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  1. Server balance after transfers

    The point of the buff isn't to win the fort *every* time. With level 4 buff your side always wins. No need for even level 5. Would it be nice to not have to fight against a buff? yes.
  2. 6.5 !?!

    yessssss. Good News!
  3. 6.5 !?!

    Haha inc buffs! Awesome. Hopefully we get the skill book crafting and enchanting with this patch...
  4. Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....

    Um, I may be missing something here, but this email occured last week and was in reference to mass guild wars layoffs because ArenaNet is combining with Ncsoft West. I really didn't see anything about Ncwest layoffs. However, I completely agree that they need to start listening to the player base as opposed to the "big bosses." Once they start appeasing to the West's tastes, they will have a chance to get some money back here. One thing I have seen with the video game industry, is that it's never to late for a game to redeem itself. The only question is whether the people in charge are willing to make to make those pushes and accompanying changes to save it.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    Yeah this is strange. Generally prestige users are given an incentive or other users given an incentive to go prestige to get the extra boxes. Without this it is as if they are trying to funnel players to buy the event items off the store rather than giving prestige any benefits.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    Hi, So i'm guessing it was intentional prestige users don't get any bonus heart boxes? Just curious. I didn't see anything about that in the notes so I'm guessing yes...
  7. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    Yeah, I'll be honest, in order to level AF I've been grinding out at least 200 legendary guiding stones a day for a week which takes awhile but it has paid off and I'm finally almost done with that grind. On the plus side, if you do this and save your ultimate stones you will end up with about 2k+ ultimate guiding stones to use for the next big section (240-280).
  8. KR - Popular games. - Aion @15th (Jan 23-29 2019)

    What I'm amazed at is that although it is in 15th place it still beat out Monster hunter world by a margin.
  9. How lucky are you this event?

    Yeah I would never waste kinah or money on this event. I've actually grinded to get all those boxes <3
  10. How lucky are you this event?

    So far after about 50+ boxes all I've gotten is legendary pve stones (8), ancient pve stones, transformation scrolls, berdin's stars, and finally yesterday one daevanion skill box which of course was *drumroll* ancient! yay.... not...
  11. Aion 7.2: First Info

    Looks kinda interesting actually. It's like an overall buff to stigmas (although having to reach +12 will be miserable) and brings back a couple of other cool things. Kamar is alright but I also noticed a higher tier of ultimate accessory with a set effect on it. Idk if 7.0 introduced that tier with set effect or not but I definitely noticed the picture in your link with this update. Either way, we are still far from that patch seeing as we're still catching up to 6.5... but it's cool to look forward to nonetheless!
  12. New Enchanting System Changes

    This change was definitely needed. So far been able to finally get all my stuff above 10 with ancients. Still no luck getting anything +15 but my RNG has always been sub-par on Aion. It takes at least 50+ ancients just for me to try to +13 still lol. I'm glad to see others have been able to evolve to legendary finally though. The rates are definitely much improved. One day my rng will stop sucking...
  13. Seriously NCSoft? "Despite the success... were annihilated in the final battle.." You are kidding right? You really can't think of a better way to continue the story? If this is really how they are doing it I'm having nothing to do with this new Aion mobile. So my question is now: Will they even continue Aion? and if so: For how long? Since apparently we all die fighting the last dragon lord. WTF. This is the most ridiculous story development yet. Good job NC for killing what was a good story in the beginning. Also I want to clarify about that dreadnought. It is just saying the dreadnought was an Asmodian aethertech that the balaur now have. You can clarify this by looking at the Elyos one next to it. The elyos version was discarded as scrap and redesigned to be used by balaur. But Seriously NC? Kill all the empyrean lords and daevas just to move the story to a mobile game?? Yeah eff that...
  14. Kinda crazy that people don't read and then complain about faith in humanity. >.> also legendary stones are not a rare commodity and ancients don't do jack at +8 in reality but seem to work better from 11-13. Try again. buh-bye
  15. It's kinda crazy. I wasted 10 legendary stones trying to get an ancient from 8 to +10 (because ancient stones never get me past +8) and it still only stopped at +9. That right there should never happen.