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  1. Thank you for updating the name policy to be more fair than it was. The housing situation still is a major downside for many however is there any answers about item collections yet? Since it is a "server consolidation" now does this imply that progress will move with us?
  2. I actually did check as soon as the announcement came and they were gone. I currently don't use this name actually but the two other names I frequently use as mains were "claimed recently" according to support. Names doesn't matter to me though as much as item collections. Whoever took my names can shove em for all I care lol My post was to make the team aware that there are people out there intentionally taking names though and will affect many who do care
  3. I've already emailed support because someone apparently already took my two original names that I had since Beta in 2009. Support informed me they were recently reserved by an active account. So someone is out there intentionally stealing names @Kibbelz @Loki Your team is just going to allow this to happen and force players to quit who would otherwise stay and continue playing? Also what about item collections? Still no answer...
  4. @Kibbelz and @Loki Can we please get some feedback on these issues? I agree things should be made fair for everyone, however many of us need to know that item collections will be transferred over to KT because there's a lot of time and resources spent there. Players from DN should be receiving the same treatment as those from KT and not be treated as secondary players. Period regardless of other "qualities" that were taken into consideration.
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki What about item collections? This is very important as some items/collections came from events and other collections took months and many hours to complete. These need to be transferred otherwise we would need to be compensated with hundred of +15 boxes and thousands of ultimate enchants
  6. @Kibbelz is there news on the server merge details? I was under the impression we were receiving details this week on Monday.
  7. There seems to be some info slowly trickling out though this week. I did check their job listings earlier this year and they were in fact hiring developers listed for [Aion 2] [Console] on their site so I'm fairly certain it is true that it will be cross platform. My guess is they are trying to keep up with games like ESO and Destiny being multi-platform mass player games.
  8. Looks like their website is up with a small look at what's to come. For PC, Consoles, and Mobile platforms. http://aion2.plaync.com
  9. hmm very strange... I'm sorry to hear that though :/ As far as I've seen exitlag users are not getting banned
  10. All my friends are using ping reduction with no bans so idk what you're talking about. The people banned were obviously doing something suspect.
  11. Hey @Kibbelz the big question is will your team still pay attention to normal Aion? I mean can we at least expect to eventually get updated to 8.0? Just trying to see if you guys are trying to put this one into maintenance mode or not. It would be nice to see the new content one day. Thanks
  12. In respect to this, with no intention of starting any arguments or flame wars, I have discussed this with many of my Aion friends as well and we all agree we would like to see the candies and the $30 Daeva Pass go away or at least 100% agree we all would play a new server with none of these things implemented and is subscription only. Thanks.
  13. In this edited 1.2 Version Glads get absorbing fury stigma and springing slice skill book which weren't added until much later in game as well as a couple others. This helps their survivability a lot especially since it's the old 50% heal absorbing fury.
  14. Korean devs pretty much laid out all their plans last year. It will go to 2.7 then go into maintenance mode with no further updates after that. The only way it would go past 2.7 is if popular demand pushes them to go into 3.0 era. People expecting a "different path" from retail are mistaken. They are continuing patches on 8.0 servers and up in Korea because it's still relatively successful and there's been a lot of buzz about 8.2 and 8.5 moving away from p2w structure, but has not been confirmed by any officials.
  15. Never created an Elyos since Beta and never will 😄 Asmos Zones are way better in addition to many Asmo racial abilities.
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