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  1. Songweaver - returning player

    @Youmu-EK I'll reply to the other stuff later cos it's late, but I can say with complete confidence that if they are going to be a DPS SW then Heal Boost is not very important unless they specifically want to toggle Impassion on/off mid fight in which case I would just recommend ultimate BM HB set to swap into during that 10sec window of no Impassion. Impassion is -800 HB, not really viable to try an heal if, as OP's desire to "hit hard" suggests, the SW intends to be a DPS stick. DPS Spec SW have no healing capabilities mid-fight beyond Snowbound Melody which is unaffected by Heal Boost. Also, the nature of the SW buff Etude means that not having HP on your pieces is the difference between 55k HP full buffed ultimate gear, and 85k HP full buffed ultimate gear. I would, however, advise that you never neglect pdef and mdef either. Armor pieces can't get atk tuned, so HP/PDEF/MDEF/Crit is pretty standard stuff.
  2. Songweaver - returning player

    Hiya, welcome back @Casiopia-DN. Best Weapon/Set: Ultimate Dark Talon. Takes a long while to get and is costly, I would recommend for a returning player that you get Ultimate Fierce Aureate Sky, or "Blood Mark" gear for short. The Blood Mark (BM) set has identical retune stats to dark talon and only 5% lower base stats, so it is a very good set to get you on your feet and is very capable of beating someone in full Dark Talon. Armsfusion: You'll want an undercombine with the highest magic attack and crit possible. In the previous patch people would use the Divine Pandora as a cheap and easy undercombine. I am unsure if BM gear can be use as an undercombine but if it can it may be worth a look. Manastones/Retune Stats: Your main blood-spiller is Magic Crit/Crit Spell (same stat, sometimes referred to by different names). You will want as much Magic Crit as you can get in both your retunes and your manastone socketing. If you can't get your hands on Crit Spell, you can socket some Magic Attack instead but I would not spend a lot of Kinah on that; going full-crit makes you much more likely to one-shot people in the long run. Your best source of Magic Attack is in re-tuning your gear's bonus stats; the manastones give too little to be worth it really. How Much Do I Need? The rule of thumb is to aim for a 30% crit ratio (your % Ratio is shown when you hover your mouse over the stat in your profile). 30% is 5143 Crit or more, which can sound intimidating but as you get ultimate gear you will get a lot of crit from the retunes. My personal tip though would be to stack as much as possible up to 44%. At around the 44% crit marker, you start to get less crit for your money spent. Why So Much Crit? The Crit modifier for all magic classes is 1.5x the damage your attack would have done without a crit. If your crit rate is higher than 30% you are likely to frequently dish out these devastating 1.5x attacks. My crit ratio is 36% and just today I crit'd 40,000 damage with a single attack on an enemy cleric who I know for a fact is max geared. Is Magic Attack Important? Well yes, but you need hundreds to make a difference and the most expensive stones are only +23 each. You would need to socket many stones and this would take away from your precious crit slots. Like I said before, most of your magic attack will come from your ultimate gear and retunes, + your SW stigma "Impassion" which gives +800 when unenchanted. When you're in full ultimate gear with decent tunes expect to have around 19k magic attack. What About Magic Accuracy? There are a handful of players who are starting to build Magic Resist sets. Generally speaking your Impassion buff + Thronesong buff will keep your accuracy high enough for the average joe, but in order to counter full-MR players you will need to eventually invest in a few extra PVP pieces to socket pure Magic Accuracy into. Anything Else? Off the top of my head all I can think of is to not neglect HP stat on retunes. The few hundred you get seems like nothing individually but it adds up a lot to make you a tankier cloth, and similar to matk it is simply not worth socketing when the retunes give you so much more. PDEF is also a good stat to have tuned on all your gear pieces to deal with sins and glads. Transformations for Songweaver: Speaking strictly from a PVP point of view, the SW is first and foremost an attack speed class. Most of your CC and debuffs require nimble fast movement to lockdown the opponent which enables you to nuke with your long casts. However, almost all of your damage skills, including atk speed chains, are hidden by some small to pretty large casts. It is for this reason I would say that Hybrid transforms of atk/cast are best for SW, but failing that a pure-atk speed transform can carry you far. With the current event guaranteeing you a choice of 3 types of transform contracts, you must choose the hybrid contract which gives either Frigida, Sheba, or Modor. Frigida: Caps your attack speed and gives a bonus +23% Cast speed which you can DEFINITELY feel when casting big nukes like Blazing Requiem. Only downside is a slower movement speed. I consider this to be the best legendary transformation for Songweavers. Sheba: Gives 25% attack speed and 18% cast speed; you wont be at attack speed cap without big additional buffs however Sheba's movement speed is faster and that can make catching prey easier. Modor: Caps your attack speed but sadly no cast speed; meaning you will have to work extra hard on your timing for some of the bigger nuke casts. It does have maximum run speed like Sheba though. Now you know which gear sets to get, which transform to select from the event, which manastones and stats to aim for and a rough ballpark of how much you should plan for. If you need anything else let me know, I'll try to help. I've probably missed some things as it's quite late where I live right now. Take care, see you in game o/
  3. Hey, need a serious response

