the same numbers you have at Divine during Sieges to Ardeth... xoxo
  4. A majority of these rewards are practically useless for veteran players. The addition of the Kerub gear and progress improvement in 8.0 were really nice for new players (good to increase numbers); but the rewards and addition of these events do not line-up with 8.0 content and do very little to keep veteran players. 8.0 patch so far is meh, mainly because of the NPC that sells the wrap scrolls to trade gear (that is similar to BT box but on steroids, on top of the weekly limits). I understand, and i am sure other players may as well, that we should not be able to get end-game gear in a we
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