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  1. Revive the 4.6 Feeling

    It shows. All caps and everything... Like seriously dude you could not afford to lose IQ in the first place but losing a full 100 when you were only at 37. #next time change font size
  2. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    PvE is never about the now its about the future they progress to get ready for the next patch endlessly. They are gearing up to participate in future content. Atleast PvErs are not going +15 gear to not do instances they are just trying to make their content faster. PvPers in Aion on the other hand dodge their own content so they can get gains to dodge later on to continue getting gains. Chasing ranks chasing gear is endless. Now not everyone does this but i would say their is a large chunk doing this just because others are doing this. The Arena stuff is a great example of this.
  3. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    How try hard does that make PvPers then?
  4. Why did they quit Aion in the first place. I know more people who quit over the way NCwest lacks the ability to run their own servers then i did know who quit over crappy content that came after EBonline. I feel your only thinking of the good times and not the times where 60-80% of the players you run in to are astronaut's if ya get my drift.
  5. Players kill servers not servers. If you do not have enough players which a classic server would not then there is 0 point in releasing one.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 20, 2019

    Do you buy E's? Then what is your problem? Do you not buy E"s. Well the chance to get one is lower then the chance to get a vinna. 82 boxes opened 0 E's. You probably would of only gotten 1 or 2 anyways.
  7. Competition Ranking is not LEGIT

    Why does it have to be a mom that is unskilled why can it not by a daughter or a son?
  8. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    This is another issue tho. What may not be valuable to you may be valuable to others. Lets say they added Tea of Repose personally i would love if the worst reward we got was x5 or x10 tea of repose. However many players would consider this a useless reward because they got compensated with legitimate 1000s. I know people who have over 8000 Tea of repose due to compensation rewards, These players would complain that they do not need these as they are finding it hard enough to use all theirs up in the first place. This is just me giving an example of what you may consider useless but others will not consider useless. The minion contract is useless and i get your sarcasm but the issue is most do not want to see better events or w/e they want to see only what they need from events not what enhances the core gameplay like NCwest said to us in their producers letter.
  9. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    To be honest it is just insulting at this point. They come out with a producers letter saying how they want events to enhance the core gameplay of Aion not take it over so they give rewards like major minion contracts/shards. This means they genuinely believe that getting/paying for these rewards are enhancing the core game play of Aion.
  10. Elyos Asmo Situation

    You are so getting banned because i doubt anyone gonna answer you so your going to have to spam. Just out of curiosity tho what is your response after you get zerged or die to a player/group? Do you go P2W zerg baddie bad or do you ask LFG ask your friends to come out and wreck some scrubs that can only 3v1? It is an MMORPG after all. As for your whole ely walks 3m to get help i never get help i die all the time alone and afraid.
  11. Biggest mistake: Not giving NCwest enough freedom to adapt the game to our region and or NCwest not bothering with the freedom they do have. Biggest OK: Its Aion. I really have 0 issues compared to others.
  12. Melee Crush not working?

    Tested it on a player?
  13. Something needs to be done about PvE

    Really... its taking your entire life to get 1 simple thing?
  14. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Your forgetting transformation contracts. This is often overlooked but i would say with confidence that i get atleast 20-25 contracts extra per month thanks to the prestige pack. Its a small bonus but a bonus overlooked by just about everyone.
  15. haha hey boiz

    I think it is two different people they just friends...Well i hope its two people. Regardless this is the best posts that come from these guys/and or girls always makes me smile.