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  1. Question about SW PVP

    @BlackMoon-KT I'm certainly no expert but I think SW still slaps even without Ulti transform and +15 stigmas. True enough those things do make you god, but even without them you still have a fun time with moderate CC, silences which are easy to bury cos you have many dots. If you time it right Blazing Requiem can hurt people pretty darn badly. Oh and if you dont have full DT +15 just gather up a Bloodmark set for PVE/PVP; a lot of people are replacing DT pieces with BM anyway for gemstone slot coordination. The 2 biggest SW moves had their crit rates forcefully lowered, so a larger investment in stacking matk might pay off more for that. My TL;DR guide for casual SW +0 stigmas PVP is: 1. Always try to bury important modifiers like atk speed reductions, silences, etc -- unless it is more helpful to bait dispel pots like vs a class with no dispels while you're running Staggered Rest. 2. Try and keep Thronesong up for the extra damage. In open world PVP you can even sleep your enemy > attack a mob for Thronesong > re-sleep enemy > Blazing Requiem into more nukes with that +15% damage. 3. Assuming you're using Impassion, don't rely on self-heals ever. With that -800 HB and 30sec CD on Impassion, I think your most viable strategy is to kill them faster than they can kill you. It's not so easy to just heal up mid fight anymore. This doesnt apply to the SW green gemstone skill which is a guaranteed 20% heal each time. 4. Mvt. 1 and Snowbound Melody are your best friend vs classes who wanna KD you. It can help to use one or both of these to cover yourself while trying to pull long-casts like Freestyle or Blazing Requiem out mid-fight vs say a gladiator. Snowbound even blocks templar pulls. Very nice in a pinch. 5. If you're fighting a class with few or no self-dispel capabilities, or you time your sleep skills right, you can stack mdef reductions pretty easily. Stinging Note and Harpist Pod can really make a difference in your damage. 6. Similar to point 4, timing your cast speed boosts well is as important as timing Mvt. 1 and your shields. It's easy to panic in PVP and just click your biggest skill out of desperation but Blazing Requiem cast without Refreshing Melody vs Blazing Req with Refreshing Melody is like the difference between a turtle and a train. Those are the first sort of basic things which spring to mind, others might have more to add to the list or maybe corrections to make idk. It's not gonna make you a pro elite PVPer who never dies, but it might help you win a few extra fights vs the average joe of Aion players who populate the maps
  2. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    @Treos-DN Asked how else he can get ultimate bloodmarks besides the fragments -> I told him how -> He told me he'd give it a go but isn't sure how succesful he'll be because of over-geared players -> I told him to be persistent because it pays off in the end. The only deviations from the topic in my responses are to address your comments.
  3. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    There's no icon on the map or alert (which I think fuelled the theories that it spawned at elyos base), but I have the whole incident recorded. Multiple people of various legions said they saw it being kited and everyone is saying it was done by the same person. That person was not in Jotun Square or anywhere near elyos base when he xformed. So I'm pretty sure it is more likely that the boss was just ninja'd and kited rather than NC randomly deciding to spawn it in the elyos outpost. The same kind of speedy ninja-ing that would go unnoticed with Anomos if he didn't have an alert on screen and an icon on the map
  4. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Not sure what the supposed correlation is between how long I've been playing and my style of play and advice of "don't give up". I played the game since forever and took a year long break in 4.x. Returned to 5.6 with no gear, knowledge, experience, legion, social connections, or money (kinah and ncoin). I've now been criticized on this thread for both: A) Not understanding the struggles of people less geared than me, and B) Explaining my mindset and experience of becoming geared enough and capable as a f2p player (besides prestige) . Seems a bit contradictory. More to the point; idk about the giving up lootright stuff but @HealingSquid-KT is right about people who actively choose to solo activities made for groups. Not accusing anyone in particular, just adding a +1 to the sentiment. Doesn't matter if it takes you 6 people to do a job that 1 person can do. It's getting the job done which will lead to you becoming that 1 person. All I'm saying is the max geared meanies can't be at every camp on both maps at the same time all day everyday. Group up, make friends, get the job done. Worst case scenario is you obelisk Rez cos of Chain of Suffering. A small price to pay
  5. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    @Treos-DN I get that reluctance to fling yourself into potential death, but the game rewards you for persistence. As long as you rez up after each death and move on to the next objective, you accumulate progress which makes it easier and faster to achieve more progress. The average player isn't "over geared", so if you can put up with the deaths in the early game in order to invest in your own PVE and PVP progress then you'll quickly reach a point where you're capable of competing with the average player of the game (should they try to kill you while you're doing camps). As I said before, the more progress you make = the faster your next progression will be. More gear = more survivability and faster camp runs which = more resources for more gear Just gotta stick to it and work through it
