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  1. Private can not see it. Are they going up to level 90 or just 85? Or even 100? Edit: NVM found my answer level 85, You can see what skills are getting upgraded levels on the website preview page.
  2. The spenders who can not leave their investment behind will still be here do not worry about that .
  3. Yea pretty cool update NA does need that.
  4. I agree but you should of stopped at do not whine because everything you mentions is rampant over in KR and they care less about our region so the cheating will be even worse. Again tho the difference between retail and classic will always be the fact that on retail not playing benefits you more than playing the game while in classic if you AFK/derp around in town you will not be progressing at all.
  5. @Kibbelz Back in the day before you joined there was another unintended mechanic by NCsoft/west, This was to do with evergale canyon. NCwest previously banned anyone who exploited that unintended mechanic and if the mechanic is unintended i think you should consider being consistent with NCwest's CoC/ToS and so on and ban every player who exploited it this time around. It after all is the players fault for abusing something rather than reporting the unintended mechanic.
  6. I mean NCsoft are geniuses, Make dumbasses(well probably smart) spend millions on your game till they get salty and do something stupid that breaks the law then take them to court make more money and then keep getting more money from them because they can not quit your game.
  7. You buy hunting bombs to kill them, That is probably why you did 0 damage. You can get them from the golden sand shop or from an NPC in igg/gelk. Unless they changed where you get them from.
  8. I mean they go hand in hand, They have to have one to have the other.
  9. As Cyan use to say, You can use any of the programs but you can be subject to ban if NCsoft deems you guilty. Our previous CM's found nothing wrong with people using Shugo console, DPS meters(for the use of DPS meter),using proxies or using mouse/keyboard programs. The DPS meters came up that they are not a viable source to ban players since most of it can be easily forged which is fair enough. We go through this every other year they update their legal documents and every time the CM says use any thing that improves your game at your own risk.
  10. The reality is be bored for several months/years and eventually you will catch up. If you do not like this then do not bother with Aion again because that is the reality of current retail Aion. Also you do not need to worry about classic splitting the population when the pop is like 300 people.
  11. No the actual items sell for nearly 5x less for subscription players as well. The f2p limitations on items is the restriction to grade loot. Like i think you can only loot green/white gear as a f2p player.
  12. Well the thing is they removed some p2w mechanics from classic already(which may come back in our regions), Example: Candies sold to the vendor for 100k ea that you bought from the cash shop, They now sell for 0 or w/e it is. They have a battle pass in which people bought 10-15 of them to get enough stones to +10 level 25 gold gear and have enough potions to level up from 0-50 with. I fully expect them to add far more payment options in the cash shop but the reality is what else can they add? Enchant stones/manastones/gear. Legitimately the only 3 things they can add to the cash shop to m
  13. No outside source can be used as proof as the site mite be faulty. Sorry they are legit players till proven guilty by NCsoft's pro-active GM's.
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