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  1. Yeah, I think this is the point. Korea is choosing to widen the power gap rather than to close it. If you choose to run a balanced build in that patch your damage won't be all that great but you can survive, however those who choose to min/max crit strike and crit damage will roll over people with minimal crit defense. Essentially crit defense is just a rehash of mag supp. and strike resist from before 6.0 but the crit damage stat is brand new because it adds a new dimension beyond attack stat or what magic boost used to be. So... yeah... it probably will be unbalancing.
  2. Oh wow... looking at korea patch notes today looks like 7.5 adds 4 new stats. Physical and magical critical damage and physical and magical critical defense. So they are giving us a way to boost crit damage now rather than just boosting critical chance. This is an important addition for the future.
  3. Kaisinel transform

    Congrats! Glad to hear you did it without p2w and using the minimal combine! That's amazing luck! Now just to work towards full ultimates so you can really enjoy it!
  4. Mystery Legendary PVP Stone?

    There is a very very rare chance to get legendary pvp stones from genesis crystal camps. It has happened to me twice since the start of 6.0. I was able to confirm it came from the quest mystery drop
  5. KT turn to down ? o-o

    Clearly this requires compensation and I'm not even on KT!! >.< jk jk weird though no announcements
  6. KT not giving AP

    Same no AP gain on my char from anything. 0 AP gain for the day...
  7. I have been doing a lot of testing and something is definitely off with the rates with leg/ult stones on leg/ult gear. I understand that rates were not changed between 6.2 and 6.5 on those gears except leg by about 3%, so what this would suggest is the rates on leg/ult success were actually lowered when they did their fix on the reverted rates. People can claim bad RNG but the rates are noticeably worse than pre-6.5 patch. After the 6.5 enchant increase it was noticeable when you were having a bad rng moment but the rates were clearly working properly depending on your enchant level. Currently, whereas it should be 88% to reach +6 on legendary gear I can say that is not the case after much testing. The rates of 48% and 58% for leg and ult stones respectively from 10-15 are also not there. Currently my luck has been at about 5+:1 fail:success on legendary stones and 3+:1 fail:success on ultimate stones. Call it what you want but it is very difficult to get to even +13 now with legendaries. I'm not one who advocates for easy enchanting and free +15 gear for all, but something is definitely off and a lot of people are noticing it. It's clear to me that leg and ult enchant rates were lowered but the naysayers can believe what they will.
  8. Event Aether Blossom

    Agreed. Asking NC to nerf the entire event or nerf Asmos event just because other people decide to grind harder with multiple accounts is selfish. The event is working perfect as is. There are locations (at every artifact) where flowers spawn. Asmos chose south and Elyos chose mid. At the complainers: so what if people choose to farm with alts to get extra contracts? That is the point of having alts and the reason why transformation contracts carry across all your characters. The event is working just fine. No changes are needed.
  9. Event Aether Blossom

    Seriously you're trying to kill the Asmos aetherflower farm? wow that's low. There are plenty of locations the flowers spawn besides that artifact. Please leave our farming spot alone and find the other ones out there rather than trying to get the devs to change it. There are plenty of spots where you can farm just as many.
  10. AIon 7.0

    That's funny because the description on every single one says Balic. Hmm, sounds like they're Balic gear to me. It may not be the old school Balic gear but it is Balic gear.
  11. AIon 7.0

    They may not have brought back abyss but they did bring back Balic gear with the Light Dragon King set which is a really awesome set.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    Yeah this event can actually be rewarding if you grind it out, as it should be. Good stuff
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    I gotta be honest, this event isn't half-bad. Looks like we have a lot of ways to get the skill boxes and the leg/ult manastone selection bundles will be cool to get too, not to mention we can make some kinah off this event for those of us going broke from everything lol
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    I got a reply from support today talking about compensation for the marks through the mail. They said it will take a few days so we'll see if it happens.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Support replied to my ticket saying to wait till next reset for the Marks to reset. That's not right. There has to be some alternative to preventing the majority of the player base from getting to craft their skill box for a week due to a bug we don't have control over.