  6. Urgent Needs...

    PVP instances are worth doing even if you think you'll get 2-shot. Losing an instance still rewards you minium, I am pretty sure, so may as well give it a shot every day
  7. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    I consider winning winning whaddup. Next time a little less steamrolling and a lot more taunting and kiting Omega [inb4 outrage: I kid, I kid. It's all harmless fun, everyone did something well]
  8. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    A delete-worthy event? Yes. Waste of time? Nope, the asmo talking smack in Elyos LFG made it 200% worth missing altars for this win
  9. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    So far I have experienced being locked out of Pradeth and Silona on the same day on multiple days due to too many participants. Were it not for Chain of Suffering presumably sending people back, or people leaving, I wouldn't have got in due to the player limit. But anyways, my basic point is I don't think what they're asking is unreasonable. I've achieved those bloodmarks on my risiel geared alt as a side-effect of doing camps for gear. If you SHIFT+V and recruit a group, it is a fairly low-cost task to complete.
  10. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Ultimate Bloodmarks come from the weekly Kata quests for camp flipping. Try and flip 1-Star camps if you're solo or not confident in your dps; higher star camps have stronger captains. PVP kills for the "War" tab quests also reward Ultimate Bloodmarks. 1: I assume it's to do with cross-server siege balance issues which would occur in Korea and other regions, which is why Panesterra had similar faction number limits. The difference is this barrier for entry helps filter out the trolls and spies who clog the queue. 2. What does legion have to do with Bloodmark acquisition? None of the BM quests are legion locked and there are no legion locked exclusives which would make the process easier or faster. To your point of reaching level requirement; the Devs might argue that you do not, in fact, reach the requirement for these tougher sieges with stronger mobs if you're unable to get 20 marks in 7 days. That's just speculation on the thought process though
  11. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Use the forum "dev tracker" feature to see the various public responses NC Staff have given regarding the lag situation; including instructions on how you can help by reporting certain details and logs to support. They're working on it, but the more data they're supplied = the sooner a fix will be rolled out
  12. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I've seen a couple people mention this but I don't think they realise how low the barrier for entry is. 20 Bloodmarks is only 4 camp flips a week, or alternatively for every 3 kills you get in a region that's +5 Bloodmarks and -1 camp flip you need. It takes about 10 minutes of play time with almost no effort to afford the title. Maybe I'm missing something?
  13. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The Gold Sand Traders daily limit on Gold Ingot purchases was reverted to 3 per day; as I recall NA previously had a custom upgrade which made it 5 per day
  14. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    20% each time
  15. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    I know 6.X was a garbo patch for us, but SW's were buffed in 7.2 and only get 2 slight damage nerfs in this update. The Februrary 7.5 update also buffs SW defenses a lot more too (though not sure if we will get that or skip straight to 7.7). It sounds to me like you're unhappy with your class but keep playing it just because it was your main; if that's the case I would encourage you to try out a few others. A lot of us play the wrong class for a long time just because we feel we have to stick to our og character u.u A melodic salute to our fallen cloth kings