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  1. Don't worry, Aion Korea just released minion coins to go with Ss rank minions to buy s rank contracts (3000 coins a piece and non-selectable, only A contracts are selectable) and it's super p2w. So, come 7.7 I'm sure we will get that feature. Also, these minion coin packages in korea contain between 10 and 300 coins. Great odds right? lol figures...
  2. Renown

    I kept careful track of my renown this week. I lost 6% across the board on level's 8 and 9, however my level 6 silentera got nuked all 30% down to level 5 plus an additional 10% from lv5. what the heck is that?
  3. Not to mention you need a duplicate rank 4. if you want the extra bonus stats which vary per S rank minion. Some of them getting extra PvP/PvE attack
  4. Renown Reduction

    @Kibbelz @Loki I think the double reduction is still hitting some people. My guildmates are saying they only lost about 4% renown on lv9 and lv8 areas but lost way more than 4% on all my areas. I lost at least 6% on my lv8's and I lost at least 8% on my lv9's. Something isn't right if people are losing different amounts of renown.
  5. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Which set has the commander skin? Just curious.
  6. Who didn't see that coming?

    I saw this last night. Yeah it was obvious this was coming. Next I'm certain they'll be adding benefits for +15 gems/runes and then advanced gems/runes
  7. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    I feel bad for those that spent all that money on transforms and have nothing but legendaries. I learned since 6.0 to never spend money on transforms in Aion sadly. They simply do not want more than 1~5% of the population having ultimate transforms in NA which is crazy because it is a necessity at endgame pvp and pve. These new Ereshkigal and Tiamat transforms were just to tease and create more desire to reach ultimate, which both of these new transforms get a +24 to their primary attack (pve/pvp) every enchant level on their major runes (if you ever get them or their runes O.o). They have made Ultimate transforms crazy difficult thing to get, which shouldn't be because it just an endgame part of playing the game. I've been trying since 6.0 now to get my ultimate and it is pretty ridiculous I still don't have just one after almost 2 years. With 2 new OP transforms out, almost everyone should be allowed to have Kaisinel or Marchutan. This way people can work on duplicates (like korean players have) in order to combine to get Ereshkigal and Tiamat
  8. This can't be true though because people who mostly pvp'd and killed gates got almost no contribution whereas people who focused on the deity and the faction won it got top GP. Even the patch notes say that the deity gives the highest contribution
  9. It seems you get high contribution if your faction takes the Deity and you do a a lot of dps on that deity. Idk how to max out because one or two people got almost 3k per deity last night so either they were #1 dps or something else idk. I got a large amount from both Gelk forts and then almost none from Divine because elyos took it and then I got very little from Silona. It's kinda wonky
  10. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    One Huge addition you should note is the main page on the site says they are adding Rebirth manastone fasteners to prestige vendor. This is a huge deal because these being added means we can redo unwanted rune/gem slots. However, we do not know how expensive they will be from the store/vendor.
  11. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Yea, I would like to point out that (adv) earthquake wave for Glads is missing the proper dmg increase. It goes up to 1,900 and not what is written. However, Thank you OP for putting this sheet together to help people see what's coming. The 7.7 skills changes are far more interesting I think... widespread healing nerfs and Guardian General Xforms finally get long overdue buffs...
  12. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    My Biggest Pain points: 1. Extremely terrible RNG when enchanting anything especially essential items like gear , skills, and stigmas. Terrible RNG when opening new Gem and Rune slots on gear that is hard to get in the first place (we need to be able to choose or re-open the slots). 2. Kinah, exp, legendary/ultimate transformation, and cubic acquisition is garbage right now. Those are essential things and it takes tons of valuable play time or money to get those. 3. Requiring people to pay tons and tons of money to catch up to fully geared and/or p2w players. The prices are insane for this game on endgame stuff. If you drastically lower prices for people on *important and vital* (keywords here) endgame stuff that is purchasable you will get way more people to pay money. Either this or go back to giving way more rewards to people who subscribe (i.e. Prestige Pass, etc.) even if you have to raise the price some it will be more worth it if the monthly benefits are better. 4. There is no rewards for being a veteran or long-time player. Some of us have played since 2009 and while I don't feel entitled, it would be cool for some loyalty benefits. 5. Cheaters (i.e. Hackers, etc.). There is way too many playing right now. 6. World Bosses. The system is garbage. It promotes in-fighting in the faction against fully-geared legions and if the opposite faction has tons more players, the losing faction gets nothing day after day when World Bosses are a gaming necessity for gear and endgame drops. Fix the world boss system so it works for NA players. Allow the lesser faction to spawn their own bosses somehow and implement and auto-league grouping feature so no one can steal the bosses. Those are my main stress points with Aion. I don't want free gear in the least bit, but the RNG and other stuff has gotten ridiculous lately and is sure to drive newer and casual players away from this game as fast as possible.
  13. Veteran Boosts and Rewards

    Hello, I am a long time MMO player and from my experience adding perks for people who are long time players and loyalty rewards are good incentives to keep players around. While I do not feel entitled I have been playing Aion since 2009 back when it used to have veteran and loyalty perks and I always thought that was a cool feature and it gave newer players stuff to look forward to. It would be a cool feature to give something to those who have been dedicated since the very beginning and stayed around as well as those who have continued to stay throughout the years. I don't think it should be anything game-breaking but it would be cool to add some features that allow vets to stand out from the casual player base. It would definitely keep things interesting by re-introducing perks for players who play for certain lengths of time. Thanks!
  14. ^Title. Paragon Changes Interesting development NcSoft. This is much appreciated as it makes paragon equipment worthwhile. I just wonder what the requirements for the morph recipe will be? I assume it still requires the difficulty in obtaining paragon stones in addition to something else. Thank you for this change though! Equipment that breaks is frustrating.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 8, 2020

    So these hammers... are 1 drop and roll for the entire group. Fun times.