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  1. I'm sorry no has to agree with me and that's perfectly fine but 7.0 extendables from hard instances or fighting for them in VT and BENM is the equivalent of them giving us old table scraps. They had the option of doing imbued weapons which would have benefitted everyone far better and they didn't. There may be more RNG behind Jorgos extendables but they are far easier to grind several of and far better in the end result. The stat difference isn't just minimal. It boggles my mind when players come on here and thank them for giving us old gear when we should have the new stuff already. They said they were going to work on fixing WB drops so that imbued stuff was more accessible to everyone, what happened to that plan? Out the window as usual because they would rather do the minimum required to keep a few high paying players around rather than satisfy the majority and try to attract new players with better gear. I mean look at ultimate transforms, they mentioned that in December I believe and now that more players are within reach of being eligible for that event, they are avoiding it at all costs. The game is dead and yet they are holding onto end game items like their lives depend on it. It's ridiculous and more people should be sticking together to tell them how bad these events fail.
  2. This is by far one of the most confusing and worst changes you guys would make to Aion. I hate bots, but fix the issue for real rather than nerfing everyone's luna who actually does it and needs it to keep up. You guys are better off just making this a daily quest to speak to an an npc to get your mats 1/character/day rather than drastically changing how people get their luna
  3. There's still an imbalance problem though... but yes I 100% agree the Crimson Katalam portal mechanics are 100% rubbish. Realistically, those portals shouldn't even open until both divine forts are done.
  4. My main question currently @Kibbelz is how do you guys plan to handle the faction imbalance? DN-Asmos can't even take divine now with lv5 buff if they even hope to participate in Crimson Katalam sieges.
  5. You guys are kidding with these event rewards right? Ancient and legendary manastones? and 1 event coin for 1 medal? Seriously just replace ALL those rewards with like 1k event coins so people can actually get useful stuff. Appreciate the xp and AP starting early though. However this boost really should be permanent. Thanks.
  6. I feel for you. The Timeless Terrace map is essentially all the bad griefing events in pvp form. Some people enjoy it a ton, most people do not. In all honesty for this patch, the Xeross weapon and Armor are the biggest allure to me. Yes, they are missing crit on the pieces except for the weapon, BUT they all have max tuned HP/Acc/MDef/Pdef, in addition to having identical base stats as Bitterthorn, which are all vital stats for pvp because what use is max crit if you have no defense? Attack is better for pvp anyways. Here's the big catch: Our 7.7 patch is missing all the quality of life improvements from the 7.7 update patches, especially the one that makes the hundreds upon hundreds of Heart of Protections needed to craft a full set more available. I can't find the patch which they were fixed but I know for a fact they made the more available from bosses rather than killing 2k bosses to craft a set. We actually missed most of the quality of life patches that came after. Our update seems to stop before the June 24th 7.7 fixes.
  7. @Kibbelz Just please don't mess up and accidentally remove people's pixels that were BCM purchased. That would be a whole new mess...
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