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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    I have some hopes for 6.7 being the uber-patch that delivers the fixes promised, so this is more of an optimistic post than a protest. Nevertheless, the people want what the people need;
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Another day, another dollar not spent on skins because nobody can see them
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    @Cyan @Gideon Make it happen, give your players a reason to spend real money on cosmetics. People of Aion, please take my image and begin a new era of shardposting--I mean, scrollposting. [EDIT: Direct link for the image: https://i.imgur.com/k9WKZ8m.png pass it on]
  4. A Solution to the GP Problems/Complaints?

    People have confidently been claiming seasonal rankings and/or GP resets since before 6.0 came out but NA has never followed this trend so I personally don't think there is any reason to assume they will change it in the future. @Aly-DN is correct, I too strongly believe that so many players would quit if their GP was wiped because it is one in a long list of things we worked for that was taken away in 6.2. It's for this reason that I think my proposed solution is the best of both worlds. Xforms/Officer ranks only for siege attendees but GP still available elsewhere so that those of us who want to rank up (and are able to siege) can. If anyone can come up with something fairer and most pleasing to all parties then I would love to hear it
  5. A Solution to the GP Problems/Complaints?

    GP has been a hot topic so far in 6.2, and after considering the many various thoughts and opinions I've heard, I think I have come up with a possible solution. But first, putting all opinions aside here are the basic facts: 1. Unless the gap between players' rank happens to be tiny, it is impossible to rank up unless the people already above you from previous patches happen to give up. (KT/DN) 2. GP can only come from siege, resulting in the removal of all non-sieging xform players. (KT/EK/DN) 3. After a short while the ranks on all servers will plateau; the top 100 will be the same top 100 for the whole patch and nobody has a chance to try and move up. (KT/DN) In order to maintain a ranking system that prevents PVE GP hoarders from blocking access to siege Xforms, while also making it possible to rank up if a player should choose to do so, I would propose a system wherein GP rewards are added back into PVP instances for additional GP gain, but in order to maintain an Officer Rank of any kind a player must gain a minimum amount of GP from siege. Either that or a minimum siege attendance would be required. Something like that which would make it impossible for a player to maintain an xform rank while not participating in the sieges as is intended for those high ranks. This would allow for new/returning players to have their chance to rank up while keeping the benefits of the 6.2 ranking system. It is, so far, the best alternative I can think of and I would love to know any input any of you might have. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime I don't think I've seen any of you comment on the GP rank situation beyond the lowering of the required monthly GP, and I would love to know if the concerns players have about ranking up have reached your ears yet Thank you all for your time ♪
  6. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    @Rapier-DN I'm not referring to the top 30 people particularly, I am referring to all the ranked players. What upsets people is that it takes a few months to do 3 days' worth of GP from the previous patch, What upsets people is that they can NEVER compete now. What upsets people is that the people above them do not need work "hard" to keep their rank, they just have to show up. Having only 1 GP output with a fixed rate means anyone who shows up will not lose their rank nor be overtaken. There is absolutely no way for a 4-Star to get the GP they need to be a 5-Star anymore unless players drop off the board, but as @Mirelium-KT mentioned: they can at any point strip you of your rank simply by showing up to a few sieges and getting theirs back
  7. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    @Cyan In regards do GP distribution, I would like to bring something very important to your attention: the GP system in 6.2 (pre and post Nov. 14 patch) is the first time in Aion's history where the ranks are FROZEN. What I mean by this is previously it was possible for a player to grind and really try to achieve a higher rank but as of the 6.2 patch, nobody can rank up unless A: The person above them does not siege, or B: They just happened to have a really close amount of GP at the end of 5.8 For example, I currently have 430,535 GP and the person above me has 456,661 GP. This is a fairly average GP gap between ranks. The ONLY way I could over take that player is if he quit the game or stopped coming to siege. If he stopped coming to siege I would need 26,126GP just to move up the 1 rank. In 5.8, that is attainable in a week and a half. In 6.2, I would have to lose (as DN-E currently are) 218 sieges with prestige all while the person above me does not get a single Glory Point. This would take 54.4 weeks. 54.4 weeks to move up a single rank and that is only if the player above me does not go to a single siege. Not only this, but at any point someone who quit earlier could return to the game, regain their rank, and push the entire leader board down; this is not new to 6.2 but the fact that we cannot earn the GP to compete with that player is. As I understand it, other regions of the game have seasonal rankings that reset and for that kind of system, the new GP distribution works. However for the NA Rank system, this new choke hold on GP only ensures that the entire ranking system, as well as all the fun benefits that come with ranking up, is locked off and inaccessible to all but a few lucky players whose GP happens to be within 2 digits of their next rank (though even then, the person above that rank is likely multiple thousands of GP ahead). There are many people who are very upset by this, and if you're reading this Cyan please at the very least let us know that we are being heard. The people want to know if there is a chance NC might fix this or if it is completely hopeless for us all.
  8. Secrets of the Ancients Returns Instance and Items Reward List

    Ah, I see we're still continuing the tradition of spelling "Provenance" incorrectly in forum rewards posts
  9. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Update x2: Instance entries reset
  10. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    @Roulette-DN People are gonna be upset when they learn that it was actually AdamKovic who brought the servers down to stop people from bribing their way into The Movie legion with bigwigs. The power of the Golden RoboHorse is unmatched. Update: Danaria is back up!
  11. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Imagine how salty the world would become if they had an emergency shutdown to nerf the Rainbow Snake event rewards too :'D
  12. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    8 hours til the Dev's alarms wake them up 'n they realise their server got the Red Ring of Death @Pixie-DN Please rename this thread "Danaria? More like DOWNARIA!" :')
  13. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

  14. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    No Dev updates on the forums, no announcements on twitter. @Cyan Please explain
  15. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    @Euphoria-DN In regards to GMs popping in for random events, they used to do that in Aion too. I have screenshots from YEARS ago when PM-Valor spawned himself giant into the Sanctum Docks and he was spawning giant world bosses while shouting "BWAHAHAHA!" into the chat like a madman. Kind of thinking of sending a letter to NC Soft (an actual professional message, not just "please do this please") about the various ideas I've had regarding stuff like this. Nothing too intense or demanding, but it's a great way to help close the divide between GM and player and, well, honestly it just was a lot of fun for everyone and I hope it happens again As far as AFKing goes, I mean, you don't really HAVE to AFK. I get why it is called an AFK event but it's not like doing nothing is a requirement, you can still play and enjoy the game and still get the exact same rewards :')