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  1. Event Disappointment

    If you lost for words allow me to supply one for you...Crybaby . JK JK you got unlucky.
  2. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    Tbh this needs to be a standalone pinned locked topic not buried in a thread the majority will not read. Ty for the news tho please move it to a pinned msg <3
  3. A solution that would benefit everyone

    The next event will be an active one no? Snowball event running instances on ALTs to get more snowballs.
  4. Zombie AFK jumping fest.

    Pre current event players were like sorry afking luna's at the moment. Now during the event instead of it being afking luna it is just afking event. Same shit different stink.
  5. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    The dream.
  6. What keeps you going?

    I know quiet a few people who quit due to their PC's running the game like rubbish. What do you mean by this because the way i am reading it the knowledge you have of WoW players is next to none. This may simply just be something lost in the world of internet that many forget because of how big these people are on Twitch but many of the 5k+ viewer streamers got as big as they did due to the drama they caused with-in WoW prior to becoming a streamer. The names of Aion just never transitioned outside Aion they were happy with their IRL situation by the sounds of it and just moved on from the game. To me Aion was not a farming game it was a game where play styles inter-twined.
  7. What keeps you going?

    Boredom+can not really play FPS games due to going blind so there is that as well. @Unbeatable-KT No PvE servers = no chance of competing with WoWs numbers so it would was never going to be bigger than WoW from the development stage.
  8. Vashiro on EU Forums: What do you want to see in the future of AION?

    You can be creative while re-hashing old content. People re-hash the use of colour in paintings/drawings and for 1000s of years creative paintings have been created through the re-use of old styles. To me they could be very creative if they brought back Morheim/Eltnen back with fragments of the abyss scattered everywhere and say fregion's minions take over the lands trying to re-collect the broken fragments of the artifacts that fell to our lands. This would give us not only a new look to old lands but it would also give us our first peak at the draken/platoon under the following of fregion. Obviously this is just a quick example of what they could do to be somewhat creative with the old content they keep re-introducing.
  9. Vashiro on EU Forums: What do you want to see in the future of AION?

    All about how can GF improve the game it seems. Does not really have anything to do with our region. Interesting read tho.
  10. It probably has more to do with how i was thinking about it than you being slow today. I was looking at it as you get 11 alts and these alts could potentially run 22 PvP instances per day and since PvP instances reset more than 1ce per week that is why i choose them. This means every day if we still had the ability to put morph-able items and enchant stones in the w/h players would have the ability to run 22 PvP instances to progress that gear daily depending on the time invested. Compared to current luna where you only get an extra 3 runs per day the amount of progression content removed from the player base is on an astronomical level. I guess it must have lots to do with KR going f2p because it makes no sense to regress peoples ability to play the game.
  11. To me this is a post from the view of someone who knows that there is no way we can change the development path in NA so you have accepted it as an improvement for the game. If we could use the w/h as we could in the past, Players would have the ability to do 0-22 extra runs per day of w/e PvP instance is available on that day instead of spending 1 hour 30 extra minimum to earn extra runs 3. This is why from my point of view the i can do luna to get cash shop currency luna is a diseased band aid(yep not even a fresh band aid) fix for an issue they brought to the game in the first place through primitive development of a new patch for an established game. They took our ability away to have fun and replaced it with a time sink essentially. How is that not damage to the f2p model?
  12. The issue is looking at other genre's is kinda pointless because it is a different crowd. What games do PoE have to compete with? Diablo and everyone is on the FU blizzard train still so they reap those rewards. Very similar to how PubG was when it released in the BR genre. PubG had no competition aside from the buggy games like Ark(dino riding BR) and Dayz BR mode? I think it was. Then Fortnite which was so polished and mechanically challenging to most with the building mechanic came along and stole the majority of PubGs player base simply for being a better game. Then you had Apex come along and steal more because the game ran better than PubG. While sure the game is not dead the amount of players in the BR genre is not spread around in the MMORPG genre. Then you also have the MOBAs and if you have not watched the making of LoL on Netflix i suggest you do because they had people who were keen to add p2w but they decided against it. Now we get to the MMORPG genre lets say every genre has got 300m world wide(probably more for all genres but lets go with it). It comes down to the fact that there is what 100+ games that are MMORPG's as well as many more that slap the MMORPG tag on their game for release because it gets more sales. The player base is split up so much more. The best comparison for any cash shop game is BDO. What does BDO do different to Aion? They let players be able to use their time to their advantage. If you have 10 hours a day you can make the equivalent $500 worth of cash shop > in-game currency value per week. BDO did not go we are going to gate players progression to keep people online they went we are going to sell progression and keep the core game intact. Each update past 4.pre-omega stone update Aion developers went what can we take away from players who play our game and add it in to a cash shop function. People may say tempering solutions was very p2w but it was a feature that players could easily earn in game through in-game currency because it dropped enough to always be listed on the broker. Omega stones were only on the broker due to bots who were botting in IO for the most part until the omega stones became flash sales items. 5.X took even more away with making peoples progression blow up. 6.0 took even more away by separating PvP and PvE progression/the ability to farm stones on your alts for gear and what not. Right now Aion's best progression system for new/poor returning players f2p is to not play the game. How stupid is that as a game system. Do not actually participate in PvP instances try to avoid fights as much as possible. Do afk luna's and play other games to earn currency because it is more enjoyable than fighting the teleporting bots for the 80 mobs you can kill with your gear. Wait till you get some pandora gear before lfg will take you to instances. The list goes on. This is what established players who still have billions from 5.X not really comprehending the situation they are like the game is fine. TL:DR It is not what they sell it is what they do not allow the smaller spender to do in game to progress that makes Aion suffer. P.S sorry for Wall-O-Text
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    Ohh thanks this makes total sense now. We had an instance reset at 11pm Texas time today. It was also only for those who were logged in.
  14. Those who were logged out...Unlucky...But in all seriousness intended or not?
  15. Ultimate Stones Rates After Enchant O Rama

    It is funny @Vantheria-DN I failed 7 ulti stones as well during that event all on my +14 legendary gloves tho. I would say the enchanting rate has been the same since 7.0 release tho.