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  1. They only got the medals on a successful defence. Since it is 10 years later we may see a similar thing that happened in KR where no one bothered defending the forts for other guilds. Then again NA has been very big on guild alliances so we may have a different experience to what KR classic had. The fort defences i shown up to was always 1 guild vs the entire other faction because guilds in KR wanted their name on the fort so they just let it flip.
  2. The coin quests were non in KR repeatable.
  3. Not sure if someone answered you already however in KR the respawn time of mobs was reduced + the non PvP area's had 10 channels.
  4. Yea pretty sure Siel will have a big oceanic/SEA region playerbase.
  5. @Kibbelz Are we going to have some sort of bot control or will it be like this in the NA region as well? The entire games eco system is nearly wiped out due to the overwhelming number of bots.
  6. I hope your first order of business is to camp the arena so no one can get to the quest done to get to the abyss LOL.
  7. Just asked friends who re-started in 1.5 and they did not have to grind a key either. There is no key grinding for FT, At least on the elyos side.
  8. Lets put it this way then i played KR and i do not remember farming a key, Pretty sure we could just go straight in.
  9. I am elyos but i want to convince everyone to roll asmo so i get more open world PvP .
  10. This is the real question where you at?
  11. I do not believe that was a thing in KR since they are using the 2.7 version of the game rolled back.
  12. Siel Asmo's need more numbers. If you thinking about going Asmo Siel is the place to be.
  13. Do not worry about @Motgar-KT i think the hype for classic has fried their brain atm. They will come around when it launches.
  14. Just join the discords then? Easy. Problemo solvedo
  15. It is not brought up because you are on the forums of a game that had to go f2p to survive.
  16. I think the current system is good, Once i have 50E chances are i will not sub again till 2.0 comes out since the 1 hour per day will be enough to get potions/scrolls to continue to enjoy the game. It is a system designed to subscribe now unsub later which i am a fan of.
  17. The old fashion way, Let players protect other players. You as an individual can improve your own faction by ridding your region of the opposite faction. That is what i intend to do as this was some of the best content the game has ever had to offer. They are bringing more players back to the game than there is players on retail. That is not splitting the playerbase, They are doing that to themselves by leaving retail.
  18. To quote myself. You think your own opinion then when someone gives you an actual viable solution you go not relevant to my thread. I also told you how subscriptions do not stop bots all the major MMORPG's prove this. So what is this thread accomplishing other than you complaining about something that will not be changed? Since we are getting 1.2 at release we will more than likely be getting the direct cash shop based RMT so bots mean nothing(In terms of p2w since ncsoft seem to be supplying that).
  19. Well then you have to learn to accept bots unless you have active GM's banning them.
  20. Bots plague every game. You can not stop bots. Classic may not be for you.
  21. Bots just jack up the price of kinah subscription or f2p it does not matter. The subscription model we got is fine changing it would not fix the botting issue, We know this because the original Aion suffered from massive amounts of bots with the subscription model you are talking about..
  22. That is all well and good but it still does not change the fact that no matter what type of model there will be 1000s of bots.
  23. Your thread is about bots, I told you how a full subscription model will not fix a bot issue and that the only way for it to be fixed is active GM's. Pretty sure it was on topic.
  24. Tell that to NCsoft KR, Bots are a major issue and even tho they banned 1000s there have been 1000s to replace them.
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