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  1. Exactly; Asmos won more stones because of what happened despite not winning Crimson Temple. Trading a 2-stone fort for a 4-stone fort is a no brainer. Can't believe Asmos are complaining about it and qqing about leadership who won them more stones
  2. I mean it's not like your lack of participation is gonna stop reward distribution. A true free pass is people not participating Maybe my friends and I are the weird ones but isn't it kind of fun to fight people way out of your league in a risk/consequence free environment? It's like a boss fight and then afterwards you get to watch people you thought were bulletproof test their hype against other bulletproof people and it's exciting to see how it all plays out. Especially with Aion's trademark RNG clutches from godstones to minion procs to Mistviel resists. That's why we used to que
  3. Big yes to the autohunt (#ForestOfLifePermenant) but we still do have the luna pouch now via lugbug don't we?
  4. If I remember correctly, wasn't this the solution to KT server crashes? Something to do with the sheer density of the KT bot army all generating tens of thousands of infected crawlers on the server at the same time. That same bot army generates no extra load by killing existing mobs in Ingg/Gelk. It'd be nice if it gave updated EXP or if we had the consumable cosmetics in the crafts shop like 5.8, but otherwise the luna system in every capacity except currency is a thing of the past
  5. Short answer: yes. End game ATs are absolute beasts. They can substitute a templar as a tank and do great as a DPS in a templar group
  6. Love this idea so much, I hope it's the first of many community-based events or special occassions to come~!
  7. My post length is proportionate to the issues NCW aren't dealing with. Don't lobby people to make less complaints, lobby the company to finally fix them No problem = no reeeeeeeeeee
  8. Every region has had the Apostle Transforms, particularly the newer (but still old as heck from back in 7.5) ones, be more widely available than NA has ;-; Literally this ^ Forest of Life being a permenant NA custom feature immediately fixes the mountain of molehill issues which have plagued NA since 7.5. Making it perma rather than event also removes the sense of obligation that comes with timed exclusives. Even if permenant implementation cannot be guaranteed at this time, the event should be re-activated immediately and indefinitely. Pretty unapprochable for recently returne
  9. Hiya @SpicyChicken, late reply but here's the short version: The transformation system is particularly unkind to Songweavers. If ever given the option you'll want Frigida/Triniel's Apostle/Yustiel's Apostle legendary transform because Songweavers have slow attack animations behind cast skill chains. Once you get an ultimate transform it's fantastic but prior to that it's a bit of a struggle-bus. Moreover, it is important to consider why you want to play the class. A common issue returning users have is trying to get an experience out of a class which that class no longer offers due to yea
  10. RE: My last community feedback thread, NCW would look to any outsider like a completely clueless publisher because they keep handing us generally good minigame content perfect for a seasonal event and then stack the reward list with garbage that we cannot even choose from. Even if someone wanted to grind this on alts or even do it daily on their main just for the passion and love for the holiday cheer, they could not manifest a reward worth the time they put in. The event's best offering: 1x Empyrean Lord Holy Water. THIS IS A GREAT FIRST STEP! Unfortunately, you have at best a 1/10 chanc
  11. [collective anxiousness as we wait for the reward lists] Fingers crossed they're good. How about some [item: 188075579] ? Refining stone boxes which can be brokered. Create an in-game economy for gem and rune refinement, give us more valuables to trade and sell with each other to further our own different progression priorities Plus, you know, all the other suggested rewards in other threads~
  12. someone needs to archive this historic thread before it gets erased
  13. Usually they sell Cube Expansion coins at an absolute-heckin-steal each Black Friday and I could use those since 8.0 added a new cube ;-; But yes the joke about NC West's BCM is not lost on me; we all remember how they priced ancient enchantment stones (and I think still have to this day?) ._. Just hoping maybe there might be something convenient or neat up for grabs
  14. it ends this maint. What I am more confused by is why @Kibbelz hasnt given us the Black Friday sales page 😮
  15. Is there a post coming which'll detail what the Black Friday sales will have on offer?
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