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  1. Your previous post outlined that you're specifically mad that a friend of yours got banned for doing a little AP trading and you think that isn't fair, and you seem to want a clearer understanding of what constitutes punishment tiers. Problem is if we knew what the maximum about of AP trading you could do without getting perma-banned was, then everyone would just do that. Walk right up to the line, but not cross it. It's far better that NCW has taken a zero-tolerance policy for AP trading because now (idealy) people wont risk it at all, even in small amounts. This is why nobody is on your
  2. This is VERY unlikely to ever happen since there are specific licensing agreements NCW, NCKR, and the music labels have to come to in order to make this possible. I know promotions have occured in the past and retail players who got the emote back then still have it to this day, but I don't think NCW can legally make it available to anyone or for transfer ever again
  3. Wait, why? @Kibbelz We're only 1 week into the GP season, it doesn't/reset end until the 29th of September; log into the game and see for yourself o_o 'Gonna have to reset GP again manually in 3 weeks if you want to re-sync the Abyss ranks and Competition ranks.
  4. This literally only matters if you think this community-made wall of shame will be the difference between a cheater getting banned by NCW or not; it will not.
  5. This seems to suggest that changes were made to L/R selling in 3.0, but as far as I remember there was no such change. L/R has been a thing the whole time and continues to be to this day in retail; having been used by NCW Community Manager Cyan when he was playing the retail server. It's not an issue, and so no fix has been issued
  6. There's gliding and climbing tricks in Aion referred to as "Mountain Goating" which can get you into all sorts of extraordinary places; you can look up 11 year old tutorials on YouTube for how to do this
  7. lol why are people always in this game like "I don't care if you're having fun or not, you must quit now for the reasons outlined in this powerpoint presentation." One guy quit the game so his legion disbanded into other legions on the same server. The only thing that's gonna scare people into quitting are the barcodes on the forums insisting that a catastrophic irreversable ultimate annihilating server-destroying mega disaster exodus is just around the corner. People literally quit or reroll because random people tell them that other people are gonna quit or reroll
  8. It's hard to tell from the other side; this forum post alone is indicative of how no one seems to have a clear narrative about Elyos leadership. Some Elyos say Uhiwi, some say Trevyn, some say leadership rotation, I don't know what's real and what's not @-@
  9. Still wondering why, if there were such major leadership disputes, they didn't just rotate leadership duties. It doesn't matter if you think the other player is gonna totally blow it because next time the fort is up it'll be your turn to lead.
  10. You can rest assured that they will definitely be doing more XP boost events. It's like the #1 go-to event in all of Aion's (nearly) 12 year history in NA
  11. I was commenting more on the mindset people have rather than the state of the faction. I could rephrase it as "Every single day, both factions get new L50's despite the set backs; you just have to stick with it despite the hiccups because L50 has never come for free on a healthy server~" and the sentiment is still the same. I can't help it if people are rerolling to take the path of least resistence, but my point was that on a healthy server there'll be no such thing as reaching L50 'n gearing up without struggle, setbacks, resistence, etc etc. I hope that anyone who rerolls to try and hi
  12. There's always a losing faction, but this is definitely a bit of "grass is greener" vibes. If you reroll to SL-A thinking that there wont be high level Elyos groups to zerg you on asmodian maps, or think that FT will be this untouched safety zone that you can just come and go as you please, you will be bitterly disappointed. Every single day there are people in SL-A getting mad about rangers blocking FT and "this faction is so rubbish no one will clear the entrance!?" stuff like that. We're all being killed by the opposing faction, we're all having our instances blocked, it's the nature o
  13. afaik this is not true. NC West staff used to sell L/R on our retail servers; I specifically remember CM Cyan on the Ereshkigal server. I didn't play that server but was told that people had asked him for confirmation that it was not rule-breaking. The only issue is RMT which is rule-breaking, but if you block L/R then people will just RMT to be carried by a 5-man group instead. May as well not harm our best source of legitimate kinah farming just to moderately inconvenience, but not at all stop, the people you're campaigning against
  14. You literally are on the website though, look: https://myaion.eu/Player/39723 If you appear on the site it means someone at some point who you were group with (or were attacking the same mob as) was running the dps meter. A total absence from the site means they have never been in group or contact with anyone running the meter nor have they attacked anything which also had someone running meter on, like a world boss or siege deity. It seems the name priority is awarded to accounts, not individual toons. What we're likely looking at is an active account who is earning the name pr
  15. There are literally multiple posts on these very forums from NC West staff admitting to automated systems mistakenly banning innocent players. You're giving them quite a lot of credit. Real cheaters and rule breakers deserve it sure, but being super smug to strangers asking for help doesn't really accomplish much. ~ The standing order is to politely request NC Support to do a manual review of your account situation and, if innocent, that'll probably get you unbanned within the day of review. PS: the past incidents weren't a handful of mistakenly banned accounts, it was hund
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