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  1. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Most of NA players got banned back during the old forum days no one bothered making a new accounts i think this may have lots to do with it.
  2. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Ncsoft/west are doing nothing different to what they have done since tempering solutions hit the game. Cash shop orientated progression has always been in the game since then and will always be around long after the effects of c19 are gone be it 6 months or 5 years. If Aion is still around the same shit will still be going on because NCsoft discriminate against western communities. ESO are having a free weekend to entice players in to buying the expansions while they are on sale(for 2 weeks i think it is) and BDO that have more events to help ease the problems but at the same time add loot boxes to their cash shop that people are spending 1000s and 1000s on. Every company is doing everything they can to improve their financial situation because they are also being affected. Ncwest are still doing the same shit they have always done and that is be a garbage publisher with 0 power to do anything for their communities. There are players that say everything in the past was to expensive and most of the paying players just told them to get a better job. At the very least NCwest is not trying to gain an inflated amount of reputation by stealing emergency funds through "Helping the community mechanics". If anything NCsoft will use this crisis to shut down Aion in the west which they have probably been waiting to do for ages but the big spenders just keep spending so they have no reason to close it.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    Quality event. Does have some nice things but why make people stay logged in for such a long time like people can play 24/7...
  4. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    200 man that sure is going down fast.
  5. Enchantment stones

    I mean is it worth salvaging the game for like 1000 people? I dunno.
  6. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    As a KT elyos i can say @Arkaida-KT almost always talked in caps as he or she is actually always serious. Very passionate about Aion. I will say Aion has never had good PvE mechanics it is the PvPvE that made Aion interesting. If you played any other game you would know how bad the PvE has always been in Aion. Tank and spank 90% of the time 10% gear checks for the other. When you dive deep in to Aion you realize how cannibalistic the players were over the years which does ultimately mean from a PvPvE perspective players had a ton of fun while the game was in its prime.
  7. [CC] Cyan, [CM] Hime where are Arena of Discipline rewards

    Funny you got a response like that when Cyan replied today with this so i do not think it is the whole virus issue that is not getting you an answer. More so the radio silence till they figure out what is going on. Congrats on your compensation when it comes in.
  8. No credit from siege

    They should of never added in a participation reward for the losing side in the first place.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

    Missing they gave out PvP stones no? Or was it actually no rewards at all? I was under the assumption that PvP stones were added back because of all the exploiting going on to obtain the free luna.
  10. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Pretty sure they are just gathering data for when they release A2 on the mobile and it will have all the features/improvements we ask for in here on the mobile game.
  11. Fun events

    Alternatively instead of giving your game pointless events that have nothing to do with your game at all you could release quality content and break peak co-current as well as all-time peak player records.
  12. legendary memory shards removed?

    I bet there is a one player that will spend more money in this current event than they will lose from the entirety of players that will stop spending due to the removal of this item.
  13. I hope NCwest update their ToS and make it a ban-able offense to not do this.
  14. Cheater_KT

    As an old friend use to say to me. One can sometimes get a good updraft.
  15. 480 stigma enchantment stones so far, RNG really broken

    Pretty sure looking at the KR website it is just a better version at +15. I am sure enchanting the already enchanted skill will be a future update no doubt.