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  1. Comparing the buffed paragon we didn't get, fighting spirit is about equal to +9 paragon minus some defense and a lot of crit. Attack wise, fighting spirit full set is comparable to +10 paragon full set attack with paragon having slightly more. With current paragon unbuffed, it would take probably +11 or +12 paragon to equal a full set of FS in terms of defense/attack.
  2. Yes agreed. This patch is actually amazing for new players who want to enjoy endgame without all the in-between Gelk stuff. +15 truestorm equivalent stats for doing little tasks
  3. The pvp in New World actually looks pretty epic despite the flaws the game has. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes the big pvp'ers from Classic more than anything.
  4. Paragon is fully farmable in AoG normal in 8.0 so it won't be p2w considering the level cap will help make stormwing easier as long as you get the full cubics also coming
  5. Uh, let me get this straight. This "event" wants $180 for an absolutely useless "gift box"? I definitely have lost faith in this anniversary being anywhere near as rewarding as korea's 12th was 🙃
  6. There's not much to worry about the ultimate shards currently imo. With 8.0 coming soon confirmed by the producer's letter, there are dailies and weeklies from the bases in Apsuranta that give direct ultimate shards in addition to the Kerubiel quest log thingy (similar to lugbug). So, before we even get close to the 6 month mark there should be multiple methods of farming ulti shards in game depending on the version of 8.0 we get if those quest rewards don't get nerfed.
  7. Glad to see 12th anniversary events are starting. From research I know that KR's 12th was really rewarding so it would be nice to see us get some of that. It would be nice to have a reason to login again
  8. Finally next patch is here. @Kibbelz I didn't notice any mention of the GP vendor in the patch notes. Does our version have this NPC? It's fairly important for obtaining ultimate memory shards and stuff.
  9. Thank you @Kibbelz for confirming at least that item collections won't be lost. However the housing situation is going to be a mess with inactive players holding onto mansions and estates
  10. @Kibbelz why is the topic of item collections being ignored? You realize how incredibly destructive it would be to erase all of DN's item collections (years of work) while KT keeps all theirs?
  11. @Kibbelz @Loki With merge tomorrow, we still have no update to make the "consolidation" more fair for BOTH servers and especially we have no update to guarantee we won't lose our item collections and progress. I can't stress how much time and resources are put into item collections as well as all the important stats that will be lost by people who worked hard to complete collections. We need to know item collections will be transferred as well.
  12. Thank you for updating the name policy to be more fair than it was. The housing situation still is a major downside for many however is there any answers about item collections yet? Since it is a "server consolidation" now does this imply that progress will move with us?
  13. I actually did check as soon as the announcement came and they were gone. I currently don't use this name actually but the two other names I frequently use as mains were "claimed recently" according to support. Names doesn't matter to me though as much as item collections. Whoever took my names can shove em for all I care lol My post was to make the team aware that there are people out there intentionally taking names though and will affect many who do care
  14. I've already emailed support because someone apparently already took my two original names that I had since Beta in 2009. Support informed me they were recently reserved by an active account. So someone is out there intentionally stealing names @Kibbelz @Loki Your team is just going to allow this to happen and force players to quit who would otherwise stay and continue playing? Also what about item collections? Still no answer...
  15. @Kibbelz and @Loki Can we please get some feedback on these issues? I agree things should be made fair for everyone, however many of us need to know that item collections will be transferred over to KT because there's a lot of time and resources spent there. Players from DN should be receiving the same treatment as those from KT and not be treated as secondary players. Period regardless of other "qualities" that were taken into consideration.
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