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  1. I feel for you. The Timeless Terrace map is essentially all the bad griefing events in pvp form. Some people enjoy it a ton, most people do not. In all honesty for this patch, the Xeross weapon and Armor are the biggest allure to me. Yes, they are missing crit on the pieces except for the weapon, BUT they all have max tuned HP/Acc/MDef/Pdef, in addition to having identical base stats as Bitterthorn, which are all vital stats for pvp because what use is max crit if you have no defense? Attack is better for pvp anyways. Here's the big catch: Our 7.7 patch is missing all the quality of
  2. Will the Prestige platinum cubic bundle be updated to include IDD Hard and Stormwing platinum cubics? It seems they weren't updated with this patch
  3. Guaranteed Ultimate Transformations Thank you for the update but please for the love of Aion let more people get these! I've been combining legendaries since 6.0 now and still have no luck! I was short legendaries on the last guaranteed event so I missed that opportunity. Please let people who have been busting their butts off to get an ultimate transform finally get one. Thank you. World Bosses Thank You for this. Making WB rewards more accessible will greatly help the play environment both pvp and pve-wise because for some classes those Divine imbued weapons from
  4. So after maint. I was hitting 157-170ms ping from my old 57ms ping. I ran some instances and ping started to go down a little. I decided to turn to exitlag. Once I did exitlag with 4 routes going to ashburn01, my ping dropped back to 66ms and is now stable. So, exitlag saved me. It seems they have a lot more to optimize still with their new server routes.
  5. Actually they have a teaser on korea website for next week about a main server update so 7.7+ isn't dead yet The have both Aion: Classic and Aion major update coming next month it seems
  6. Servers are up and the daily login contract is now once per day per account
  7. No, this was not just for people already with ultimate otherwise it wouldn't have been advertised with the "chance at ultimate." Yes I realize the attraction of getting all 4 pixels but the pixel crit dmg bonus is low compared to all the others with the apostles. They obviously misled people with the "chance" to get ultimate which is why the smartest thing was not to use all your legendary combines and wait for an event with a guaranteed ultimate box. I know plenty of people who got all 4 pixels without waiting for these bait pouches.
  8. Agreed because when they posted for this event and list the pouch as (random) they are misleading people to burn their legendary combinations thinking it is a random chance when it truly is not. 1% chance is not true random, it is loaded random. >.>
  9. Go figure. I knew this event was scam. They are just trying to trick people into buying contracts to get their 3x combines.
  10. I would agree with you 100%, but considering we have godstones in the form of both minions and weapons now along with runes that boost both, I highly doubt the producers here will go through the effort to remove those so the only solution is to make them more available. A great example of this is Aion 1.0-2.0. Godstones were difficult to get but very much attainable and they did not destroy pvp because many people had them. However, pvp was a bit different back then than now. I remember pvp'ing back then and it was far easier to pvp when you both had godstones as compared to pvp'ing witho
  11. I agree with both of these posts. NcWest doesn't seem to realize the effects of the difference in population of NA servers vs Korean servers. Korean servers have so many players that fighting over World Bosses is a normal thing and the distribution of imbued weapons is far more randomized than in NA. In NA our population is suffering so the distribution of imbued weapons is less random which can cause pvp imbalance. Anyone who follows Korea Aion events knows that Korea has recently had a long string of several different events (including their currently 8 weeks of amazing 12 events for 12
  12. I have to agree wholeheartedly with this post. It is sad that NcWest has left ultimate transformations largely in the hand of randomly low RNG. Players who knowingly busted their butts to grind anniversary coins on all 12 characters at that low chance of an ultimate contract either ended up with the prize or nothing at all. Yes you can say it is the players fault for wasting all that time grinding on a knowingly low chance , but at the same time it is sad to see big anniversary events not reward time and dedication any longer and instead reward only luck. They have now made the only guaranteed
  13. Yes please, @Kibbelz make all vision weapons available in events or event coin vendor. Considering Asmos don't form for Demaha bosses anymore it is impossible to get those weapons as an Asmo and Anomos dies really fast so unless you are online at the perfect time every spawn window, world boss loot has become increasingly difficult to farm with low populations. I know personally from talking to people that it would raise player morale if you would make world boss loot/weapons more accessible to all active players.
  14. Ty @Kibbelz This was a good solution. Thank you for also addressing the pine needle problem. Please add World Boss weapons to events and people will be even happier
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