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  1. Bye bye Bless Online

    This to me makes me not understand why publishers/developers can not understand the western needs. Many say it is subscription based games others say it is amazing PvE games but really all they need to do is a bit of fan service. Make the players feel like they mean something other then a $ sign. BDO in the 3 years? Probably closer to 4 years now i forget has made great strides improving their game for new/existing/hardcore players but their biggest improvement is the communication with the community.
  2. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    I wonder how many players deemed it impossible after their first attempt.
  3. The veilenthrone

    It is a bigger issue to the LORE if a dragon lord... you know one of the top bosses with-in the game were weak. Personally i am never going to see this instance and while it does bug me i would rather the hardest fights in the game have meaning once you beat them. Dragon lords should be an accomplishment when you beat them.
  4. Bye bye Bless Online

    I guess this is my fault for not deleting the enchanting part. I personally see no issue with enchanting. Enchanting to me only is a big issue because they have no off-peak hours ways to obtain enchant stones effectively in 6.0 compared to all other patches this is a disappointing experience for me on this front. The rates tho IMO are better then they were in 3.0 from my own enchanting experience and just miles ahead of 5.X enchanting(i quit before any power up events and the 100% enchant change came in). Manastones are only going up in price and that is not due to supply/demand it is due to lack of players farming due to how unrewarding it is. As prices rise it gets worse and worse for anyone who is not still wallowing in riches. The only ones who are effectively being able to currently socket their gear effectively are those with riches and those who are buying kinah from kinah sellers/bcm users. As you can see i have ample kinah from previous patches to improve my own character just fine(i am sure i am poor compared to most). Like the OP said people are having issues with manastones and that is getting worse to the increasing price of stones and the ever increasing gear check requirements for instances. How are new players ever going to get in to FM groups let alone IDD/PF groups before they quit playing? It is about taking an outside perspective and understanding the annoyance of having to effectively farm X amount of kinah before you can even be accepted in the basic of groups. It is not about Easy it is about allowing players to play the game and obtain their goals with-in the game. It makes me wonder if you have actually had a conversation with a new player that has joined since 6.0 at all.
  5. Bye bye Bless Online

    Just how much material did you come in to 6.0 with?
  6. Bye bye Bless Online

    Bless had to many major downfalls... Duping killed the game day one and they did not ban/reset the servers it was over at that point. People warned them about the duping method already and they did not fix it. It was in every other region. Imagine having 300,000 tempering solutions in 1 day. This is how much people had and they got to keep them all.
  7. recommendations for new game to play ?

    All games are p2w now days. Even WoW is p2w. Did you see how much the number 1 raiding guild was in debt to obtain world first? I think it was like $10,000 worth of WoW tokens to obtain that world first. Players will always use money to gain advantages where ever they can. There is a huge difference between Aion p2w and BDO p2w which you only understand after you play it. BDO p2w enhances everything you do in the game where Aion is pay to do anything in the game.
  8. Dear BCM person: Please add these to the store.

    I do want me that elroco hat
  9. Event Rewards.

    How many times has cyan said report X glide hacker or Y glide hacker to support and if they are cheating they will get banned then closed the thread because you can not talk ill of people on the forums. Only for them to never be banned. He has lied to us countless times but coming at someone is not allowed nor does he deserve it so i am not going there. I get what your saying @Aly-DN and i think your right pretty sure cyan did say something like that to us. Now lets say NCwest did do it how does it change the fact that it could be to test out new monetization tactics? The player base hated it and still hate it yet they are not fixing it. The transformation system is the only part in the game that i would say has the players united opinion on. Anyone who says they love it are memeing people can say they do not mind it but no one loves it. Now what could NCwest possibly gain through doing this change? Maybe release a new server where their is 0 currency and all of a sudden you notice lockbox sales are through the roof. Incase you did not know for the first few weeks lockboxes were selling out on EK. I know only a few but players left their scrolls running when they went afk and specifically bought more lockboxes to get kinah so they can keep their yellow transformations running. From my standpoint they made plenty of money thanks to the change and i would say it was a very successful monetization change to the region and now they know since the new server was essentially a simulation of a new game release on a much smaller scale. They can take the information they learnt and apply it to future games. Yes this can be considered shadow chasing in a sense but we have no idea what ncwest/soft is doing as they do not communicate with us. Essentially every post on the forums is theory crafting now since we can not get any information out of ncwest/soft about our feedback.
  10. Event Rewards.

    Here is an interesting perspective. What if the change for this was not because NCwest asked for it but NCsoft was testing out different monetization tactics in our region for future projects like project TL and w/e they are releasing. Since we know they are planning on moving in to the console market with their newest games they just be using us as cattle to test these monetization tactics. Gamers never look at a perspective like this because they are the consumer. You have to wonder at some point why are NCwest not giving a rats ass about the game yet not shutting it down at the same time.
  11. Event Rewards.

    How do you know that? We all just run off assumptions and personal speculation spread around our circle of friends we play with. Unless you have leaked insider information that you can post we have to assume that NCsoft is just as guilty since they would know how dire the situation is/was. They were getting the information that we wanted shards. Since you had cyan say they were sending this information through to them. We do know they can change the price of items in-game tho as shown with the Tia eye event and the ninja removal of the event npc. We do not know if they have a choice in what is and is not in an event tho until they remove event items mid event.
  12. Event Rewards.

    Personally i do not believe any one of us talking on the forums understand what goes in to making changes in the game be it events or game changes from the back end point of view. I do believe that changing core gameplay issues 1ce is far easier then putting better rewards in every event moving forward since all events have different currency therefore they would need to code that every event. Like i said tho i have no idea what they have to do in their back end and maybe it would be easier to make better event rewards. Ultimately for me i would rather general game play be made better but at the same time they add better payment options on the cash shop instead. I do not care if someone wants to buy 50 ultimate stones for $200 but i do care if the only way i can obtain them is via anti-interaction with other players. The issue is most do not want to play Aion they just want to have the best gear of the patch and this is why events are favored as the go to method because most events can be done solo with 0 interaction.
  13. Event Rewards.

    How about spicing up the game instead?
  14. sm

    Or just group up with a cleric/SW
  15. recommendations for new game to play ?

    The entire game is AoE some just have bigger AoEs if you want an SS tier class musa is the best class.