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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    Account store-able? Poggers? Unintended? Either way leave it this is a good change keep this up for future events this is NCwest/soft listening to the community.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    Like i said blatant p2progress nothing dirty nothing secretive, nothing hidden. They want 1000s of $ from you if you want to progress with-in the same patch that gear releases. If you can not afford 1000s of $'s then wait for the OP events to become relevant again. It is not dirty it is a tactic to make you want to spend money and it works. If i was thinking about myself i would be QQing for OP events because i am probably behind even you. 650+ stigma's only got me 5 +9 stigma's. Recently i got my 6th +9 but that was just through sheer spending billions of kinah on the broker till it finally succeeded. I fail 15+ ultimate stones from 13-15 on almost every piece of legendary gear and struggle to even get gear to 13 with legendary stones. Combined 32 ancient contracts in batches of 4 instead of 6(my fault) and got 0 legendary contracts. I still use some legendary items or red PvE accessories so i can get the heal boost on them. You name it i struggled with it as much or if not more than most of the Aion community.. Had to have all my PvE gear donated to me from other runs because my runs were always dry to the point my friends are convinced i am Lady Siel's cursed child. The difference is there is a bigger issue then just giving people free stuff because it does not help the population of the game. Aion's issue is if you are not at end game the playable options are so bad that it is not even worth playing and just waiting it out for good events. I think that is wrong. That is the dirty side of Aion. The content with-in the game is so un-worth it that people QQ all the time on the forums looking for better events just to progress at all when all this energy should be directed to making the content more playable so people want to stay with the game because events have not been doing shit for this game and that is why players are leaving. Ok i may of gone off in to a bit of a rant about stuff that had nothing to do with what you said but...ahh well.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    There is nothing dirty about the way they get money from people. It is blatant p2progress. How is something that is to blatant dirty? You are just so salty at the state of the game you are looking for things that the company is not doing.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    @Kibbelz This is good keep this up with every event. Do not make players have to choose between playing with a group or playing alone to get the event reward. If you keep making the loot party loot then players will know NCwest are listening to us even if it is something so minor in the grand scheme of the Aion issues.
  5. Aion Subreddit

    Yep go there if you want to see P-server promotion hehehe.
  6. Keep the renown reduction change

    The whole system was designed to push their auto play feature which is a conditioning mechanic to transition the players out of PC and in to the mobile game when it releases. They plan on cannibalizing all the players from Aion PC in to Aion 2 the mobile game. If NA is not getting the Korean bot program added to our region then we should not have a reduction system at all.
  7. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    How? Not having reasonable play-able mechanics hurts the company and harm's players more than people running alt armies so that should be the priority over removing how some may enjoy playing the game. You can not take away a players enjoyment and then they will start doing something else they will more than likely just rage quit the game thus removing even more players from your product. To fix current issues the play-able mechanics need serious buffs that make players feel enjoyment when participating in said content.
  8. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I guess i needed to go far more in-depth. First tho you can run more than 2 clients with out doing anything shady so long as you know how to us the window's 10 features. If i had of gone more in-depth here is what i would of said. Players have accumulated 10s of billions over the months from doing luna day in day out over the course of their time playing since the kinah bundle was added in. This is obviously something a player will not get in a week or 2 but with persistence you can get billions with 0 effort aside from logging accounts in to afk luna. How often do you fail luna if you afk it? Rarely, I think maybe 1 in every few 100 you get an A rank instead of an S rank. Keeping this in mind you basically get 24 luna lights daily with the odd week getting 1 or 2 less if you stuck to the 2 client per PC rule. Taking in to account say 4 luna lights = 1 100% bundle(i forget if it was 3 or 4 or could be both) that is 6 bundles every day worth of luna lights spread across your 24 characters on 2 accounts. I would say the average amount of kinah you get from luna kinah bundles is the 10m amount. Yes you get the 5m often but the bonus 20m here 20m there and the 100m jackpot would def event it out to 10m+ but we will keep it at 10m for the sake of making things easier. This means every single day you earn 60m kinah worth of luna lights. Looking at the bigger picture if you actually commit and do it every day, In 30 days that would be 1.8b per 2 accounts of 12. You will eventually see the bundle pop up so you will eventually be able to convert all your materials. It is about commitment to the boring mundane task that is not playing Aion for so long that it is actually rewarding. This is excluding the fact that many swear it is more worth to get the 75% bundle for 2 luna lights? or was it 1 or both i totally forget these prices. Taking this in to account if you did 4 accounts at the same time you double that to 3.6b per 30 days it only takes 3 months to get over 10 billion raw kinah excluding broker fees of course. Now if players who were cheating were doing a dozen accounts in a day think about how much that is per month. As for luna lights not being the bottle neck i guess there could be the potential of my friends and I not running out of 5.0 luna materials thus creating a situation where we simply have more issues with luna lights. You need 10s of billions if you miss out on specific events that are game changing or you wait months or years and hope those game changing events come back around.
