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  1. The Man Who Saved Aion

    E-peen taken to a new level of "quality" humor.
  2. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Not enough content i 100% agree with but shard style wars is a player issue not a game/developer issue. The only difference between these Outposts and shard wars is that you could fly. For the majority of players at shard wars getting hit by the mobs = 100% death every time. People simply do not want to PvP thus there is no shard style wars anymore in the game. Back during shard wars you always had those temp/clerics that would pull the guards so you could go in. Now everyone plays only for themselves for the most part so no one pulls the guards away anymore.
  3. you've butchered your own game...

    Less than 10% take up the 1500-2100 ranking slots and the difference between a 1700 player and a 2.1k player is only the players APM. Everyone below 1500 lack the APM needed to break through the 1500 bracket despite the knowledge they have on the game. Despite this AoE2 legitimately has the nicest competitive/ranked community i have ever met in a game. You can only blame your own skill if you can not climb unlike MMORPG's. Fair competition will never be a thing in MMORPG's because of the issues that are out of fair's vocabulary. Gear/numbers/Class balance/Level advantages and so on. These are all factors in MMORPG's that make PvP unfair and that is the reason it is so fun to begin with. More over it is the reason why MMORPG players can make more memories than say MOBA players or BR/FPS players can make hence the more nostalgic feels MMORPG players are impacted by. MMORPG players consider the game they are playing at the time to be fair competitively so long as they are enjoying the time with-in the world. It only becomes unfair competitively when they are getting bored. MMORPG players are notorious for sticking with a game for 3+ years longer than they should due to these memories they made from the gear/number/class balance they had in or against their favor. There is simply to many things to balance in an MMORPG to make them competitive and when you attempt to make them competitive they become a bloody homogenized mess that legitimately ruins every other aspect of the game for both PvP and PvE players. Games where gear often = power people get this blanket of sorts that inflates ego that deflates super hard when vsing someone with equal gear and a better skill level than themselves. This is not just my opinion it is simply the genre's design philosophy. It is why developers keep making the same mistakes over and over and over because the genre is make a living breathing world where lots of players can interact. This means Time/gear/numbers/class balance/level advantages are issues that will always be present in an MMORPG worlds. There is no fixing all of these issues with out making a game is in actual fact apart of a different genre.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    What DN is at EK level of player base now?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    When you say more active do you mean there is simply more Elyos to fight or do you mean both factions are more active?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    Imagine after 10 years thinking NCwest is going to change their ways... This is how they are with legitimately every game they own. They have been this vague since the release of Aion in our region. To think otherwise is a you problem not an NCwest problem. Blade and soul meme because they treat every game community under their control the same.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    Thank you yet again for another hard working week NCwest. We appreciate all you do to keep Aion in such a great payable state.
  8. Do you guys remember when...

    I mean to say the age of MMO's is going the way of dodo birds i feel is not true. WoW classic had the biggest release in 2019. BDO still has 100,000s of players on NA(people have no idea how active NA is)Also with them announcing dungeons later on in 2020 BDO may boom this year. FF14 is going strong with out a doubt square enix still come out with road maps. The only games that are doing garbage are the games that have developers/publishers that simply do not give a shit about their community. Sad for us who like these games and just want to see them improved communication wise not abandoned but this overall good for the genre as a whole.
  9. Do you guys remember when...

    Yea PCs will always be better but that is kind of the reason why Aion is in such a sad state. Even mobile games are 100% out performing Aion in terms of being an MMORPG. They stopped getting as much money because they ruined Aion themselves and took 0 responsibility for it and tried to shaft the players. If you look at every other game out their including random 20 year old games like Age of empires 2 to name 1 and a recent release of archage unleashed to name another the developers took responsibility and worked on fixing broken mechanics with-in the game. Ncsoft's idea of fixing the game was to take feedback from the players and figure out how can they make people spend more on their game and have those spending players defend/justify playing Aion. To their credit they did it great. Spending players were defending for a while till they ran out of things to spend on for the most part.
  10. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    these rates are decent... was the NCsoft trainee fired after giving such generous rates?
  11. january 3rd

    I mean Did not even need to scroll down for this information. If you want information from the dev's look at the dev tracker first. That was less than 1 month ago. What more information do you need? That covers legitimately everything you need to know aside from what you are actually receiving. Is there some running joke going on that i am missing here or what?
  12. Snowball Event Rewards Gacha Probabilties

    Was that 3 legendary contracts...Nice!!!
  13. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    The only right you have is to quit playing if you are not happy. It is NCsoft/Wests right to remove an instance that is bugged. Hell i am surprised they did not decided to permanently remove it from our region due to this bug only being discovered due to Player pop being so low. Having an instance that is meant to be 96v96 is pointless for a region that rarely even gets 2 full alliances in their at a time for both factions. Also there is legitimately nothing that can make NCsoft/west look any worse because they are known as the company you go to if you want to hack and cheat/exploit in the west because they legitimately do not care. I have met people others in other games...scratch that other genre's that talk this way about NCsoft/west when i mention what games i like. A reputation can not get any worse than that. Thankfully they have a stubborn player base that is willing to fork out when they inject content in to the game via events.
  14. 2 versions of the same daev skill at the same time ?

    Ahh so it is the new odian skill system nice nice. Does that mean clerics can have both flash heals in now?
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    Yea it is about having all types of events running for everyone at the same time. You want cash shop based events because you spend $250 a week on our product we got you. You can not afford our cash shop do not worry you can get almost as good rewards from our participation events as the cash shop based players get. You to lazy or to busy to play our game every day of the week then we got you as well with our login rewards. We released new stuff and we want you to try it because it opens up more cash shop avenues for more spenders in the future so have free stuff for trying it out. Give us feedback and tell us if you like it as your feedback is valued. You want to be rewarded for being in a guild in our solo orientated game...We got you, here is more rewards. You do not have the $400 required to enjoy our game to its fullest from the get go well try out our new new/returning player rewards and save money for giving our product another go. Compare it to Aion, Last night i opened 66 snowballs and got 3 +10s(got legendary contract) and i did not feel rewarded i felt the opposite. I felt annoyed because i know i can log on to the other 100+ characters and make a stupid amount of kinah daily which i do not want to do. I am not saying take this ability away from people in-fact the opposite i want people to be able to do that and everyone else get their play style rewarded as well. P.S For those that doubt i got a legendary contract last night.