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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 3, 2019

    The decreased prices were a step in the right direction but they are still WAY too expensive for the modern economy. Don't treat it like a luxury to be yourself, every other region has easier cheaper/free access to these than we on NA have
  2. Is the Abyss still a thing?

    The new leveling system races you to level 80 and it's there that you begin your gear grinding, enchantment, etc. All the stuff you used to do along the way for various gear sets, you now do at the end for 2 gear sets (1 Pve 1 pvp). This way everyone is at the same level and can always run stuff together
  3. Server Down

    I know y'all are joking about the EK compensation but hot damn if DN got compensated for every time our server goes down we'd be richer than god 0-0
  4. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    @Vessttemona-KT Aren't those NPCs still broken? When you talk to them they don't open the shop window and so you cannot purchase any guestblooms
  5. when the new event will come

    It is EDIT: I mean it's been "like" three months since the EK compensation was announced, not since the merge/initial reset.
  6. when the new event will come

    Let it go, it's been like three months
  7. Skins are "End Game Items"

    It's not a matter of -can- get you banned, it will get you banned irreversibly. No matter what you do, they will lock your account forever and likely erase it if you do a charge back
  8. So. Transfers....

    You actually WANT to move from DN-A to KT-A? Never thought I would see the day :0
  9. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    it's not everyday I agree with Lucimon but Lakrum is active af now and I can't say I dislike it, even if I get my ass kicked on the regular. It's not like anything's lost from dying anymore anyway
  10. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    0/10 would not ask NC to give us less open world GP, it will make whichever faction wins the first siege after reset have an even larger advantage with the ranks and make the other team take longer to catch up. As of today's update of the Abyss Ranks, DN-A have 2 Commanders and 22 Xforms. DN-E don't have a single xform of any kind. That's not an imbalance I would wish upon any faction of any server <-<
  11. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    What difference would alliance rewards make? If a couple people are being zerged by a group of 6, wont a couple people just be zerged by an alliance? As I assume those few people being zerged didn't form their own group of 6, otherwise it'd be a 6v6 which I don't think I would consider a zerg

    I don't disagree with your point, but just for the record I think DDOONG-DN has the ultimate greatsword. I think it has dropped twice for Elyos across the many months of 6.X
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    We don't get to know what the compensation is until we get it?
  14. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    What you seem to be saying is that running more gives you more opportunity to succeed and progress, which is true and that's why I don't give up. There is, however, a difference between increased opportunity to succeed and increased probability. By running my pre-reset PF's I got 3 pieces of gear. If I did not run them, I would not have them. By running extra runs I increased my opportunity to succeed, but those 3 runs also gave me more in an hour than PF had in 5 months; because the increased opportunity does not increase the probability of the aforementioned coin flip :\
  15. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Yeah I wish it was borderline unbelievable. Anyway, the point wasn't specific to my success or that my success (or lack thereof) is indicative of anyone else's progress, it's that one should not expect that everyone can keep up with them in a system based on luck. Another example is your 2 toons in full PF. You don't have full PF because you just decided do do that, you have 2 toons in full PF because you were lucky enough to have the gear drop / win the roll / have friends or others pass gear to you. Like the coin toss and like the transforms, one can run all PF every week and still not be in full gear. Every PF run is the same probability for a drop; your time invested is not an adequate measurement of the reward to be expected, that is the point I am trying to get across.