    Generally speaking, I would say that the "pay to win" is more like "pay to avoid farming." There aren't a lot of crucial systems which do not have free to play methods, especially with certain generous events. The average player isn't a huge cash whale so I think, with some farming and the support of a good strong legion to help you gear, you can have a lot of fun PVP against most opponents
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    As I understand it, you only get 1 egg per account and the tokens from the quests (which one assumes you have to actively complete like you are requesting) are enough to complete the event even if you skip entire days. Just because you have the ability to get rewarded for 24hr does not mean it is mandatory. As far as I can tell, anyone who afks for 24hr will get the same rewards as people who don't, they'll just get them slightly faster. This is just the modern Shard Wars. It has always been the case in Aion that if you want to pick a fight, you go to neutral ground or enemy territory to provoke. Again, this seems to be to ensure that EVERYONE gets max rewards without no-lifing the event.
  5. No credit from siege

    *Step 1.5: Use Refreshing Melody.
  6. No credit from siege

    1. Use Thronesong. 2. Cast Blazing Requiem on literally anyone. 3. 300GP.
  7. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    @Aly-DNi used the term beastly because in Pandemonium city lore it was Lord Asphel's specific concern that eternal exposure to Asmodae's climate would turn the Atrieans into beasts before driving them to extinction. I think you're lumping what I said in with what May was saying a bit too much; I wasn't calling Asmodians evil or claiming that evolution is good/evil. The tldr of the war is both sides have reason to blame the other with no true innocence. Again, only used the term beastly because it's what's written into the Panda lore. I guess I dont think of beastly as being synonymous with evil. Only commented to correct the outstandingly inaccurate storytelling of the Cataclysm .-.
  8. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Last time 2/4 snakes went to Elyos. Oddly philanthropic but hey I won't say no to free loot ;o @Archangelos-KT That's not even close to the lore. There was no pre-division of the Empyrean Lords into the Seraphim/Shedim prior to the tower splitting. The plan only followed through because Lord Israphel backed it up, though he intended to flip the table an assassinate Fregion and the other lords and the events which followed are what shattered the tower and the planet The division and in-fighting began way after that, and didn't really resemble any of what you said EDIT: P.S The the Atreians who ended up in Asmodae certainly didn't by choice; all the old NPC dialogue and lore suggests that Asmodae is hell to live in and that's what caused such drastic evolution to beastly creatures. There's a reason they named the capital city "Pandaemonium."
  9. Is Aion Dead?

    @KOONS-KT The game definitely has some quiet hours when a lot of the NA players are asleep, but generally speaking I would say that no, the game is not dead because there is still a community large enough to play the content offered by the game. Siege still draws enough players to crash a NASA computer, instances/dungeons still form groups easily enough, depending on which server you are on you can find shard-wars style pvp at the Guardian/Archon outposts in Lakrum, or venture to the cross-server map to find more pvp. Gear-wise, it is easier than before to catch up with other players' PVP gear tier, but enchanting is where things get grindy. PVE I am a little less knowledeable about but you get given a started set which I know is enough to participate in 80% of PVE dungeons, which will eventually give you the gear to clear the other 20%. The game now features "windstream" quests which are 2 quest lines which act as an interactive in-game tutorial for you. Once you finish them you get 1 piece of Ultimate PVE gear (your choice which) and 1 piece of Ultimate PVP gear (your choice which). Log in and give it a try; I think if you enjoyed Aion then, there is a good chance you will enjoy it now
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Lynzee-DN those have enchantment stones in em
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    When Evergale Cany-- oh wait, never mind
  12. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    I think you need to fuse 4x legendary books to get the new one
  13. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    I had assumed the odds were the same as any other skill, and being that there are many skills, you'd probably need to try a few times. I only know of 1 other person's attempt. I got mine on the 2nd try, she got hers on the 1st try. So I don't think the DP skill has lower rates, I think they just have a lot of other skills competing for that spot
  14. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    The cherry on top is that those 3 are highly conditional. You get 1 for paying $30 a month, and you get 2 for being Top 4 on an underpopulated class's leaderboard. Imagine playing a popular class like cleric, vandal, gladiator, and (having the good sense to) not be prestige; no top 10 placement for you, no IDD ultimate stone. That means no gear progression, which means definitely no enchantment stone reward. It should be assumed that the average player gets zero ultimate PVE enchantment stones per week, barring any special circumstances. As compared to a few weeks ago, when you could craft as many as you were willing to grind (a.k.a invest time in the game) for. Keep the thread alive, keep demanding change. This is unplayable.
  15. @Matsukamy-KT Crits are crits, and it is hard to tell from some Better videos what the gear dif is like. Also depends on if the SW was utilizing thronesong and mdef reduction dots. But what I can tell you for sure is, as according to TheSecretCow's notes, Treble Cleave had its passive 300% crit boost removed with this patch. 300% sounds crazy but, reading through the notes, most classes have similar passive buffs for skills like that