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  1. You would be surprised how many players who know the product they enjoy is going to fail are willing to spend an insane amount on said product so it stays open to protect their prior investments visually around for them to look at.
  2. Just state before someone duels you or they accept your duel that anything goes.
  3. No it is not, If their goal is to have us spend money on the game they would of listened to the community when they said we want every skin back in the cash shop like many of the community asked. They clearly are not taking the any money is good money approach they only want to keep specific spenders happy so chances are they do not care about making money they care about keeping the Credit cards swiping from those who want power with-in an aging game.
  4. LOL you know the sad part. There are probably about 8 people who would enter a payment plan to get it.
  5. Yea but bots are like skin cancer if detected early can be removed with very little risk. While events on the other hand is like liver cancer that will ruin the game for life. Chances are by the time the company realizes it is to late to turn down the events they can not because the spread of free stuff makes the player base lazy.
  6. Yea i would quit 2 if the game did not give me free items i should not be getting for free as well.
  7. They clearly have their sound turned up max and heard your wings flapping .
  8. I play there...My server(the 4th server) by the end of december had less than 500 people showing up to siege because they were locked out hours before siege due to bots. This does not mean it is not popular because other sieges felt like it had upwards of 2000 players but it is the truth that bots were outnumbering players when i was playing. I recently stopped playing because people are just AP trading and getting instant PvP gear so they can flex on people that are leveling. It has hit the point where we are having level 25(https://aion.plaync.com/characters/server/23/id/92107/home) com
  9. The only reason Aion is 7th is due classic. It legitimately has 60-70% bot population and the actual player pop count would be around 30-40k or close to it.
  10. @Alexx-DNfunny meme but at the end of the day they may not have a position at their office for that job, Chances are this is the case. I doubt kibbles for an example was hired to make sure bots have 0 access to the game.
  11. Vision for Aion in 2021. Have players spend more $'s and find more ways to remove content from the game and add it to the cash shop. Your welcome.
  12. I can believe it because NCsoft more than likely wants to get rid of the PC sector all-together and replace them with a larger mobile sector since they cost less to make and create far more $'s than any PC game they got. Hell it would not surprise me if NCsoft want to be rid of NCwest completely since it is not like they listen to anyone from Ncwest anyways be it employee or consumer of their product.
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