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  1. VPNs can cause false positives because botters tend to use them, so you may get banned for using one. It wont be necessary anyway since NA Aion is not IP region-locked. Ping reducers similarly can sometimes cause a ban but I have never heard of an account being banned for a ping reducer and then not being unbanned after one or two emails to support
  2. https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us or if you cannot log in due to a restricted account you can direclty email appeal@ncsoft.com. You will need to contact them on each account individually and they'll all have to be individually verified
  3. If this happens, contact the Aion Support team immediately and give them as many details as you can. There's a good chance you'll get your account unlocked if you're innocent, but they're not going to read a forum post and unblock you based off of that; so contact support directly
  4. @1s165A97 the fact that you're being stopped at the launcher means it has nothing to do with exitlag; since those connections are only established once you make it to the user agreement screen. The message that you're getting mentions IP exclusion or restricted account. If you have a VPN of any kind running I would disable it, try again, if it fails I would send a ticket to NC Support asking for a manual review and citing your use of a VPN as a potential false-flag for their system
  5. We'll know the estimated time when the @AionOps twitter posts about the weekly maintenances on Tuesday. It will probably also be included in Kibblez's weekly forum maintenance post
  6. Reply to them and ask for a manual review since you literally cannot have played the game yet o-o
  7. It isn't supposed to play the Classic 1.0 theme, it's supposed to play a remix/redux of the 1.0 theme. You can hear it here for confirmation that this is as-intended by KR, as opposed to what currently plays by default which is the login music from the 7.0-7.5 era. PS: That crescendo at 2:28 is gorgeous~!
  8. Were you using a ping proxy like WTFast, Battleping, Exitlag, Pingzapper, etc.? Were you using a VPN like NordVPN or whatever? They're NOT against ToS but sometimes they trip up false alarms. If you had a ping reducer or a VPN running, tell that to support and ask for them to manually review the case. If they got a false flag because of something like that then they should unlock your account
  9. If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC\l10n\ENU\sounds, and then rename the "Music" folder to "Music2" (or deleting the folder/moving it elsewhere) will fix the incorrect menu music. This also works for retail -- which has played the same (incorrect) song for 2 patches so far. All the in-game background music still plays, doesnt change any sound effects, deleting that folder literally ONLY fixes the login screen music
  10. The User Agreement/Login Screen is playing the wrong music. I also noticed when comparing our retail 7.9 to KR 7.9 (or our retail with KR voice packs) that retail is also playing the same (incorrect) login screen music. Pretty please fix our music for nostalgia ;-;
  11. Sometimes if a player is in a windstream or taking the scripted flight transporter paths the can appear falling or just standing upright on the ground below to other players; targetable but not attack-able. Not sure about that talking/emoting in front of you business though
  12. I was a total noob and I had +5 Ancient Winged Champion exchange garbage tier gear and all my enchantment stones barely got 2 pieces to +15 and werent compensated after NCW implented the custom enchantment patch. I started with nothing. More anecdotes, see previous response. This sort of implies the game is unplayable without maxed out Paragon gear, but that aside I'd tell the new guy to work smarter not harder; focus making a profit and then spam WTB in LFG to acquire the materials you need while also grinding CKT renown to craft some yourself. Sounds like she could ha
  13. This is unironically close to being good advice with a few amendments. It's not about "get to know this player who somehow has things" it's about "ask the players who have the things how they got them, ask them if there are tips or extra things which can be done to expedite the process." Doing so will help you learn that you could have earned Prime Runestones for free every week for 5-10min of your time (and no use of alts) since the 27th of May 2020, for example. As is typical with every Aion patch, having alt characters on your account will typically bear fruit in a variety o
  14. I appreciate your measured response but it's just more of the same "in my opinion this is too much". I'm not debating what is and isn't too much, I'm just pointing out the cyclical nature of this faux debate. You make fine points here and there and somestimes you're a bit off base or inaccurate with how long some things might take but literally NONE of that matters because you cannot prove to someone that their subjective grind tolerance is unreasonable. There's a reason this debate has been going on 11 years and never reached a definitive conclusion
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