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  1. @Arhangelos-KTmaybe you missed it but the whole cause of this was that MechEagle named 'n shamed that xserver group who used hacks to beat Frigida in PFHM. This incorrectly subtitled video was circulated by the people in that PFHM glide hack group very shortly after Mech posted the screenshot which we've all already seen anyway. It's so transparent that you could probably assume that the 6 likes on the video are from the 6 members of that team <_<
  2. >MechEagle: says when he dual-boxes his stream camera playback lags >People who glidehack PFHM Frigida:
  3. Right now the best BCM investment you could make is some Rank 4 Grade A minion bundles to combine for an S rank minion. There is a promotion going on right now so that if you fail the combination you will be compensated at the end of the Promo with a guranteed S Rank Minion box. Participating in this and getting an S Rank minion early on really cuts out one of the longer and more tedious grinds to catch up with current players EDIT: In addition, legendary transformations make event-appearances on the BCM in various different forms. Getting as many legendaries unlocked as fast as possibl
  4. He specifically says that when dual boxing + streaming his camera starts lagging; this is pretty unsurprising given it would be 2x terribly optimized games running in highly populated moving areas (luna in one client, active content in the other) + a HD Cam stream being received *and* transmitted via livestream + video feed... doesn't matter how fancy his GPU is or that he has a couple m.2 storage drives, his CPU is still chewing a bunch of CPU-intensive tasks and camera lag is a pretty common symptom of this. Like the post above, it's not as though I am defending anyone here I'm just say
  5. That's some pretty dishonest editing considering he said "when I do dualbox" not "when I do twelve box". He literally sounds it out as "doo-al-box"
  6. I think what @HealingSquid-KTmeant by the alt thing is those who use 3rd party software to bypass the client limit so as to run crazy amounts of characters simultaneously and/or with the help of automation (bot) software. But we kind of skipped past: ? I'm completely puzzled on how winning a dice roll for loot on a world boss constitutes a cheat, exploit, or breech of the ToS
  7. If I'm not mistaken, this event was activated in 7.0 for KR and 7.2 for EU and it shows. There is nothing 7.5 or 7.7 about those rewards, where are the: 1. Refining Stones 2. Sanctity Potions 3. Silentium Fusion Agents 4. Gemstone boxes? There's nothing which resembles the patch we are in. Hopefully the long duration of this event gives them time to make it worth doing (and in a perfect world, extend it by the amount of time we waited for acceptable rewards); because people will skip it in its current state. We all knew Deava Dash couldn't spoil us as hard as the 5.
  8. I guess I don't feel that same all-or-nothing approach of halting PVP completely on account of a single broken class or one impassable condition. But your comment about dying as the Gov, I assume that's in reference to wasting the xform? So I figure I should point out that 7.0 also massively buffed the AP xforms. The xforms of 6.X where the same as the previous patches; hideously outdated and very easy to burn. From 7.X onwards xforms have been much more powerful. I guess my experience here may differ due to different faction and server, but in my opinion 7.5 PVE was pretty straightfor
  9. I'm quite familiar with this since I sendlog all the time because god hates me; but I hear some people claim that when they sendlog/DC for whatever reason it doesn't work. Not sure if bugs, misunderstandings, or crying wolf. Time will tell but I figured it was a notable gripe some people seem to have so I added "without placing you back in the TT" because I was too lazy to call it the Temporal Rift
  10. +1, we need AP/XP increases. It is unreasonable to expect a new or returning user to even begin to gear up. Other people have gone into more detail in other threads. I cannot imagine a patch worse than 6.2 wherein for the first three or so months you could spend more than 200 legendary enchantment stones on an ancient piece and never hit +15. Never mind the fact that there were like 4 instances to do and no supplementary content to keep people engaged. Not sure if it's a critique of the map's function/rules when you refer to the "design" or the literal layout. The problem I fin
  11. As far as any of my friends know, my #1 fan on their alt account here is right in saying it is (at least as of 7.6) a matter of class competition. The problem with making reward tiers based solely on damage regardless of class is that classes simply can't compete 1:1. As an example, classes reliant on dots would suffer as dots tend to be overridden nearly immediately. Whereas the current system rewards, at minimum, 2/3 of each class with equal reward tiers. That being said, there was a weird X factor with the reward tiers in the first siege of 7.7; I know gladiators in particular who scor
  12. the tip also says that siege will occur at 10pm Server-Time, when it actually occurs at 9pm Server-Time; it is supposed to happen at 8pm Server-Time as per the poll results on these forums which resulted in the siege time change
  13. The edit-post button isn't working, so to clarify: If you need records of when you spent your coin, sign into the Aion website and go: My Account > Transaction History > Virtual Currency Spent > Aion. That'll show when and on what you spent your ncoin / black cloud coin. Seems like most people who combined on August 31st are experiencing this incorrect record-keeping
  14. @Nimerya-DN @PotionWithLegs-KT NC also ignored my combinations which occured on the 31st until I insisted (politely) that they were mistaken and requested a review of the account which had them confirm they were wrong. I would advise anyone who has experienced this to (if you're certain you meet the requirements) insist on a review and provide any evidence or details you can to make the process faster/easier. Things like the dates you combined, on which characters you combined and how many times, the approximate time. If you didn't take screenshots or video recordings of your combinations
  15. This attitude is too real it hurts, I remember people being upset by the shugo tomb event for giving out a free legendary transform as though it made those of us who got ours earlier somehow invalid or less-good. The painful cherry on top is that 7.5 actually introduced 2 new legendary apostle transforms which are functionally Frigida but with 60% run speed, but those too are held at this special extra bonus tier of effort and RNG to the point that I've not even spotted anyone using either of them yet. It was never this hard to get cast and run speed scrolls pre-6.2 and it shouldn't be
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