  9. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Ignore that read what you said wrong.
  10. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    This is also one of the bigger issues that surrounds the game as well. I was talking to a temp that is hunting the hidden mobs to get ultimate manastones in hope's they will convert in to new manastones so they can convert them in 8.0. Even if Kibblez does some great changes if 8.0 gets announced with-in the next 6 months as they are working on these changes players will not appreciate the changes because everyone will be prepping for a big patch. I actually think fighting fragments will not be required in 8.0 i think it will be infinite enchant gear again with new requirements. I do think however you will more than likely get rewarded handsomely for them so it is gonna be worth holding on to that is for sure.
  11. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    When you talk about a major shift in the direction from how Aion has been operating thus far is big words. The thing is currently the issues you have chosen to tackle right off the bat as a team is...well how to say it, Ambitious. Forgive me if this comes across passive aggressive because it is not intended at all. Let me start with Prestige because this will give you an incite as to why they are ambitious, The Prestige pack has always been dwarfed by events and recently in 5.0/6.0/7.0 is dwarfed by Luna. Players right now are not going to choose to subscribe if players who do not have to pay can get stuff they can get with-out even having to actually play the game. What i mean by not play the game is living in luna, Luna has a mechanic where you can AFK inside the instance get S rank get free luna lights and get 10s of billions of kinah through using dozens of accounts. There is almost nothing you can not buy in this game with-out kinah. Something the Aion developers fail to understand thusfar is that the NA region are a lazy region getting something for free even if it is boring = better than playing the game and struggling. Beyond this you have events, Going by cash shop prices some events from the start of 6.0 till now have given over $1500s worth of items from single events. Prestige is 180 total a year single events are giving more value than prestige ever has while some may debate this people have gotten transforms that cost 1000s to obtain if you used the cash shop with out events. Again events are fine being strong but the issue is the value of playing the game is so low due to the issue Vantheria made a meme about and screen capping the top issue. This is why you see an upset when it comes to the rates for this new event because we have had events in the past that were stronger than playing the game. If the team fails this first task of making a good Prestige system worth paying for and makes the game worth playing over afking then the major shift will fall short on its first mission. Also we have received more communication from you in the past 2 weeks than we have received from the past like 4 years so you are currently going in the right direction for the major shift.
  12. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    It reduced your resources to a critically low amount so yes that is how a critical output works.
  13. Nostalgia takes me for a moment. retrospective moment.

    Why are WoW classic servers full? Because of the overwhelming support for their classic P-server community. Servers with 50k-100k players waiting in ques to get on to these P-servers while here in NA you do not have fanatics that exist with WoW's community total numbers adding up in to the millions. It got to the point where people were un subbing because the community surrounding these P-servers were not only more helpful and less toxic but they actually took the time out of their own day to help 1000s of new comers to their server. Aion never even had 1million players in the NA region and you expect them to be able to pull off the same feat? It's total player base across all P-servers is less than 25,000. This includes all international servers in this number count as well. NA P-servers have max like 3k and that is being extremely generous. P-servers popularity represents those who desire older versions of a game. When players leave Aion they leave because it is garbage for them not because they want to play older versions of the game. This is just it. This is how people played Aion back during those periods that is why they are still toxic now. Aion brings out toxicity because if you are not toxic you will have someone else who is try and muscle in to your spot. I met healers in Aion who are literal garbage but since they talk down on other healers they secure their position in groups because people agree with them instead of seeing what is in-front of them. Communities carry games. Ignoring WoW's success lets use another game Age of empires 2. No other game has such an overwhelmingly positive community like AoE 2. AoE when HD came out looked dead they thought it was the end but the community pushed for one last effort and got AoE2 DE released and it brought 10s of 1000s of players back to the game to the point where it is now considered an E-sport worth competing in. All this came about thanks to the overwhelming support and positivity surrounding content creators brought the community up off its defeated feet to continue fighting for the game. Aion never had the community to begin with which sounds insulting to players but is not everyone does something that is toxic to another. Hell PvPers find it toxic when PvErs refuse to fight them despite entering PvP content so even PvErs often end up being the toxic community in games. Aion is full of broken players where a good portion accept cheating as valid strategy for playing end game. There is no one nor anything on the horizon that can bring players back from this and that is what type of game Aion has become.
