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  1. Yornforged stage 1 & 2 are also account warehouse tradable so if you're out of runs on your main, do runs on your alts.
  2. Yes and this is what I was talking about. The Apostle selection is a 12 selection, which means all apostles lesser and greater. So Ariel/Azphel Selection would go a long ways saving you 1,500 exp marks and time grinding in the other faction's territory. Ariel and Azphel also both have 27% atk & cast speed. Not the best but not the worst.
  3. I was talking to legion about this because I believe the best apostle to go for is Azphel for Elyos and Ariel for Asmos because it saves you the time of having to grind 1,500 exp marks and all the renown in the opposite faction's zone. All the other ones can be obtained in your zone or through combination although rare. Realistically all 6 of the lower apostles are rare to get so if you would rather grind the ariel/azphel shards, then just go ahead and pick the apostle you need most for stats/collection, although again I highly recommend ariel/azphel due to the high crit damage collection
  4. Lol why target me out of all the other posts? Your response was completely unnecessary and pointless. Sorry to say but Gameforge has had several events where they added extra opportunity to get ultimate transforms. So try again. Thanks byeee 🥰
  5. We need an ultimate transforms event and please sell our two servers to Gameforge. At least they do stuff. More than NA does for their community. Seriously, just make a deal with Gameforge to take over these two servers, it is obvious all resources in NA management have been diverted away from Aion to your other games.
  6. I'm sorry no has to agree with me and that's perfectly fine but 7.0 extendables from hard instances or fighting for them in VT and BENM is the equivalent of them giving us old table scraps. They had the option of doing imbued weapons which would have benefitted everyone far better and they didn't. There may be more RNG behind Jorgos extendables but they are far easier to grind several of and far better in the end result. The stat difference isn't just minimal. It boggles my mind when players come on here and thank them for giving us old gear when we should have the new stuff already.
  7. I mean people have got to see what they are doing to us right? They are throwing old stat weapons at us that will be of little use rather than allowing more players to obtain current WB weapons which are of great use due to their great proc rates. Also manastones, they are selling manastones on BCM now for this event to squeeze more money out of people. This is just... Wow. Wasting money on manastones is just clueless and feeding their rollout of these meaningless events. Edit: Seriously guys I'm in full agreement with @Wrathchild-KT right now, stop feeding Aion NA your money.
  8. Sorry, Aria but I just see the Storm Queen weapons as all but useless for the current pvp environment. 200 less PAttack is everything, including much less defense, and much less accuracy. Would rather take my chances purifying Yorgos. Besides, as an asmo those storm queen weapons are useless against all the para weapons out there. Other people may find use of these old extendables, but from my experience they will be of no use.
  9. Yeah, it's pretty clear Aion NA is just in maintenance mode. Whoever's idea it was to do 6.0 extendables...yeah no words necessary. 6.0 extendy dmg vs full bitterthorn set = L0L.
  10. This is by far one of the most confusing and worst changes you guys would make to Aion. I hate bots, but fix the issue for real rather than nerfing everyone's luna who actually does it and needs it to keep up. You guys are better off just making this a daily quest to speak to an an npc to get your mats 1/character/day rather than drastically changing how people get their luna
  11. Honestly, I don't enjoy auto-hunting and definitely believe it should stay out of open world. However, I will say if there are players who truly want it implemented, I would say keep a permanent instance or zone where auto-hunting works where people can feel like their character is being productive while afk? Idk I know it's pointless making suggestions because plaync will never create new original content for our 2 lonely servers, but it's a thought. You could have a auto-hunt zone for those who want it while keeping it out of open-world to avoid all the other problems, just to
  12. so the logic here is most players don't want auto-hunting, we ask for ulti event to progress past ridiculous rng fail gates, so we get an auto-hunting event instead? 🤯
  13. Yup, I saw this addition last week. The representative transformation system. The real question is why did they not do this to begin with?
  14. I pretty much enjoyed all the instances in 3.0 and most of them in 4.0. To me 3.0 was the Golden age of instances.
  15. I am all for this idea! This would be great! Then when someone gets flagged for being faster than server speed it would send it to support! 😁
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