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  1. Which they tamped with, Their classic server was like asking for a lemon water and getting pure lemon juice instead. Not saying that one would succeed because it would not but comparing their idea of adding gear that blows up in to a patch that had no gear blowing up is just a disaster in the making.
  2. The thing is there will never be a classic Aion in the form players want it because there is not enough money in classic Aion. Let me get in to this further because as someone who would love a classic Aion server the reality is that they simply do not have the player base. WoW P-servers at the time of the WoW classic announcement had well over 150,000 players(not exact numbers but there is a few articles on it) actively playing on P-servers that only increased with the hype of WoW classic coming around and people were testing leveling methods and so on. Aion P-servers currently especially those pre 3.0 have less than 1000 players and NA servers have less than 300. Keeping an eye on all the servers and the fact that you see the same names on all P-servers, Aion currently has less than 5000 people world wide interested in classic Aion gameplay. There is nothing they can really make p2w in classic w/o making people quit the server, A subscription fee would not bring enough $'s so it is a lose lose situation. NCsoft have no real guarantee if you could get a petition going and get 50k to sign up then they may change their mind.
  3. Aion thought experiment

    An act of doing content with less people because you were skilled enough to do so is not an act of greed. It is an act of skill and game knowledge. If anything those who get upset with people who can do content solo/with others are often envious and wished they were in that position. One thing that plagues all MMORPG's be it WoW to BDO and back to Aion is that players have this hero complex(due to PvE story lines) that makes them believe they are better than they are. If you can only do content with 6 people then you are not as good(currently) as someone who can do it with 4 people. However if you can do it with 6 then it fluffs your ego until you hear about someone being able to do it with 4 then you complain it is unfair or they are just being greedy. That is not the case at all, It comes down to some gamer simply have more skill than others and they do content in the way they can do it. I see 0 greed just envious players when it comes to this subject.
  4. Response to Producer's Letter

    This is pretty well exactly what i am getting at. Aion unlike WoW and unlike Among us is developer controlled. The consumer has no power in what happens to the product. While both WoW and Among us have backers that can influence the decisions the developers make to keep the game running.
  5. Response to Producer's Letter

    Ohh rip it deleted a paragraph before i posted :(. It is steam charts on Among Us.
  6. Response to Producer's Letter

    What is their product? There is 2 main answers to that. Developer/publisher - A live service to print $'s continuously from. Consumer - Pretty self explanatory. It really is nothing more and nothing less than that. However I always do enjoy expanding . Aion - Controlled by developers and all developers want is money. Result - Only the most dedicated or addicted people stick around and consume the product. WoW - Controlled by Consumers and they want a quality product. Their community can collectively group up together and become one loud voice. WoW classic solidified the consumer control due it being the most money WoW has ever made in its history of releasing the game. Result - Mob mentality prevails and makes their players feel like their voice is being heard. Among Us - A third answer of sorts Influencer controlled and they want content. Would of never gotten big if internet influencers were not playing it. Result: A fast peak of players/sales in your game that will drop off the instant influencers stop promoting your product. Below is the among us steam chart just for reference on how good influence power is in the gaming world these days. That being said influencers are also consumers but they are consumers with power. It comes down to Aion lacks any consumer power. It will not get any better because Aion has no one who can influence the developers with the only thing they care about, $'s since they hold the power of the product. No spending player has enough power alone and considering many of these spending players got their social status through spending they will not jeopardize that just to improve the product for the masses. This means as a collective even the spending players have 0 power over Aion's development. All in all they know their product very well and they know it is developer controlled and not consumer controlled. In turn this means their consumers will continue to consume their cash shop out due to the ever growing shadow of doom which would be Aion's shut down.
  7. @Kibbelz @Loki Clarification on Pine Moon Lover Spawn

    Even if they are in Faction zones what would stop people from rifting over and killing the people camping the mobs? Either way it will be PvP based.
  8. Feedback Update: Events

    Are you aware they changed it a few years back? To get the best rewards there is an un-tradeable/unstorable in w/h token. Meaning all the best rewards will require you to get a heap of coins.
  9. Response to Producer's Letter

    Aion does not have a name. Let me look on my playstation 1 and see if i can see Aion? Nope. How about my nintendo? Nope not there either. You look where you can find ESO games that is what a name is. The followers of the elder scrolls was already in the high millions if not 100s of millions before the MMORPG ever came out. Aion had a product that worked especially 4.0 pre-EB where all the content was relevant to a greater portion of the player base. They took that and tried to squeeze more $'s out of it than they could and now they are left with a carcass. You can see when they ran out of idea's for Aion because they had no other source of lore to get inspiration from. When ORB and so on were added and they kept recycling content from then on you see the decline in care for lore/living breathing world content. This was never the case for ESO because they got probably 20+ years of lore to pick from for their next set of content. It only got better and better from that regards because they could add the stuff people have always theory crafted about for years. That is the difference between Aion and ESO in terms of names. Aion was nothing before its MMORPG while elder scrolls was already a world loved by millions. I do want to say tho ESO impressed me with its plan to tackle the performance issues pre-covid. While i am sure that got put on the back burner for a bit i do plan on checking out ESO after they do the performance fixes.
  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    Russia added a play-able solution. Events are not play-able content they are mini-games that take you away from the content. How do you get the wings for the contract that Russian change? If i am not mistaken it was through ID no? They feed players in to content so they become content for the geared players thus keeping all the playerbase happy at the same time. The swipers get to beat up on some weaklings and the weaklings get 1 run closer to an ultimate contract. That is the exact opposite than what events accomplish. All events accomplish is the reliance on the developers/publishers making their sellable features free to players when they see fit.
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    You are feeling demotivated because even if you got it for free from events there is no high it is just the developer who you are pissed off at finally giving you an item that should be obtainable through playing the core gameplay mechanics. If event driven gameplay worked then 5.0 would of not caused Korea to end up becoming f2p thus not giving us this transformation system and so on. Being given free stuff for long enough so you can finally get gear in a video game is not motivating because the initial reason you play video games is to...well you know play them. The very essence of events in Aion has nothing to do what so ever with the lore so it has nothing at all to do with the game thus you are not really playing Aion when you are participating in events you are playing mini-games, Similar to Mario party mini-games in between roll phases. It also invalidates core gameplay content because everyone in Aion knows if you do not participate for long enough you will eventually be given good enough items from events. Thus causing the never ending cycle of a demotivated player base. I do not have an ultimate transformation and i would say improving the core gameplay loop is far more important than getting an ultimate transformation, That way i could play Aion and eventually obtain one through playing the game rather than waiting for the developers to finally gifting it to us through some event.
  12. @loki Shattered Abyssal Splinter Suggestion.

    I think you have to think about the repercussions of making it better. Ncsoft/west do not make things better with out making things worse first. The first thing they would do is to lock abyssal fragments to your character. Then they would give you 1 extra per mill or some BS past 1m so it would basically be a waste of time and a nerf to the players.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 23, 2020

    I agree to a point but the reality is this has been going on since omega stones and probably before so returning players came back to the same situation that probably made them leave in the first place.
  14. Pin Bug = NCWest feature

    Kinda funny because i never had this bug even 1ce then now that i use the new launcher i have seen it nearly every day. Not that it has anything to do with the bug because people got it before the launcher just made me laugh was all.
  15. Response to Producer's Letter

    You wont find any argument from me. I been saying this for years. Once the general population get event burn out or the developer with-holds resources availability to sell it at dumb AF price later down the line in a flash sale the PvP for that game is screwed and will only decline. Aion is a prime example of such an issue occurring.