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  1. Thank god for that! I played 8.0 for a couple of days trying to level a toon from 80 to 85 and each time I encountered a player of the opposite faction, I was killed in under 2sec, most of my gear is Dark Talon. Aion 8.0 world PvP is a total joke. By comparison I rolled a Chanter on Classic Elyos side and had the most wonderful chase and combat with a rifting Asmo glad in Eltnen that lasted several minutes until I finally wore him down. Aion use to be great until 2.0 when they introduced L55 gear and ground forts, then it lost it's appeal for me.
  2. Ok, it's been 3mths. and I don't thing the Siege schedules are working very well at all. This caper of only one fort going vulnerable most of the time is causing poor fort turnover. I propose the following changes. All 3 upper middle forts go vulnerable at once on two days a week. All 3 lower forts go vulnerable at once on two days a week. The upper outer forts schedule remains unchanged. This way there are still sieges 5 days per weeks but there is more chance of a fort changing hands.
  3. They are preoccupied with the release of Aion 8.0. Katalam server is a busy as I have seen it all year. Aion Classic is treading water until the 13th.
  4. How many pets do you need? Storage increase would be nice.
  5. My 90day sub just ran out, and it dropped into the 1hr. trial mode, so no auto renewal which is good. I will renew only after NCwest delivers the goods. ie. I have Aion Classic 1.5 installed and it contains Dredge, so they can go without my small contribution to NA revenue for taking too long to release 1.5.
  6. That's what I am doing. The people that call for a server merge tend to be the impatient ones. Normally something associated with kids wanting everything now "Are we there yet?" Aion Classic is about patience, people who are in for the long haul, not instant gratification. There are plenty of games for the impatient, Aion is not one of them.
  7. When I purchased my 90 day pack, it didn't say I had subscribed for an auto renewal. How can I check? I prefer to pay each time I feel like it, I totally hate auto-deductions for anything.
  8. Support don't read the forums, you are wasting your time here, as Wex says, open a support ticket.
  9. I make a statement of observed fact and you respond with a personal attack. I have an L 32 SM on Siel, therefor I presume you meant re-roll or quit as applies to yourself. If the game depresses you so much, to the point where it's obvious you are not having fun, why persist? Why try and spoil it for others?
  10. Movies have multiple trailers too so they don't show all their tricks at once.
  11. Server is not empty, Abyss might be because people don't like getting ganked. I count over 300 Elyos on atm. and this is the quietest part of the day.
  12. Dredge is a standard part of 1.5. Do you really think they would put in the time and effort to get the Korean devs to remove it? I don't think so.
  13. You are obviously rude and not paying attention to actually reported numbers. Here is the link which shows the daily online numbers taken at siege times. It only shows the online players from L35-L50 which is less than half of all levels playing so you can extrapolate that there are a lot more players online covering the L1-L34 range.
  14. That's only one topic from the 1.5 patch notes which will be a whole raft of changes. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Classic_-_1.5_Update
  15. 1). Absolutely, I would be perfectly happy if all the sociopathic Asmo gankers left IS and went to Siel. I could get on with enjoying the game. 2). I don't care about siege numbers, I get little if anything useful from attending a siege, most of the time we end up grinding the towers for medals, hardly a stimulating activity. On the Elyos side you are lucky to get 10% of the online players attending a siege. I was only pointing out that the claim of IS Asmo side being a ghost town was clearly false information.
  16. Not my problem, if most IS Asmo leave I may not even notice except for less gank. I am not fan of world PvP. Funny how the weekly siege stats on this forum show lots of Asmos, and influence ratio is almost identical to Elyos. I guess that must be Asmo ghosts playing.
  17. One of my friends got a 2 day ban on this forums a few weeks ago, for using a 4 letter word that starts with "c" and ends in "p", and used frequently in the English language. She immediately deleted her entire NCsoft account, never to return after spending thousands of dollars over the years.
  18. I play on IS every day and am in groups doing instances etc. there are hundreds of Elyos on at any given time. When sieges are on I see lots of Resurgence and Sanctus members defending the forts. Each day I see many groups advertising runs from NTC up to TL. There are asmos rifting Heiron or Eltnen most of the time. Lots of things to do. Even PTS back in 2010 had things to do, groups to join, and it had a tiny fraction of the players that are on IS, same goes for EK, it was a small happy population, I played on EK since it went live right up until they merged with KT and made
  19. Should be on the broker. Yeah the stigmas tend to drop from mobs around the same level.
  20. So what you are saying is you would rather we did not have the event because it's below your high standards.
  21. It's not killing the game, it's just annoying a few of the small percentage of players in the Abyss. Most PvP is not in the Abyss, it's rifting. The Abyss is where people grind mobs for AP. There are quest to kill players of the opposite faction at various ranks, and it does not matter if they are pink, red, or purple. One of the quests even rewards you with a godstone.
  22. The public doesn't know when 1.5 is going to launch yet, let alone a feature like that from later patches.
  23. My sub runs out in just over 6 days, but I am not going to renew it until 1.5 is actually out.
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