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at wits end


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This is odd for me to go and write this but a lot of us are at wits end with the amount of negligence ncwest is obscuring apon the NA audience. let me begin.
* AP trading - The AP trading has gone on long enough and has gotten to the point that the soft bans were unjustified. I mean really, a 3-7 day ban with a name change. What company does that? That right there states we are encouraging you to AP trade and that there will be NO punishment beyond a 7 day ban. We have players that are buying accounts and dual boxing them, just to AP trade to officer rank all the way to governor rank. We all know who those players are. 
    - what can prevent or discourage the AP trading? Release 1.7-1.9 as well perma bans on anyone who has been caught AP trading. Its not hard to look at logs or are the NCwest team that incompetant that a simple input of code to look at these players logs to see who they are trading with really that hard? Multiple videos, screen shots , live streams and so forth.
* Bots - A lot of players hate bots? Why do you hate bots so much? They keep the economy in check and keep the economy replenished at all times. Are they a bit annoying yeah, but so are players who control the market to make a buck. Look at KR for instance. NCSoft wont ban the bots over there cuz thats a lot of income coming in for that audience, so why is ncwest banning the bots for the NA audience? The NA audience wants things handed to them on a silver platter instead of actually farming for it themselves. Makes no sense.....
* NCwest support staff - Yeah this one has me at a baffle. I could go on for days on this one about their support staff. Its like walking into walmart and seeing only 2 cashier lanes open when they have 12 cashiers. Some of the support staff know what they are doing and the others are dumber then a box of rocks. I wont say who but im pretty sure you can guess who im talking about. The unecessary bans to silent the aion community cuz this forum mod is having a power trip, and is incompetant on so many levels that this person just needs to leave the aion community and find a job as a janitor. Other reasons about the support staff. THEY REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE EMAILS EVEN WHEN THE GM'S WRITE TO THE SUPPORT STAFF ASKING WHY THE BANS HAPPEN AND THEY REFUSE TO WRITE BACK TO THE GM'S. ITS LITERALLY 1 PERSON DOING THE BANS.  #GETRIDOFTHAT1PERSON
* Siels Aura - Only issue i have with this is fix it so that you can pick up white items. Should be no reason that you need siels aura to pick up quest items. this right there is telling new players we dont want you
* Daeva Pass - $30 / Month - For $30 / Month id expect to get some damn good items from the daeva pass. NOT JUNK!  The items that are absolute awesome in the daeva pass are : crowns, potions, scrolls, resurection stones, candies, instance scrolls, outfits for the players that love cosmetics, manastones and enchantment stones.  EVERYTHING ELSE GET RID OF THAT GARBAGE ( dyes , food , 7 day cards , kisks). The daeva pass with all that garbage is worth maybe $12/month.  Now if you did something like this :
    * Crowns x 10 , Manastone package x 20 , Enchantment Stone Package x 20 , Serums x 100 , 30 day pets, 1 storage and 1 loot, 250 scrolls each, talking about crit, att , run , fly , elemental scrolls for both melee / magic. Instance scrolls bundles that you get to choose the instance scroll, Gold food that was better then the crafted food. Not the garbage food thats in the daeva pass now thats 1000x worse then crafted food.  Now if this is what was in the daeva pass, id pay $20/month easily. $30 no, due to not enough stuff in game atm. 
* NA audience vs KR audience. You guys gotta stop comparing NA to KR.  Totally different crowd of people. Some of the NA audience enjoys the lenghty grind while others prefer it on a silver platter. Im one of those grinders. So taking away the drop rates that has implemented on NA to counter the bots was the dumbest and idiotical decision ive ever seen. You ended up hurting the NA audience cuz now it takes 5x as long or even longer to even get a piece of white gear from a mob, due to you nerfing the drop rates so bad.  Just deal with it. NA is NOT KR.
    * Is NA able to compete with KR ofc. Can NA provide a decent and steady cash flow. Absolutely if NCwest stops messing everything up and pushing the players away to other games! A lot of us came back to AION due to this is the game that brought a lot of us together back in 2009-2016
* Delays in Patches - Stop delaying patches. 7 months and we still dont have 1.7. Yes we got 1.5 but that was an epic fail. that was supposed to be released in august/sept and 1.7 in nov/dec. Best thing to do is either combine 1.7 with 1.9 and launch that in feb cuz that WILL bring players back or the game wont last past march of 2022!
* Lack of Communication - The lack of communication needs to stop. Start communicating with the community more often. KR's community gets updates what multiple times a day..... Why is it so hard for NA to even get an update once a day or every few days or a week?
* Hacking - Yes the latest implement of gameguard was the biggest fail ive ever seen to counter the botting / hacking, literally 6 hrs later or less, is how fast it took 3rd party coders to get back into the game. That shows that they have more will, then the NCwest staff and thats sad as hell! 
    * Also when players submit proof of so called players hacking, it needs to be addressed instead of a copy and paste bogus email back to the player and then tell us to remove the spreadsheet about the known hackers. What i found funny is that i wont say who the person is but NCwest gave him a 3 day ban and a name change for his countless reports of hacking. He was laughing in discord when he came back in game. Like are you serious. Thats another thing that makes no sense. Why are you encouraging this!



I know i jumped around a bit. Been typing this for a few weeks now before i wanted to post it.

