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  1. Gameplay suggestions

    I am getting the feeling you have never played BDO.
  2. sorc vs. anything but

    Yea i saw a few of your videos(yukina fight,You,assassin,cleric vs those other 3 and an ID) I just assumed you were like +10-12 ultimate in them not +15 due to seeing higher damage individual skill damage in other videos i have seen. No offence intended so do not take it that way as the other video's i have seen may of been sorcs vs lower geared people.
  3. sorc vs. anything but

    We got any +15 ultimate sorcs running around PvPing and recording in NA?
  4. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Drama lama club assemble!!!
  5. my boy gideon

    I really laughed more than i should at that.
  6. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Ohh you did LOL, Totally read over it.
  7. @Cyan - Transformation System

    @Tyd-DN If you think about it the price going up in GST may indicate that kinah is going to be easier to obtain in the upcoming patch.
  8. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Hmm maybe NCsoft to the realization that the real wallet warriors are outside their own country and that they should start listening to them just like PA did .
  9. fix competition rankings

    We gotta look on the bright side here. We now know the game will be open till 2050.
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Tbh looking forward for the drama lama club in twitch chat.
  11. NCTaiwan is lacking communication with their players too

    I am going to type this in caps so you take some time to understand the meaning of the words i am about to type. NCSOFT DO NOT NEED A EXCUSE TO SHUT DOWN LIVE SERVICES THEY CAN JUST DO IT. This is the problem with online gaming people who are attached to a product think it should never shut down. I do not believe for one second that NCsoft are sitting there going OMG Aion in the TW region has made us $20,000 in the past year and it has cost us $100,000 to keep it running lets block some IP's so more people quit and we can shut it down. I doubt NCsoft who are probably worth a few billion would make a decision like this. However i am not a company owner so i do not know this stuff either.
  12. Is every region of Aion that managing by NCsoft dead ?

    This forum is full of everyone saying the same thing no one can really get tired of it because they are doing the same thing . Myself included here. There are plenty of reasons as to why people keep spending despite them being unsatisfied with how the game currently is being neglected. The biggest would hands down be emotional attachment + spending = increased enjoyment so people justify their spending this way. People should spend their own money on what ever makes them happy even if it is a game like Aion that is neglected. It is their money and their life.
  13. Is every region of Aion that managing by NCsoft dead ?

    Take it how you want to take it. If something is so tragic you feel like crying then cry that is all i am saying. Let them emotions flow.
  14. Is every region of Aion that managing by NCsoft dead ?

    Cry instead of laugh then you will get over it. Stop holding on to those feelings it is keeping you attached...
  15. Youtube links

    Ty for the links keep em coming