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  1. The question "is it worth playing anymore" is always best answered by your own experience. Like @Vantheria-DN said, the Stormwing event going on right now makes this the PERFECT time to come back and give it a shot. Dedicate yourself to maxing out your stormwing (only like 20-30min of effort on any single day) in the 3-ish weeks left and the rewards it will give you will catch you up to the average joe in the game. My two cents would be to get those free catch-up resources like free selectable T2 Legendary transform, A Grade minion, oodles of enchantment stones, deavanion skills, etc, and then
  2. The daevanion skill books are storeable in the account warehouse like the ones from the Gold Sand Traders. If you happen to have moved the egg to an alt of the same class as your desired target, you can still open the skillbooks and transfer them through the warehouse
  3. Don't tempt them lol, this is the kind of thing someone says in a movie RIGHT before they find out how completely wrong they were
  4. Has anyone else experienced this: every time you zone in to a server change like moving to an arena or to a battleground server and back, you get a popup message which reads something about being unable to connect to the store. Annoying little popup, but the problem is if you try to do almost anything before this popup occurs, you sendlog/DC immediately. The only 'solution' so far is to just stand still and wait for the popup but so far it has caused me to crash in every single arena I have run this season including six times today. Worse yet, if this causes a crash in the countdown to arena b
  5. That's not what they said though according to you. That message says they will remove your awakened modor and give you back a max level modor (hence the 4 star symbol), max level kromede, and first-level Sheba. They are offering to delete your mistakes and replace the minions, but as these minions are replacements rather than a direct reversal, he is saying that you won't be able to use another token to (for example) de-evolve one of these replacements (don't know why anyone would ask for that anyway). So to be clear, if you say YES to this offer you get back a max level agil
  6. 1. The joker event and the birthday event both gave every free player one (or more) equal and fair RNG chances to obtain an ultimate transform. Maybe like my friends who play for 10 years you suffer and don't get it, or maybe like my legionmate who started playing 5 prior you get Ereshkigal for free. Equal and fair chance. 2. In 6 months you can literally level toons afk in lunas while you do your irl obligations. People keep over-stating how long or how hard this is but it really is so much faster than you're saying. 3. As mentioned before, the SAS grind is 25min per day and conside
  7. That's assuming you're doing all of them back to back. Like I said earlier, do what you can when you can. If that means 1 alt this week, 1 alt next week, but no alt the week after that because you have no time, then that's still going to be a massive progression spike for your account. People tend to do them on the first day that CKT is open each week. It doesn't hurt to LFG it and for what it's worth you don't need a good group, just extra hands. There's no version of getting an ultimate transform which doesn't involve investment and commitment, but this is by far one of the eas
  8. Regarding those instances; perhaps that explains why you think this is more work than it is. Gearing an alt for splinter at no point involves any instance gear, you just take them to Crimson Kata and with a friend or a group do the Kata dailies and weeklies. Within less than an hour (unless bad luck on camp flip times) you'll go from renown L1 - L4 and can buy Experience Mark feathers and accessories. Legendary Risiel freebie armor and weapon are enough if you have the heartguard accessories and feathers. With regards to not having access to 12 toons on one server: you odn't need to. Just
  9. Basically what everyone else said: if you want an ultimate transform, you put in the time. Doing 12 splinters a day is a 25 minute commitment, and as mentioned earlier you can skip entire weeks and still make the transform deadline in time for the next promotion even if you didn't participate in ANY legendary transform event in between the two. Leveling alts to 80 is the slowest part but it is a permenant investment which keeps on giving via other events like the halloween event. Getting the #1 very best stat boost item in the game is never something Aion has given out for free. Farming G
  10. It's about a 25 minute commitment per day, but you can skip a few days and still earn 4 legendary transforms before the next promotion. Promotions run for 3 weeks so you can miss up to 3 weeks worth of runs and still be able to catch-up. And again, this scenario is excluding the legendary transforms you'll earn from events within the 6 month in-between period
  11. Well a 6 month gap between promitions is 3 legendary transforms from lugbug for free, and in that time there have been legendary transform events. There's the contract from event coins, abyssal splinter, there were contracts from the halloween event which could give ancient or legendary, and you could easily afford the legendary contract with wintry coins from the snowball event 100% for free. There's really just been opportunity here and there over the course of the 6 month gap.; it's not like any single event which fuels it, but a slow accumulation. Basically have 6 months to get 4 tran
  12. Yeah we were literally told months ago that this was coming, most free to play players will be getting their transform completely for free as long as they've been in the loop and preparing. Obviously for a returning or new user you don't have the benefit of time on this round but the promotion will come again later so start saving up~!
  13. No, it is incredibly easy/simple. The Stormwing event literally has no downside, that's why everyone's been demanding it ever since it ended in 7.5. Pleasantly surprised we got it again!
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