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  1. ABSURD retune prices

    Does NCwest have direct access to your wallet now?
  2. The BDO b2p model failed as the reason they did it was to not add X or Y that is now in the cash shop for pure greed. They actually talked about this in their BDO festival admitting they became to greedy and were blinded by the money to make fair game updates for all of our players involved. They are now taking/changing some of these systems that made the content and gear gap to big for 90% of the players out. Fundamental systems in BDO are the reason for it still being somewhat successful. Aion had these fundamentals but removed them. Now with out going in to a 45 page rant about Aion's changes BDO still gives a great new player experience while also giving the long term player a reason to keep logging in. While Aion has no reason to log in as a new player past reset day.
  3. ABSURD retune prices

    Common sense goes out the window when the ability to obtain power becomes involved.
  4. ABSURD retune prices

    But guys/girls/other everything needs to be this expensive or they will have to shut the servers down
  5. New snowball item

    Fixed for you <3.
  6. New snowball item

    Can confirm i got transformation scrolls(normal) and my mate got 2 PvE legendary stones from his +10 snowball.
  7. Ncwest team.

    I thought NCwest is just a branch of NCsoft no? Like 100% owned and controlled by Ncsoft?
  8. Ncwest team.

    You got me laughing up the wall sideways with this one.
  9. Great Event

    Aion will never die so long as we have our faithful leader Dahboo.
  10. Nothing to do basically.

    That red transformation contract is end game. If you do not currently have it and you are not running bos/coe/fm/mirash on 8 characters on your account then you have plenty of content to spam.
  11. Nothing to do basically.

    PLZ link your red transformation contract.
  12. The Elephant in the EK Room

    12/10 post keep em coming. Lets hear the next theory crafting idea about EK-E plz <3 .
  13. What is this?

    Hey if McDonald's can have a secret menu so can NCwest.
  14. Gear Disparity current patch

    Has anyone tested a full set of crafted ultimate gear vs the compensation gear?

    Call up your ISP. Pretty sure they can give you a no access to X or Y IP for a set amount of days. I know gambling addicts can do this so i can not see why a gaming addict could not.