  14. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I want to start by saying you impressed me in terms of the feedback part especially the luna change that legitimately fell on deaf ears for years at this point. This is the first time we got decent communication with our issues broken down since before 3.0. To keep on this communication train i would like to bring up the XP part of this feedback. I want to start by saying while i am someone who does 5-10 characters in SAS i think ultimately the compensation is fair based off how previous compensation has been handed out to us since 6.0. The XP bonus is nice but i would like to really get in to the issues with XP so you understand as someone new to Aion currently face and is why many new aion players walk in get to 80 then NOPE out the way they came in. This here is a list of items a new player will need to buy excluding morphing bobo coins and current progression item purchase's for current BiS progression. Even if we remove the Apostle shard bundles it is 120+ shards weekly. Even at 3x XP that is something close to a 30-40 hours grinding weekly unless there is a secret undisclosed XP grinding locations in fear of it being nerfed. While i understand they will need the renown for much of this and some of it will take a new player weeks or months to obtain the high ranks they need, It is not feasible for a new player to sustain 30+ hour grind weeks. I am not saying these prices need a change but the acquisition of how we currently obtain XP needs a change. Currently to my knowledge(i could be very far off the mark here so someone correct me if i am wrong) XP from luna/SAS/shugo vault seem to be top tier with elites in IGG/Gelk coming in second place that will likely be bumped up to top tier during this XP event. I understand the changes you will be able to make with out NCsoft's permission will be minimal and since the system is designed around the bot program they have introduced in Korea. The changes we need is improvements on the every day activities so the insignia's come organically that leave us with a grind if we want to go above and beyond to buy everything. Example: If you do SAS every day and a a quest or 2 + some grinding you can make 14 crystal's a week for free essentially thanks to the lebo's XP daily quest . That is organic you do in-game content and you get rewarded for doing so. Right now many of the instances feel very unrewarding. Like Esoterrace drops a yellow item for all...cool, The problem is it gives you less exp than 1 exp crystal from SAS probably. It totally invalidates other content since these vendors are meant to be the rewarding part of the game and since they are so expensive new players leave almost instantly knowing there is 0 chance to ever catch up in the current XP issues. Not all content needs higher XP added to it some need rates on items changed and people would be happy enough to have that for a starting change. Instances like Esoterrace,Herion(yep cant spell) Mine,IDD,PF Easy mode and all the easier content to complete feels very unrewarding. The changes to not need to be some f2p change it needs to be a change that is sustainble for both the company and the game. Using Esoterrance as an example here is something that would be organically rewarding for both the players and the company. Esoterrance: F2P version Kill boss surama - Reward x2 Experience Crystals - Repeatable 3x weekly Total Experience Crystals per week = 6 Presitege version - Kill boss surama - x5 Experience Crystals Repeatable 3x weekly = $15 You have to kill the boss already so it rewards the players organically through core gameplay mechanics. You reward those who are paying you a subscription fee slightly better but not so much better that it makes players feel like quitting but also tempts players to get the prestige. Beyond that you just sell Insignia's in the cash shop for those who want to outright pay for them. It is like a win win win because every player will feel like they have progression catered to them as a player. I hope you can see where i am coming from and it would be nice to hear some feedback on what NCwest can do for us in regards to this. The issue is we have been told you need permission from KR and when it comes to finding out the information KR passed on you guys/girls/other.
  15. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Actually kinda interesting reading it all back and seeing everyone coming up with the same points but totally different views on it and how they could fix the problems.