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1. AP trading: Will never stop. For those who got soft bans, I believe they all got gear/AP striped. I also believe that they have improved their trading methods. If NC can't prove, they can't ban (or wont, idk)
2. Bots: Are hated because they generate P2W. The more bots there are, the more RMT there is. Thus, whales can buy cheap kinah and get everything they want ingame with that kinah. There would still be RMT if there were no bots, but it would be a lot less (at least I think so). Instead of asking for bots, you should ask for better droprates so no one had to RMT. If no one RMTs, there would be waaaaaaaay less bots.
3. Support: Was always like that. They don't know the game or mechanics. Hell, even Kibbelz doesn't know. We could go as far as saying even Loki doesn't know them very well, and he is QA. Soooooooooo..........
4. Siels Aura: Game should be completely P2P imo. But since they are not going to change that, No Aura players should be able to pick up QUEST ITEMS exclusively. Kinah only from quests/campaigns. If you want to bot at least you have to pay a montly fee!
5. Daeva Pass: Was only worth it the first month really. Anything after that it's cheaper to RMT. Just don't buy it.
6. NA/KR: We are back to the topic that NC doesn't know their game. We are beating a dead horse at this point.
7. Communication: Just don't expect any and you will be happier.
8. Hacking: You can't ever stop them. There will always be a way to bypass systems. Only way to discourage the usage of such programs is banning people that use them. But then again, this is NCwest and they don't give a fk.

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you both are correct. i just find it extremely funny that RMT is 100000000x cheaper and faster. As for a business model, its how do i say it with out triggering the forum mods. Filthy and pathetic! 


this game has so much potential that a 2 yr  old has better knowledge of the game, hell i bet we could find someone at 5th and center late at night for $100 that could manage the company better then what its being managed at now. As for loki and kibbelz nothing against those 2. i know those 2 are frustrated and so forth and do their best. my frustration is with the company and with a certain forum mod that has a power trip of silencing ppl.

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1 hour ago, Winduwace said:

As for loki and kibbelz nothing against those 2. i know those 2 are frustrated and so forth and do their best. my frustration is with the company and with a certain forum mod that has a power trip of silencing ppl.

Doesn't change the fact that Kibbelz doesn't know game mechanics, and Loki is lacking too. But yes, they can't do much for us if the management (joke) doesn't want to.

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There is a saying that comes to my mind in this thread about Aion. If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten.  We all know NCwest will not change their approach/effort so cheaters (AP traders/hackers) will continue. 

The best thing to do now is one of three things:

1.) Enjoy the game for what it is and accept sometimes AP traders and/or hackers will destroy you in game and dwarf your AP gains. Just know it is happening to honest players on the other side as well so the pain is shared.

2.) Give up your integrity and AP trade/hack and be able to compete at the top level (which honestly isn't wroth it).

3.) Quit and avoid NCsoft games.

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Who do you think owns bots? AP traders and hackers buy kinah from RMT bots or bot themselves. Or did you think people willing to AP trade and hack would stop the cheating there?

Have you considered that the game could be balanced without bots? Just change the drop rates. Is this really such an elusive solution?

P2W is the biggest silver platter there is. You can't be for P2W and also insulting people who want a silver platter. Did you seriously ask them to add more pay to win AP crowns, further destroy the alchemy economy with excessive scroll rewards, and give food buffs that are better than what's possible in game? You could play retail if that's what you're looking for.

Silver platter or not is irrelevant. People hate AP trading, hackers, candies, daeva pass, and bots because they all give an advantage. Everyone who hates pay to win and cheat to win already left the game, so there's nobody left to keep the 1% of remaining players who like that in check. It makes no sense for people against AP trading and hacking to defend candies, daeva pass, and bots.

Seems you like some advantages (presumably the ones you have) but not others. Honestly wondering if you bought kinah, possibly even from RMT, and you're mad that it didn't give as big of an advantage as hacking and AP gear. Not sure where your lines are because you apparently want to grind, yet you're cool with getting kinah, AP, and unobtainable buffs for real money. Your opinion about advantages doesn't make sense, yet seems common in this community (again survivorship bias, everyone who disagrees left).

I agree with the rest of your post. We feel abandoned by the staff at NCWest.

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23 minutes ago, Arrowz said:

As much as i would love to enjoy beating the Nc Horse again,

As much as I would love to enjoy beating the Nc Horse again, most of these consideration will simply be overlooked. I ,for one, would opt that making the drop rates higher, would significantly drop player reliance on RMT / Bots (FOR THE LOVE OF AION , BLLOOOOOOOOOODDDDSSSSS) . Hacking/Ap trading is something NC has struggled with for years, even if they did Perma Bans, it wont stop players  from attempting to gain an unfair advantage. On the consideration of the daeva pass, it would be more appropriate to say the rewards don't warrant a $30 price tag per character. It would be more reasonable to get people to purchase the pass on all their characters at a cheaper price -- lets say $10 per. Although the argument is valid that it affects the profitability of the alchemy market,  it comes down to just making potions and scrolls that aren't available on pass as a source of revenue, should the price be lowered, we can also expect that the rewards by pass will also be dropped as far as pots/ scrolls go.  Realistically the P2W aspect of the pass sucks anyway, and would likely show a decline in sales if drop rates were increased anyhow.  I still want NC to actually try to market this game, if they really want to get more players in the game.  It doesn't work to get streamers to promote their game for free, when it should be NC offering benefits to new players. 

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