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  1. The lag is getting worse

    Did you try Exitlag yet? Every Australian/NZ player i know uses exit lag and none of us are having issues. I am from South Australia. We got 4 of us that use exitlag + bingtang that makes 5 and all of us are having the same issues which is not stupidly high packetloss+ping but the old ely/asmo lag. Also i have have NBN. < Same ping i get during siege with exit lag. Also the instability is due to a large amount of uploads going on in my house currently affecting the stability of my game.
  2. Countless posts about Stigmas

    They already have. NCwest notes: Event gave to many stigma stones. Solution: Nerf stigma enchant stones from future events so we have less complaints about rates. Without events the majority would not of had these attempts to complain about so you should be thankful you got the chance at all. If you a paying player keep paying you will eventually get there buddy'ol'pal
  3. Stigma stone enchantment

    EuroAion is a P-server not an actual server so their payment model is based on keeping the server open not based on making profit to keep new(or in ncsofts case old) content coming out for players to spend. No one wants to stream on NA Aion because no one is doing anything that is why. Last time i checked they gave their players cash shop currency for streaming their server because it gets more players in to the server if it is popular on twitch.
  4. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    The thing with MMORPG's is no one ever releases numbers of co-current players by country. If i were a betting man i would bet that WoW currently has more co-current player base than any Asian released MMORPG in all Asian countries but we will never know for sure because developers are not forced in to letting this information out to the public and is often why many games steer clear of platforms such as steam and so on. What i am getting at is developers in Asia are just getting a slice of the pie. Some get a bigger slice due to timing/graphics or others get it due to power = king and players pay for power. This does not mean they are the most played games in their country tho.
  5. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    You act as if the biggest games in Asian countries are all grindy games.The biggest games in Korea are instant games just like every where else in the world. League/pugb/fortnite and probably valorant now are all top games in almost every country around the world. Given this information i would say that very few grindy MMORPG's would be at the top of the list for games play in Asian countries. You hear about them alot because you mostly hear about people who spend 10s of 1000s on them. The problem with MMORPG's is the gamers themselves. IMO when i look back and all the research i done for Aion when i was gonna release a video that was 3+ hours long that was just impossible to condense. I would say the Aion of today resembles player feedback more than players want to admit. The QQ about sorcs being able to insta gib people with quick casting and crazy damage - Now nerfed They crying melee is to weak vs ranged despite them being a very competitive classes since the RS when silence became available. The complaint that players had to rely on other classes for max attack speed while others could get it with normal stigma's. The QQ where clerics/chanters had over whelming advantages because they could full heal them selves(now so can nearly every class if their is mobs in open world). The complaints that you had to PvE to get the best PvP gear. The list could go on and on but i am just giving examples on how the players have influenced the game be it the Korean players only or the western players it is more westernized than you think.
  6. Why is this coming back?

    It was a core successful mechanic they added in the past to improve their game obviously...Or they are just seeing what they can get away with. This gear was also originally meant to be infinitely enchanted as well before they capped it at 15.
  7. Asmodian incentives incoming soon?

    Logged in recently seems like it has the same amount of players as 6.0 release had. So if you considered 6.0 dead then yea it is dead. If you considered 6.0 to be alive then sure the game is still kicking. All comes down to events. No reason to leave town why even leave town unless you wanna find people to grief? there is none.
  8. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Time to throw out some yellow gear and say it was +15 dark talon gear in my support ticket.
  9. Farewell Daevas!

    Rough time to lose a job , See ya. On a side note does that leave just Gideon? Are we down to 1?
  10. End Game topics of interest

    This has been a feature since early Aion. It is not unfair, If you see someone Xform log out/do something else in game for 10-20 mins problem solved. The mechanic has been around and used like this for over 10 years.
  11. Manastone Mayhem Details

    Because sometimes you need it re-posted multiple times for those who refuse to heed the first and second warning LEL.
  12. End Game topics of interest

    I hope you asmo i would hate to think elyos have turned in to this guy. We use to be the nice faction .
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 22, 2020

    Are you getting stones instead? or legitimately just no reward at all?
  14. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    TRUE!!! i totally forgot about this. Actually this may be where all my frags came from that makes way more sense. From events that gave em to alts then i stored em. RNG does not relate to difficulty aside from having the patients to keep smashing.
  15. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    The hardest part is patience. Eventually you will get enough materials because the game legitimately gives you everything for just showing up these days. Someone who has 2-3 hours can progress at the same speed someone who plays 16 hours a day unless the person playing 16 hours is paying more or events give out something trade-able. Edit: Well i guess i did forget about fragments so there is that and they do take a while but if you wait around for an event you will eventually have enough anyways with out even playing so again patience. Legit i logged in during the Xmas event i think it was and got 4k frags on my main spending only kinah. It comes down all comes down to hanging around long enough till they legitimately give you everything you need.