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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    @Cyan does this mean the 1kinah retune NPC will appear after tonight's maintenance?
  2. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    @Afterglow-KT @BigSexyHook-KT NC has extended events in the past due to community reasoning, but not often and I would not count on it. Instead! I would encourage everyone to enchant AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE; spend all your alts' event and luna stones on their lakrum sets and rubbish gear, enchant your stigmas to +10 even if you are not going for +12 yet, encourage all your friends and legionmates to do the same and to spend all your ancient/legendary/ultimate stones on whatever rubbish gear you can!!
  3. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    @BigSexyHook-KT Devilnest-KT confirmed permabanned?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    @Falcy-DN Stop asking for KR rewards, we play two different games with progression scaled to the demographic. Everything else you said was fine, at this rate I would literally trade in enchantment stones for luna like ??? they're free and easier to get in larger quantaties than luna is. 10 ultimates for being Governor is nothing, let alone the 10 legendaries for being a General. *EDIT: gathering those pvp stones also requires a small grind but it is easier and faster than the luna grind and involves actually playing the game to achieve it (PVP instances, altars, etc)* Give us luna. Or this game becomes a weekly and daily obligation of afking your 13 toons for ~10min each per day and doing all 13 weeklies. If you don't afk all your lunas then you can either A: not afford anything, or B: Actually do all 13 of them each day every day to barely afford something -- all while not participating in open world, instances, sieges, pve, pvp, events; you would need to have an extraordinary amount of spare time to fit in the luna spam + other actual genuine means of progression. I would like to remind you that of the post which caused this change, most people just complained about the quantity of luna, with the exception of players like MetalPhantomEvil-DN and Sexy-DN, both of whom were top 3 players of that season and had a personal reason to be upset about the change. Alternate fencesitting idea: make a duplicate NPC who rewards stones while the other rewards luna. Give us the option of both without spoiling us with both if it's too much to ask for. Failing that, just give us luna.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    @Cyan Surely you cannot seriously be removing our luna rewards from the seasonal rankings after having given us both stones and luna for a couple months. You really need to think about this: the stone rewards are garbage and not worth the effort anyone puts in unless you are one of the 9 (across both servers) top 3 players. You're removing incentive for people to put in the time and play the game. A top 30 player gets 10 legendary stones after 4 weeks. Even if all you do in those 4 weeks is show up to sieges and, even though this is not possible, you lose every siege for a month you still get 28 stones for absolutely nothing. It is not worth being invested in the game for such a low reward. @Cyan please reconsider this; I'm not just raging and demanding "moar 4 free plez", I just think you've listened to a loud minority of the playerbase and cracked under the pressure. Most of the complaints about the luna rewards were that it should be more luna but personally I would prefer what you're giving us over nothing at all, and I am sure just about everyone can agree with that.
  6. Another returning play question

    Well if you enjoy goofing around like that then I assure you similar silly shenanigans await you when you return to the game ;P
  7. Another returning play question

    Depending on your class, competence, and the gear of your opponents, it won't take very long at all to be geared enough in PvP to do damage and not instadie, especially in group PvP Max gearing will take a while and I should warn you that sorcs this patch are meganerfed, but it sounds like you had wholesome genuine fun in Aion before which leads me to believe you'll have the same fun again (after a few days adjusting to the new systems and temporary confusion)
  8. Fighting fragments

    @HealingSquid-KT comparing siege loss rewards to IB loss rewards is comparing apples to apples, but comparing IB loss rewards to the siege buff, which was a necessary system to prevent israphel server from collapsing due to sheer imbalance in 2009+, isn't. As I said last time, without the buff neither lesser faction on either server won a single siege in the first month of 6.2 and that's exactly how it would have stayed, like early Israphel, forever. I guess I'm just more surprised at the notion that siege is "ruined" by the buff, as you said earlier
  9. Fighting fragments

    You're not really comparing apples to apples here, siege buff is not a reward you get for losing, it is an assistence you're given out of necessity. Did you play in a pre-buff world of Aion? IS-Elyos holding forts for more than a month, Asmodians not even showing up to siege. Hell take 6.2 for example when the buff was broken and only went up to Level 1; for the first month (until it was fixed) the lesser factions on both servers lost EVERY siege. The buff is not a reward, it is a necessary assistence. The reward is the 1 legendary you get for losing. Not a super great reward but a little something for your troubles, not unlike the AP and ancient stones you get for losing ID and IB. Basically, you're allowed to be happy that forts can change colours now unlike OG siege or 6.2 first month siege, and yet still recognise that the rewards for a losing IB or ID are (in one's opinion) sufficent for the performance given. No matter the siege buff you get the same garbage if you don't try and lose, after all.
  10. Fighting fragments

    @Ele-DN people dont want the losing team to get rewards, not exclusively due to afkers but to take incentive away from afkers. Plain n simple
  11. Fighting fragments

    No, putting effort into something and losing is still losing, which they're saying should not be rewarded. AFKing = Losing (most likely). Losing =/= Afking (you can not afk and still lose) I think that is where you're getting confused on the message here. The TL;DR of this entire forum reads: Don't give rewards to the losers, it's not even difficult to win if you try. Sure you might try and lose every now and again but it'd be all too easy if you got rewarded no matter what. If you REALLY suck at IB as we all do at first, just log alts with your friends and practice on those and/or ask friends for advice and help.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    Then give us bonus entry scrolls for other PvP instances to make up the losses. At this rate the game would have been fairer if you just kept the bug and we all abused it. The playerbase would be in more or less equal footing
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    Alright gang it's fan theory time: Gideon must have been playing Aion under a secret toon name and been a big abuser of the Evergale bug and has now spent the last 2 months trying to cover it up and erase it from the NC logs, resulting in an unprecedented downtime and elongating his resource and gear lead over the rest of the playerbase. Other fan theories include "Gideon is Dead and Hime is trying to use his body like a puppet so no one notices" and "Evergale was accidentally added to Blade and Soul" Keep me posted if you find any other plausible reason why this is happening
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    WHEN EC THO. I heard you're looking at logistics, cool guys keep doing that but in the meantime re-enable EC with the kick function disabled so that people paying for prestige actually get what they paid for and you avoid stalling the entire game for anyone except the abusers okay?
  15. Anyone still playing since Launch?

    @HealingSquid-KT @Aly-DN Yeah fair I should make 2 clarifications: 1. The 5-day estimate was based on you earning and using luna currency + the help of friends who can mentor. 2. I was supposed to say full armor (chest/hat/pants/gloves/shoes/shoulders) but I said "gear" instead cos dumb. Getting the wings, weapon, and accessories will take some more time, but still it wont be months of face-to-screen endless grinding like some other patches. Not even close