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  1. Enchantment rate

    100% has not gotten worse since last patch. It is shit now as it was shit last week.
  2. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    It all comes down to what came before not the time of. EB online > Omega > Gear breaking/crazy cash shop advantages all this leading up to 5.5/5.8 caused the problems not so much 5.5/5.8 itself. All these frustrations(Yes KR was frustrated with them as well) build up until a breaking point happened and that is why what may of been good for the game failed because it was to little to late for changes.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    The point is he clearly stated that he is waiting for all the information before he gives info out on it. No matter how many times you ask he will not give it any sooner than the moment he gets all the information he needs. The meme was good tho i laughed just stating that you are asking for something he can clearly not give.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    I mean both from your EC post. Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. I believe this is a company issue all their games have the same problems with support and slow intel on issues with-in the game.
  5. EC bug compensation

    You will get your compensation when the problem is fixed. Lets say they went Ok lets hand out compensation now, All that will result in is people will be complaining that EC is not fixed and that further compensation will be needed for runs lost. We know people are getting compensated we just do not know when.
  6. Aion black hole event

    People like you that need the game to shut down will never quit Aion. You will just go to P-servers.
  7. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    Can we at least know if it is going to cost BCcoin? or did you already answer this and i just missed the answer?
  8. Cool alts dude

    Probably someone bored AF while their bots farm for them.
  9. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    I think this weeks maintenance is the week. We gonna get some info this week.
  10. MMOS as a genre is dying it seems

    MMORPG genre is not dying like people think it is but each genre has a limited number of players enjoying it. Take the battle royal mode for example you have 3 games to pick from if you want an enjoyable experience. Fortnite/Pubg/Apex. The MMORPG genre has 100s of games now that fits different niches. Alongside this they all have P-servers splitting the player base up even more. If every MMORPG shut down aside from 3 the genre would feel like it is booming again. Ultimately the MMORPG genre created the illusion of a dead genre because of its never shutting down worlds with very bad expansions that make no sense.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    I am going to be very sad if this morph takes luna like the scroll morph.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    I mean by the sounds of it there is no need for good rng. He can just keep supporting the servers and eventually he will get it.
  13. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    So Asmos?
  14. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    What faction do you think abused it more? From where i sit elyos and asmo's abused it equally and then you had those people who spam kicked everyone all the time to catch everyone up in it. Also i am not saying people should not still be compensated for their loss but ultimately as time goes on the abuse becomes less and less of an issue because those who would of had T2 ultimate would be there by now anyways.
  15. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    Think about it that complaint was valid at the time because the patch came out. Now tho, Not so much. Enough time has passed where 80% of the players who got geared through EC bug would of gotten that gear by now through luna runs+ etium buying with stellium.