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  1. The best part about the internet is they were probably lying. They were just trying to trigger people like you and it worked .
  2. Ehh people still want to play it i think taking that away from people is not worth. Beyond that i am waiting for 2.0 and i plan to come back then.
  3. Probably region based then on loading the page. Confirmed fake news relax team relax. I did try clearing my cache still the same for me so the region based loading must be it.
  4. Will it be getting shut down? Who knows only time will tell. All i know is that they do not want people to find Aion from their main website it seems.
  5. Nah they are taking notes. Release Aion 2 have payment based events make 300% more than Aion made in its entire release week 1 of release.
  6. I use to help host lots of AoE 2 tournaments and one of the things we did a lot was have preliminary rounds if we had more than 16 participants(teams). This helps when you are trying to narrow down the field due to time restrictions. Just an example: A 4 hour tournament is not fun to wait around for your match in so you can instantly half that in a Bo3 16 team match by having them play their preliminary rounds before the tournament so on the day you would have 8 teams duking it out during the tournament(which is streamed). Meaning this shortens the timeframe people have to commit to a tou
  7. True, Not having enough bots so the prices are sustainable is the problem in NA, Not in KR tho
  8. I mean to me this is a joke you think there was not cheating back in release? My server nezekan had the ENTIRE asmo faction banned aside from 1 dredge group. They were all cheating. An entire faction. Day 1 p2w LOL you know what was p2w back in 1.9 people spending $15 per mill the only difference is the company that got the money is the company this time round. If you call that p2w then you are a spaz. This can never be fixed because 99.99999991% of the time it is the players fault for bad faction balance. I want this fort NO i want this fort...but you have 3 members why should
  9. Years you mean. It has been the same since cyan it has been the same since the one before cyan people were just to addicted to realize it.
  10. How many teams ya'll got going? Also please be sure to link video's to the tournament here as they are streamed/uploaded and all that jazz.
  11. YA'LL should be thankful this is a feature at all. Never happy i swear...in actual aion back in the day this was never a thing you would go 200+ DP S ranks w/o a single eternal weapon. I know it happened to me back in the day. This is why Aion classic is really failing is that players want freebies because they you do not actually want to play the game you just want the nostalgic items.
  12. More bots subscribed to the game than players at this point, Why ban their leading source of income?
  13. You would be surprised how far people will go to keep an attachment with a game they have had fun playing in the past.
  14. Yea nothing else that happened in 2021 made the year bad you are right.
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